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Random encounter on a rainy afternoon with a gipsy boy via 500px

Young owl - 2 months..Predatory bird, common in all countries of the world. Brief description: large head, large round eyes, beak short, predatory. Hunts at night, the plumage is soft, the flight is noiseless, the claws are long and sharp, the color masking..Photo taken during the festival "Times and Epochs" in Moscow.

A snap of my younger son looking out the submarine window and into the blueness and clarity of the ocean. I thought it appropriate to post now that our trip is over. I just read an article about science expeditions and various private ventures going out into the middle of the oceans to scoop piles of plastic and other human waste from the waters. It's saddening what's happening to the oceans, especially since we are wreaking havoc on land. I wish there was more I could. Perhaps, like my son here, being more curious about the problem and learning how I can help is the way to go.

So excited to find my first summer moose of the year. This young bull spent about an hour eating in the stream.

Shes about to learn how slippery PVC pipe can be.

Young owls are now exploring the forest floors.

Die jungen Störche versuchen sich in ersten Flugübungen

The young storks try their first flight exercises

Young Red Deer. A young red deer glazing on lower slopes of Glen Etive, Scotland with a snow-cloaked Stob Dubh in the distance.

Fris groene blaadjes.

Middelburg (Park Toorenvliedt), 30-4-2017

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The powerf of the young runner in the local race

I thought the place was uncomfortable, and it would be tight.

In the end, they succeeded.


Young Coots feeding on snails

Don't know who got the biggest shock when I walked upon this one .all the wrong settings ,converter,just a quick burst and he was away


Another image of this handsome young bull.


Have a great weekend, and thanks so much for your views and comments!


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Young buds eagerly wanting to bloom. I like this time of the year with all the signs of new live and beautiful colors! Nature is Art ;-))

Nana, Oleander!, Fawny and Sweet Lies


More informations here:

Young mute swans. Cygnets.

Nuoret joutsenet.



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Young fairies romp and play, waiting to see what they'll do today.....

Already on the move away from the breeding grounds this young Whinchat was already on the coast near Kincardine Bridge

I'm back, with a fresh account. It'll be a tough task now to find all my good contacts. I'll probably be a bit less active than before, at least for posting new stuff. I'll check daily when I can my feed and follow up on your shots.


Thanks for being supportive and not shutting me off. :-)

A young badger seen this morning in the Forest of Dean. I was surprised by a snuffling sound on the edge of some bracken by one of the woodland rides, and looked round and saw this young badger sitting in the sunshine looking rather sleepy. I was able to get very close and took a number of photos before he shuffled off into the undergrowth about five minutes later. This youngster was not at all bothered by my presence.

foreground and background


collective and separate


This shot is similar to the (Backwater shore) but in this shot i have brought this young pine tree into view, i feel it gives the foreground something interesting to lead you into the frame.

I hope you all think so to.

Young Swallow waiting for food

Foraging for food in the cover of the flowering dunes. It seemed as if the young foxes stuck to the safety of the tall grass and flowers, while the adults hunted the plains that had larger prey. This particular fox had just finished digging for something in the sand and still has a bit of sand stuck to the tip of its nose.

I've just returned from a camping trip to Northumberland and spent some time on the beach with a Pied Wagtail and her young family.

They were delightful and very entertaining with wing stretches, little leaps into the air and attempts to catch sand flies.


One of the best times I've had this year. The Northumberland coast is a treasure.

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Close up of beautiful young owl.

"I can't understand why these things don't work!"

A young red deer near Tobermory, Isle of Mull


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