Palm Sunday Peace Rally 2009
Palm Sunday - when Jesus entered Jerusalem on a donkey (a symbol of peace) - was commemorated In Melbourne with an ecumenical service outside the State Library, followed by a community rally and march through the city streets. The banner at the head of the march proclaimed: "Make Peace Possible - End the Waste of War".

Occasional showers brought smiles to faces - as raincoats and umbrellas proliferated while many ran for shelter under surrounding trees and the Library portico. In 2008 the rally persevered through 43 degree heat. The threat of rain may have deterred people from attending, but the rain couldn't deter those present in listening to the speakers, singing, praying, and then marching for peace against war.

A Die-in was held at the corner of Bourke street and Swanston street to commemorate all those who have died in wars.

Watch Dr Ruth Mitchell on the International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons (ICAN) and Australian Army veteran opposes the war in Iraq and Afghanistan at Palm Sunday rally at my Youtube Channel.

The event was sponsored by the Victorian Council of Churches and the Campaign for International Cooperation and Disarmament.

Endorsements came from Friends of the Earth, International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons,Medical Association for Prevention of War, Nuclear Free Australia, Pax Christi, Socialist Alternative, Socialist Alliance.
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