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In camera double-exposure shot

The 50 miles (80km) between San Francisco and San Jose California is known as Silicon Valley, the world's center of high technology, but San Francisco is becoming 'Silicon City', as I'll describe below. This is the Bay Bridge. The Golden Gate Bridge is to the right of this view. No HDR.


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Settings etc.:



Canon 5D Mark II

Canon 17-40L @24

1-minute exposure @F18 (pushing it but it looks fine at full-res)

1-LEE soft ND grad 0.9 (100x150mm) (2 grads with bright lights creates reflected lights)

Lee foundation kit filter holder with Lee 77mm adapter ring

No polarizer.

ISO 50

Small Slik tripod with Manfrotto pistol grip ball head

RAW file processed with Capture One by Phase One

TIFF file processed with Photoshop

Sturdy hiking boots to keep from falling off the hill

(This is to the left of most shots taken here to get the full 2x3 ratio frame!)

I was literally hanging off the cliff to get this perspective.


It is amazing how many high technology companies are located in Silicon Valley.


Apple, NetFlix, Quora, Cisco and Juniper (the backbone of the internet), Google, YouTube, Facebook, Adobe (Photoshop, PDF files), Intuit, Tango, LSI Logic, Symantic, Nvidia, Hewlet Packard, eBay, PayPal, Yahoo, Palm, Intel (in almost every computer), AMD and Applied Materials (the rest of the chips inside nearly all computers), (crack for the head) vmWare (virtual servers), Appcelerator (a great app dev. framework), Y-Combinator (The birthplace of numerous startups), Mozilla (Firefox browesr), Pandora (Internet radio in Oakland), Sun Microsystems, SmugMug photo website hosting and sharing, LinkedIn (the biggest corporate social networking site),Oracle (#1 database company),, Bloom Energy, Tesla Motors, Genentech, and many more.


But San Francisco is home to hundreds of high-tech startups and and better known companies such as Flickr, Twitter, SalesForce (cloud computing) Wikimedia (wikipedia), Zynga (80 million users play farmville etc.), UStream, Metacafe, DropBox, RapLeaf, Blurb (photo books), Dolby Labs, Stumbleupon, Digg (THE way to go viral on the internet until Reddit (Also in SF) came along), Craigslist (the biggest want-ad website with local versions around the world), Yelp (recommendations on restaurants and other things, soon worldwide), Autodesk, (the leading computer design software company), Typekit, QuantCast (Web analytics), Twilio, Square(mobile payments), GitHub, Riverbed,Heroku (cloud computing/online customer database systems), Second-life (the biggest online virtual reality game played by over 800,000 people around the world). And let's not forget Wired Magazine....etc...etc..


Genentech, Lucasfilm and Pixar are also within a few miles of where I took this shot.


There is an energetic feel to this place that is hard to describe, but perhaps a view from this spot is the best way to show it in a photograph.


Okay, this really is the last upload of the year. So I hope you have a great holiday season. I have some nice seascapes from my Big Sur summit meetup with Ivan Makarov to start off the new year.


The map shows exactly where this is. It is another place not for the faint of heart!


See my Flickr profile for a link to my newly designed website.




Satellite imagery (choose 'National' for a local US region or use your fave website)


Tide charting and preditions: (chose your area in US, other countries have similar websites)


Wave Heights (I choose 'North Pacific from Global')

Or Here:




Google, Yahoo!, Facebook, Foursquare, Twitter, Wikipedia, Amazon, Mozilla, AOL, eBay, PayPal, IAC, LinkedIn, OpenDNS, Zynga will make an internet black out on January 23.

We must not use Internet on that day and support our rights to be free and say NO to censorship.


This is our time to act, it is just a very simple thing to do and can change the history of Internet forever. Tell your friends, coworkers and family about SOPA and PIPA. Protest on your social accounts and share the information. It affects us all.









Okay, this one is pretty kickass. I made this cake for Zynga's company picnic (Zynga is the company that makes those popular games everyone plays on Facebook and on their iPhones). From bottom to top: Playing cards (Poker), an open laptop, stack of money (Mafia Wars), treasure chest (Treasure Isle), barn (FarmVille), fish w/reef (FishVille), hamburger (Cafe World). This cake stood about 3 feet tall!

This is The The Guide To Mayan Temple , From The Game Hidden Chronicles

A royal flush in facebook poker consists of a 10 J Q K A of the same suit of cards. Get one of these and you're bound to win a lot of facebook poker chips. Your chances of getting a royal flush are about 1 in 650,000 - good luck.

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Empires and Allies v1.38.1010146.production Android Apk (Relief Game) Mod Download.


Empires and Allies has game Zynga is a strategy game designed by. You go to war to protect the world against DDo in the game and will defend the region against other players at the same time. First will be the...


This is part 1 of the secrets hidden inside FarmVille... the secrets ZYNGA did not want you to know and that could literally turn you into a master player overnight... the secret is revealed in Part 2 here:

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Über 400 Millionen Menschen, die weltweit FarmVille und FarmVille 2 spielen, können sich jetzt auch unterwegs um ihre Farm kümmern.

Zynga (Nasdaq: ZNGA), ein führender Entwickler von Social Games, veröffentlicht heute FarmVille 2: Country Escape. Damit haben Spieler ein neues, mobiles Fa...

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This Is The Guide To Underwater Wreckage From hidden Chronicles


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This Is The Guide To Conquistador Camp , A Level From Hidden Chronicles

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