Eureka 2013 - 159th anniversary of Eureka Stockade rebellion
The 159th anniversary of Eureka Stockade rebellion was commemorated with a day long series of events organised by the Anarchist Media Institute from a 4am dawn vigil, Eureka Awards ceremeny at Bakery Hill, a long march through the streets of Ballarat to the Old Ballarat Cemetery, a visit to the Museum of Australian Democracy at Eureka to see the Eureka Flag finally brought home to it's origins in Eureka Park, the site of the Eureaka Stockade; and concluding with a dinner at the Eureka Stockade Hotel with a guest speaker: Dr. Anne Beggs-Sunter on the topic of ‘Eureka plays and films over the years’.

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It is a long day for those who participate in all the events, yet it highlights the importance of the Eureka rebellion in 1854, the sacrifice of those who fought to defend their rights and liberties, and the activism of people today in a myriad of struggles to fight and defend the rights and liberties of present and future generations. The event continues to cause ripples through Australia's past and present in Ballarat and Australia.

This year about 60 people attended the 4am Dawn Vigil, including interstate and international visitors. Several West Papuans attended providing entertainment as well as being there when Jacob Rumbiak, the most senior representative of the West Papuan independence movemnet not in an Indonesian jail, was awarded a Eureka Australia Day medal at Bakery Hill. Other award winners included Elizabeth Conolly, Gwen Goedeckie, Ruth Martin, Gary Foley, No Maccas in the Dandenong Ranges, and International Organisation for a Participatory Society (IOPS Victoria).

The City of Ballarat, Federation University based in Ballarat and many local businesses utilise the symbolism of the Eureka rebellion to attract tourism and make money. But as visitors to Ballarat found on Eureka Day, there was no bunting or sign of official events to commemorate the day.

The Eureka Flag flying from the flag pole at Bakery Hill is torn and tattered and urgently needs replacing.

There was no official flag raising by the Mayor outside Ballarat Town Hall, unlike in some previous years.

There were no flowers on the Diggers Memorial to remember those citizens of Ballarat who died 159 years ago. We added our own flowers to the memorial. The Eureka Flag that flys above the communal grave of the Diggers was put their by marchers from 3 years ago. In stark contrast, a memorial event in full period regalia was held last weekend, at the British soldier memorial.
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