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Tomatoes and friends

My tomato buckets! I'm great with the New York climate for gardening but I have no experience growing things outside in Los Angeles, which is brutal in the summer and the soil is atrocious unless you work it for a while - filled with pests and the like. It's time I dont have and a job I wouldnt keep up with. I tried it when I first moved out here and my poor plants just had no chance.


This time, I took the container route and I'm using plenty of insect-fighting companion plants - here, in each bucket I have a tomato plant surrounded by three marigolds. In four of the buckets there is a chocolate mint plant, one bucket contains a peppermint plant, and the last bucket contains a parsley plant. All of those help to repel various pests.


The marigold secretes an insecticide from its roots that's so powerful that it lingers in the soil for years even after the marigold plant itself is gone. I'm hoping that I have much better luck this year!

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Taken on April 8, 2009