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This is what you get when you use ITC Zapf Chancery and don’t allow any space for descenders.

I don't know what's more precious - the "Tempelhof Flugplatz" or the line "I'm going to the COKE machines." This was 2nd grade, so probably 1991.

Prof. N. E. Timenow’s Super-Acting Bowel Tonic. We can move mountains

– and squeeze the hell out of Zapf Chancery.

Recycling containers are labelled in Zapf Chancery and Arial (also found at CBC Broadcasting Centre)

Gallery of Innovation mockup using Zapf Chancery (all caps)

Signs with raised metal type, even raised plastic type with a metallic surface, are not cheap. So why the "classy" Zapf Chancery?


Wall signage reads Take In Department in Zapf Chancery

Orange sign uses Zapf Chancery and blackletter to state FINE ENGLISH FARE Jekyl & Hyde Pub Grub

Pickup has lettering in Zapf Chancery