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Young buds eagerly wanting to bloom. I like this time of the year with all the signs of new live and beautiful colors! Nature is Art ;-))

Young owls are now exploring the forest floors.

Don't know who got the biggest shock when I walked upon this one .all the wrong settings ,converter,just a quick burst and he was away

Young Red Deer. A young red deer glazing on lower slopes of Glen Etive, Scotland with a snow-cloaked Stob Dubh in the distance.

Time will tell when

... you are young

... you are vibrant

... you are sweet

... you are beautiful


Time will tell when

... you are old

... you are dull

... you are bitter are ugly




Young girl watching the exhibition

"Hello, Robot. Design zwischen Mensch und Maschine"

Vitra Design Museum Weil/Rhine Germany

Young peregrine falcon (500 mm lens hand held ) Iso 400 cropped

Young owl - 2 months..Predatory bird, common in all countries of the world. Brief description: large head, large round eyes, beak short, predatory. Hunts at night, the plumage is soft, the flight is noiseless, the claws are long and sharp, the color masking..Photo taken during the festival "Times and Epochs" in Moscow.

One of the quite young Mongolian wolves of the zoo of Zürich looking to me in a quite hungry way (I presume). The shot is rather blurry when seen at 100% but generally I like it. :)

Die jungen Störche versuchen sich in ersten Flugübungen

The young storks try their first flight exercises

On the far right is the 'down arrow'- click on that to open 'original' size... click 'open' on original size and then hit F11 on keyboard for full screen effect...


This young Pileated Woodpecker was photographed in the wild, non baited, non raptor show, non zoo!


Stags, just chilling in amongst the trees, keeping a watchful eye on the young does across the way.

Young bucks had best be wary this time of year as we move into both the breeding season and hunting season.

Young red squirrel (Sciurus vulgaris) perched on a white cedar tree branch.


Młoda wiewiórka (Sciurus vulgaris) siedząca na gałęzi żywotnika.

This young leopard is 2 years old and recently separated from its mother. The Zebra was road kill, and rather than leave it for the locals to eat (and possibly get a taste for Zebra, which could have resulted in them hunting the animals), the beast was cut into pieces and placed in trees for the leopard to find.

Its been a real privilege to be able to follow a family of tawnies this spring and summer, to watch the owlets grow and learn to fly and to watch the attentiveness of the adults as they regularly come in with food. Photo Kevin Keatley, UK, Camera Nikon D800, 300 F4P, F13, 1/250 sec., ISO 320. Camera & flash on manual.

This morning, eight o'clock in the garden

Young Canada Goose at Attenborough!

Swan! Swan! Swan!

And when the swan came, strangely graceful,

proudly displayed its white golden vision of its breast


Swan! Swan! Swan!

Later, in the distance at the edge of the frozen pond,

I can still see the young swan standing



at the Pond, Tjörnin in Reykjavik


Explore #103

I would like to dedicate this one to Artie for his lovely testimonial! Thanks so much, Artie, for your heartfelt words to me...Please take time to visit Artie's astounding photostream here:;


Taken in Huntington Beach, CA just after the sun dropped below the horizon..this young girl was fascinated by the incoming waves..


Thanks Again Artie for that superb really touched my heart! OH and Happy Blue Monday! I just realized.!


Young peregrine falcon. ( 500 mm lens hand held ) Iso 400 cropped

A young boy outside a used metal parts shop. Colombo.

Detail of an exterior wall at San Francisco's De Young museum


Young Fox posing at Bombay Hook NWR in Delaware


2017_08_01_EOS 7D_1632-Edit_V1

Another young arctic fox from Norway, captured at sunset.

Thankyou for the 17.000 views

Young love so pure, so new,

So fearless.

In time we learn love can also be painful.

We lose trust we become fearful of pain.

But we always hope the next time will not be the same.

And in time you will fall in love again.

We learn that love has its price.

But to not love our hearts would be like ice.

A Big thank you to everyone that views my photos hope you enjoy them.


foreground and background


collective and separate

Young Hosta Petals.

Copyright 2017:copyright:RonOtt Photography. All rights reserved.

Place Limburg-The Netherlands


Thank you for all viewers, all comments, all faves and all award comments. I appreciate it very much. Regards.

Photos cannot be used or taken without permission.

Young Mallards (Anas platyrhynchos)

27 July 2017, Grand Union canal towpath, Knowle, Solihull

Two young male bears fighting for fun in the Wildnispark Langenberg near Zurich, Switzerland.

A young surfer rides the waves at Steamer Lane a local surf spot below the Santa Cruz, California Abbot Memorial Lighthouse and Surfer Museum.

Young nun in temple Hpa-An Myanmar near the beach area or should I say the mouth of the estuary. A group of young nuns and their guardian encouraged us to take images so I gave them presents of pens and colouring paper plus a donation for the nunnery.

Such a pleasant time was spent here I truly enjoyed our visit. It helped to have a guide who could interpret language and for all of us to express gratitude and friendliness.

Young, green grass grass in a spring forest

Photos cannot be used or taken without permission.

Waiting for one of it's parent to bring some food.

A young blackbird, I think, left by its parents to fend for itself in my garden. Bury, Lancs., UK

Un jeune merle, je crois, abandonne par ses parents pour vivre seule. Triste, hein?

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