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Early practice makes perfect -


Explore Aug 5, 2011

Photographer Rosalie Colfs/Courtesy Handicap International

Date: April 2016

Description: A young lady is following a lesson with classmates at her school in Kinshasa. She has received a wheelchair from the Team Congo Project. Before she received this wheelchair it was very difficult for her to attend the school due to mobility problems.


Young photographers probably looking for interesting subjects.


Central Fire Station - Singapore,_Singapore

The young birds do not yet have the completely red bills of the adults. But they look fully feathered and normally would soon be ready for the long journey south into Africa. Except that in this part of Spain, the weather is so warm year round that white storks do not migrate.

The camera here is obliged to look up at the nest on the roof of an isolated building; there was no opportunity to get to eye level with them, as there was when I photographed the species in Moura, Portugal.

170621 164-2




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King of scavengers.........................................


a group of VULTURES is called a WAKE


They are becoming extinct due to some kind of chemicals in fertilizer consumed by the corpses they eat.


few things amaze me more than a Wake digesting a corpse in a matter of seconds.............


Vultures seldom attack healthy animals, but may kill the wounded or sick. When a carcass has too thick a hide for its beak to open, it waits for a larger scavenger to eat first Vast numbers have been seen upon battlefields. They gorge themselves when prey is abundant, till their crop bulges, and sit, sleepy or half torpid, to digest their food. They do not carry food to their young in their claws, but disgorge it from the crop. These birds are of great value as scavengers, especially in hot regions. Vulture stomach acid is exceptionally corrosive, allowing them to safely digest putrid carcasses infected with Botulinum toxin, hog cholera, and anthrax bacteria that would be lethal to other scavengers This also enables them to use their reeking, corrosive vomit as a defensive projectile when threatened. Vultures urinate straight down their legs; the uric acid kills bacteria accumulated from walking through carcasses, and also acts as evaporative cooling.





( No longer visible there (: > / (


When they are young, they have a beautiful green colouring. It changes in grayish green when they are old.

You can find this species in birches. In my garden I find them in the bay shrubs near the birch.

They feed on leaves of trees and bushes such as birch, apple, strawberry. They are no pest in my garden.

4-6 mm long.

The larvae feed on roots.

Europe. In America (Green immigrant leaf weevil) since 1906 (first found in New York)



De groene snuitkever (Phyllobius argentatus) is een snuitkever die behoort tot de Curculionidae.De kleur groen verandert als ze ouder worden. De kever komt in Europa overal voor op loofbomen. De kever is overdag actief en vreet van de bladeren. De larven lijken veel op de maden van vliegen en leven in en van plantenstengels. De larve verpopt in de grond en in het daaropvolgende voorjaar verschijnt de kever.

De kever is 4 tot 6 mm lang en is bijna helemaal bedekt met glanzende, groene schubjes, met uitzondering van delen van de poten en de antennen. De dijbenen en de antennen zijn rood. Het lichaam is langwerpig en de kop is verlengd in een brede snuit. Op de dekschilden zijn donkere lengtegroeven aanwezig.


Pls join us here ▼ ▼ ▼


The youngest guinea pig photographer in the world!!

Name: Pichiku, Age: 12 days (Kuu-chan's baby) / Sorry for my poor celular...3 years of use... : )


*Dedicate to Bucho (The first guinea pig photographer in the world)

When it sunrise at Bondi beach, Sydney

Young Red Deer. A young red deer glazing on lower slopes of Glen Etive, Scotland with a snow-cloaked Stob Dubh in the distance.

Lomo LC-A

Expired Fuji Superia 200, date unknown

Regular C-41 dev + 2.5min alkaline push in 0.1mol/l potassium carbonate


I love foggy mornings!!

I was driving past my cousin's horse farm and i couldn't resist, i had to stop and take a few shots.


Bagaya Monastery - Mandalay - Myanmar (Burma)


View On Black

I am a 14 year old photographer with an A* in GCSE photography. I took this using a Canon EOS 1000D at Whitby. I would appreciate any comments on my photographs.

دائما ما يستوقفنى التفكير فى عبارات الاطفال وفى فلسفتهم البسيطه بالحياه


نعم هم أيضا لهم فلسفه خاصه فالطفل يتمنى ان لو كانت الدنيا كلها ملاهى كثيره او قطعه شيكولاته كبيره


أحلامهم بسيطه ومقدور عليها ولذلك فهم أروق بالا وأسعد حالا عنا , مثلهم مثل


بسطاء المجتمع فى الارياف العتيقه من يطمحون فى يومهم مجرد عشوه حلوه وكوب شاى ,


وبما انه لا يوجد من ينام من غير عشاء , فأنهم فى نهايه اليوم يحققون هدفهم وتمنيهم هذا


فينامون راضين سعداء بما قسم الله هم متحابون للغايه ومتسامحون ومتعاونون ومقبلين على


الحياه بكل الحب والامل والعطاء , هم يجدون الامل عند مطلع كل شمس , هم أهل شيمه


وكرم وسخاء فتجدهم يتبادلون السلام بين القريب والغريب سواء ولذا تجدهم يستغرقون فى


النوم دون مهدئات او منومات , هم ليسوا من رواد عيادات الاطباء النفسيين ولا من متصلى


برنامج انا والنجوم وهواك , هم من يقولون بالصباح أصبحنا واصبح الملك لله وبعد كل


وجبه يحمدون الله وفى كل ازمه يتوكلون على الله .


..شيماء الجمال



الموديل :عزيزان

لا تنسونه بدعاكم الطيب

Hine, Lewis Wickes,, 1874-1940,, photographer.


Young Cigarmakers in Englahardt & Co., Tampa, Fla. There boys looked under 14. Work was slack and youngsters were not being employed much. Labor told me in busy times many small boys and girls are employed. Youngsters all smoke (see 565). Witness Sara R. Hine. Location: Tampa, Florida.


1909 January.


1 photographic print.



Title from NCLC caption card.

Attribution to Hine based on provenance.

In album: Miscellaneous.

Hine no. 0564.




Child laborers.

Cigar industry.



United States--Florida--Tampa.


Format: Photographic prints.

Glass negatives.


Rights Info: No known restrictions on publication.


Repository: Library of Congress, Prints and Photographs Division, Washington, D.C. 20540 USA,


Part Of: Photographs from the records of the National Child Labor Committee (U.S.) 2004667950


General information about the Lewis Hine child labor photos is available at


Higher resolution image is available (Persistent URL):


Call Number: LOT 7483, v. 1, no. 0564


Find this young handsome guy in Kruger Nas. Park. South Africa

My son and I's photo excursion took us to a lake on the Great Plains of Colorado where it began with an absolutely gorgeous sunrise. Taken at Jackson Lake State Park.

San Juan, Puerto Rico.

Mi galeria en Color

Mi Nueva Galeria

Kodak Ultramax 400 (convertida-converted)

Yashica MG-1

Yashinon Color DX 45mm F: 2.8

Lightroom 3

Silver Efex Pro 2

Encuentros Sanjuaneros con Jose

New Jersey


Jessica Kirste Photography I Etsy I Facebook


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