Eureka 2014 - 160th anniversary of Eureka Stockade rebellion
160th anniversary of the Eureka rebellion in 1854.
I attended the 4am to 10pm events scheduled by the Reclaim the Radical Sprit of the Eureka Rebellion which included a 4am dawn vigil and an effigy burning, a march to Bakery Hill and the awarding of the Eureka Australia Medals, a visit to the Diggers Memorial at the Old Ballarat Cenetery, before marching back to the Museum of Australian DEmocracy at Eureka (MADE) to view the flag, and ending in a dinner at the Stockade hotel in the evening. The Dawn Vigil at the Stockade monument is particulary moving and was broadcast live on community radio 3CR.

I also attended and observed the official replica flag raising and dawn service at MADE, plus the launch of the new Pikeman's Dog sculpture by the ambassador of Ireland, Noel White.

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