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A rework of my recent Flickr post Late Afternoon in October. This has a softer feel, and has more of the feel of a painting.



A very belated, but nonetheless heartfelt thank you to Natalie Franke for her generous and kind testimonial. As most of you witness daily, she's a brilliantly talented young photographer.


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**Although the thought is appreciated, please no graphic awards or invites**


Overlooking the Merrimac River from the Salisbury Beach Reservation.


I have an updated version of this picture that looks more like a digital painting. If you like this, please check out the other one.



EXPLORE #164 November 27, 2010


This is my first photoshoot with my new camera! [Canon EOS 5D Mark II] I have already fell in love with her! I need to name her haha. Anyway we did this shoot when it was sooo windy and cold. The pictures turned out perfect though. Thanks mikey and damian for helping me create the snow and fog! :]


I really want to be a photographer for Teen Vogue! My dream is to be one of the youngest photographers for Teen Vogue.. its about teenagers right?? Well im one!! haha


check out all the pics here : facebook

My telephoto lens makes everything look closer...and closer...and closer.

It's way too dry and hot in the desert.

Cold morning late October. HDR photo processed as a painting. Made the scene look better than it really did..

heey :) i'm a young photographer (16) so my shots aren't very professional :) but yea now i have a new camera and it makes beautiful photos :) and yea...after all i hope you like my shots and i will be happy if somebody commentary my photos :) (so i know what i have to do better next time) :)

P.S. sorry for my bad english :P

Cold winter afternoon. It was windy at the Newburyport waterfront, but the sunset was beautiful. People walking by kept saying it would make a good picture. I took many, but liked this one the best. I did add a painterly feel to the picture but otherwise let the sunset speak for itself.


I do have to add that I placed this picture at the correct place on the map in Newburyport and the horrible Flickr map programming called it Rings Island.

Actual picture - no composites, but it is processed. Yes, the original sunset picture looked pretty good, but I normally don't like pretty good. I'll either improve the picture or ruin it.

I knew the minute I took this picture that I liked it. But I still made 29 variations. Some had more color, some no color. Some had a lot of saturation, and others less. Some were darker and some lighter. This is number 24 which is one of the more subdued versions.

Shortlisted for the young photographer of the year award, colourful nature category


It was an amazing show of light.

Cinnamon Jolly Rancher shot for Macro Mondays "heat" theme


I would also like to dedicate this image to {dramadancer1} ♥ who wrote me my first testimonial. She is a very talented young photographer. Check out her beautiful photostream.

Early practice makes perfect -


Explore Aug 5, 2011

Mont Saint-Michel, Normandie, France.


500px :


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I don't seem to post on here as regularly as I perhaps should, so here is a slightly older image (one that some of you may have seen if you follow me on 500px) taken at Dungeness.


Yesterday I also won the RSPCA Young Photographer Awards 12-15 age category which was amazing (far better than I had ever hoped!) The image that won is shown in the comment box below!

- Agradando sueños y eliminando pesadillas desde tiempos inmemorables.




Rework of an older picture. The last one had more distinct mountains, but no sky to speak of. This time I spent a lot of effort creating complex and colorful clouds. This is what I wanted the scene to look like in real life with maybe the clouds fitting in more naturally.

This is a hidden gem water fall in Columbia Gorge. I was on my bucket list for two years. But after reading the information about the trail, I gave up the idea to get there. When I was at Dalles Mountains Ranch Park, one young photographer showed me the picture of this fall he had taken. He said that I would make to the falls. It sounded encouraging. I made the first attempt to get to the fall last Sunday. I took my son with me knowing that that would be a difficult hike. We missed the place where we had to go off the marked trail, and instead of hiking 2.6 miles we made 2 miles more up very steep hills. Totally we hiked about 9 miles, made 115 floors as my I-phone recorded. On the way back I met that young photographer again. He explained to me where we had to descend to the falls. I was so tired, all my muscles were sore that I truly believed I would never go there again. But three days later I decided to make a second attempt to access this falls. 2.6 miles on the trail was nothing compared to 300 feet climbing down to the fall. Those who were there understand what I am talking about. But I was rewarded . The fall is really gorgeous. I am happy I was there. Not sure I will ever try it again.

why I've to stay everytime in silence?


(silence painted on my mouth)


you have to wash your mouth rude!


My overcast day photowalk hadn't been very photogenic when suddenly the sun broke through a hole in the clouds.... I only got a couple of shots before the magic light disappeared as fast as it had come... We don't often get low clouds like this here....


Many thanks to Dizzy-Lizzy for a very kind testimonial. Elizabeth is a talented young photographer specializing in shooting nature, portraits and her irrepressible wonder dog Sparky. Take a look here:

I'm a young photographer who knows he has to learna lot.

But to get better I would love to hear some feedback!

So take a minute and tell me what I could have done better,

things you don't like, things you like and whatever comes to your mind.


I won't get better without knowing what people think about my pictures.



Give me some feedback.

I just decided to do this shot spur of the moment the other night, seems how I haven't shot much in a while. Plus it's a style I'm not used to very much, and it's always good to challenge ourselves right? Hope you enjoy!

Today morning at Turimetta beach young photographer, Sydney, Australia.

Have a blessed weekend and keep smiling.


The storm "Xaver" was announced in germany. When I parked my car on the roof of the parking lot, this awesome scene apeared infront of my eyes, so I took my camera and shot.


In my eyes, the mix of the upcoming storm, the wild clouds and the awesome sunset, in combination with the famous clinical center of Tuebingen makes this picture to something very special


I'm a young photographer who knows he has to learn a lot.

But to get better I would love to hear some feedback!

So take a minute and tell me what I could have done better,

things you don't like, things you like and whatever comes to your mind.


I won't get better without knowing what people think about my pictures.



Give me some feedback.

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