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The Orion Nebula complex is undoubtedly one of the most famous and beautiful areas of the entire night sky. It is easily visible to the unaided eye from a dark location as a patch of brightness surrounding Theta Orionis, the middle star in the sword of Orion the Hunter, the constellation which dominates the winter night sky.

Located about 1,350 light years away, the nebula glows red predominantly from the light of hydrogen gas excited by energetic newly formed stars in the heart of the nebula. It is the nearest star forming region to our own star, the Sun.

NGC 1975 , just below M42 here, is a complex of blue reflection nebulae mixed with dark lanes and a touch of red emission nebulae. The blue color comes from reflected starlight scattered by dust.

NGC 1975 is often overlooked because of its spectacular neighbor, but is outstanding in its own right, being one of the brightest reflection nebulae in the sky.


Canon EOS 50D Unmodified
mini EQ-1 Tracker mount
Canon EF 70-200 f/2.8L IS USM
ISO 1600
Exposure about 20 min
Processed With Adobe Photoshop CS5

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  1. starrypix 42 months ago | reply

    agha khaste nabashid besiar zibast.

  2. Taha Tebyani 42 months ago | reply

    mamnoon , jeddi ?

  3. Ƥαƨσ∂ιαcκ 42 months ago | reply

    Bellissimo scatto ◊ Beautiful shot!
    Seen on: Discovery World

  4. H.Sotodeh 42 months ago | reply

    مسالتون یا شیخ
    چطور بعد از 20 دقیقه نور دهی ستاره ها باز هم بصورت نقاط نورانی دیده میشند ونه خطوط نورانی؟

  5. Mari Rasti 42 months ago | reply


  6. Behzad No 42 months ago | reply

    fekr mikonam in kar ba estefade az maghar anjam mishe ke harekate wazi zamin ro jobran mikone wa dorbin ke roye maghar nasb mishe dige harekate setareharo nemigire wa be sotrat enoghte neshon dade mishe wa khob kheil ham moshkjele ,omidwaram khode taha tozihe kameli bede.albate manzoram az harekate setareha hamon harekate zamin bod. :)

  7. Taha Tebyani 42 months ago | reply

    bale kamelan doroste , az maghar va motori ke be oon vasl mishe estefade kardam , az sade tarin va arzoon tarin noe maghar (mini EQ-1)
    inam sharayete ax

    Canon EOS 50D Unmodified
    mini EQ-1 Tracker mount
    Canon EF 70-200 f/2.8L IS USM @f/2.8 @ 200mm
    ISO 1600
    Exposure about 20 min (taghriban 40 ta axe 30 sanie)
    Processed With Adobe Photoshop CS5
    bazam age tozihati lazeme dar khedmatam

  8. Taha Tebyani 42 months ago | reply

    thank you so much Dear Terry

  9. marinfinito 42 months ago | reply

    this is stunning...........
    a big ciao Taha!!!

  10. Taha Tebyani 42 months ago | reply

    thank you very much dear marin

  11. kingfal 40 months ago | reply

    Hi I was looking around for EQ mounts and was wondering if you are using
    Any help would be appreciated! thanks!

  12. Taha Tebyani 40 months ago | reply

    hi . yes i'm using Mini-EQ Tabletop on slik 400 tripod , but you can't use telescope o large focal length lens. maximum focal length that can be used is 200
    and you exposure time can'b be over than 70 sec ,

  13. kingfal 40 months ago | reply

    Thanks! I sent you a flickrmail with more questions if you don't mind =)

  14. Taha Tebyani 39 months ago | reply

    mamnoonam merci

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