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original background snapshot took at Utopia04 and forget where I took the other one


texture from me using

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I haven't uploaded for yonks ! So I took some jumping shots at home, then drew it on :)


#17: I hate letting myself sulk in a corner when I'm pissed at someone. But I also hate sucking it up and putting on a brave smile.


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Thanks for the scribble program

Baaaaa,hhaaa, haaa. You Know your addicted when....

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Happy FLICKR Friday!

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Nika for Julia Kay's Portrait Party!


created using scribblertoo ~ testing out this new version which has more changeable parameters, including canvas color .... something I always wished I could do on the original version!

"Day x+13

17's mid-air and 21's feet on the ground.

I remember writing about mid-air so much when i was 17 feeling like being kept up there and having not a thing to hold on to. For 4 years, i've deflated like a directionless balloon. Finally i got my feet, unfortunately this time though, chained with the weight of oceans and mountains combined back to the ground. I guess, to me, things only seem to change when i look at it from one step away but if i look close enough for long enough i realize nothing changes. Nothing has ever changed."


my 10min attempt to scribble in class.

and it's like a scribbling party on my fb now! loving it! :D


I have a soft spot in my heart for cows. Maybe it's because my dad grew up on a Saskatchewan prairie and it's in my blood. Maybe it's because I remember milking the cows at my aunt and uncle's farm when I was young, and watching my uncle show me how to squirt the milk into the mouth of a mewing kitten. There's a local ranch that is huge and sprawling (shown in the shot above), and there are dozens of cows there, just hanging out in the California sunshine. I never tire of seeing them, or photographing them. There's just something about cows. :-)


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Interestingness/Explore - Top 500 (November 9, 2008 #429)

Hey @zefrank on the road to Santa Ynez :)

Fly me to the moon.

And let me sail among the stars.


I wanted to try the scribbler thing out on an actual photo of mine :) So here it is! I tie-dyed shirts with my friends and they're awesome I might do some more later.

scribble aka the design on put on this, do it yourself!


my first 10min scribbling attempt at home :D

i've been SOOOOOO into bows lately :"]

[twenty of 365]

30/31 of Item Collab - A Clock


used the scribbler tool


-i love the way the chain from the pocket watch hangs, and it took me a long time to get the writing in the right place, so i love that.

thought i'd try out that text generator thingy! it's really fun, actually:


me and the way you make me feel :)


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Les Musiciens @ Bruxelles JKPP rencontrer!


Drawn w/scribblertoo


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