Tetrao urogallus - mating display
Tetrao urogallus - mating display. I had a great fortune to meet Western capercaillie on mating display 30.3.2018. We were cross-country skiing through the forest on our own made skitrack when capercollien suddenly was very near to us. I only had my Nokia 8 phone and I shot three videos with it. Next day 31.3. I returned to the same place in hope to meet the same capercollie again and I was overly excited when we met again. Now I had my Nikon D610 and Nikkor 28-300mm and also Olympus Tough TG-5 with me. Between 11:45 and 12:51 I shot 726 photos with my Nikon and some videos and photos with TG-5. And I even had time to take two short breaks as I want to be as swift as possible and do not want to disturb capercaillie any more than to take the photos. This time I carried away so much that on one ocasion I took a photo of capercallie standing angrily in front of me and between my skis and on my skis! Then I almost panicked that how on earth I am able to get away from this situation. I kept calm and fortunately little gentle upward movement of skis moved capercaille little sideways and I was able to slowly retreat. It is very important to try to communicate with the bird and not to send wrong messages. With wild animals I usually act as I am from the another world and do my own things. I don't stare too much, look friendly but neutral and move quite slowly. I don't expect wild animals to behave in any manner I always keep in mind that wild animals can do something quite unexpected in any moment. I just try to communicate that I am not any threat to them, if that is not good enough then be it. It is all my fault if they attack me.

On next day 1.4. I still wanted to meet the capercaillie for the final time. This time between 15:55 and 16:54 I took 1246 photos with Nikon D610 and shot some videos with Olympus TG-5 stationary from the ground level. I even did some efforts to lure the capercaillie in front of Olympus camera.

From these two days with Nikon D610 I now have at least 150 very good quality diverse photos of capercaille mating display. This was probably my once in a life time experience with capercaillie!

I place these photos to this album as soon as I have processed them.
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