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The sea is getting gradually fully frozen and somehow it's sad since I am really keen on floating petal-looking ice rafts. You have to give some credits to this fellow, but soon it will move to south

For years I have pondered about my own artistic vision. So far there has been nothing besides blurry images but I know that deep inside there waiting to be ignite.


In this work I combined my previous bush snap with a portrait taken by martinak15:

Made some effort to retouch and compose this baby. I admit that I'm kind of keen on this shot and some day this might decorate my walls




Simple and elegant yet not as detailed and decorated as Art Nouveau (Jugend) architecture. I can lie down and spend easily hours watching the mind soothing clouds

äRRä of the day: April 20th 2008, 1 /2.


Take a wild guess who got more scared - birds or girls? ;)

The wall of Japanese pavilion in Milano Expo 2015 - more like an another dimension

I've submitted this photo to JPG Magazine. Issue 10 theme is "Breakthrough"


Don't forget to VOTE before April 11th 2007! ;-)



äRRä of the day: February 1st

Gazing up to sky while lying in the middle of hedges


@ Helsinki City Winter Garden

Landscape training in progress. Another boring overcast shot changed into somewhat colorful.


Please tell me: did I go way too far with editing or is it still belivable?


The fancy tree itself is from Suomenlinna, fortified island close to Helsinki

Rocks and cliff sure have interesting textures.

Aurinkolahti sending beams (or missiles) all over the sky. Or what do you think?


Took a long exposure while changing focal lenght and then fused it with another picture.

Day 8 - From the Umeda Sky Building aka Floating Garden. This time from the observatory floor (not the roof top, since it does not allow to look this down). Learnt to love the japanese high buildings offering great views, but damn they are full of tourists with selfie sticks and smartphone flashes :(


Did not bother to remove distortion as it gives tid bit edge to the picture.

Frigid art from nature. After warm winter days, the freezing weather took over whole Finland. Poor stones did not expect a sudden ice cap


A great sunset following chilly trip to Suomenlinna. Cheers

From scorching alleys of Vicenza, Italy.

Tenerife with snow-topped Teide about a half an hour after sunset. The sky has still amazing colors but the first stars are already appearing. Picture taken from Santa Cruz de La Palma.


Camera: Canon 5d MkII

Lens: Voitglander 90mm/3.5 SL II

Approaching the largest waterfall of Europe. This is an old capture, which I thought was beyond rescuing. Thanks to existing raw-file, I was able to salvage this

Miniature worlds inside tiny pits

Some traditional landscapes for a change. Had a conference in Switzerland, Lugano and I went to visit the nearby mountains.


This one is from Monte San Salvatore. The vantage point was far away from restaurants and funicular station but offered the best views in the whole mountain. Fortunately, there were no others at the moment to disturb the peaceful moment


Gardenia, tropical garden in Viikki, Helsinki. Lovely texture, almost hypnotizing

December 1st


The first door of äRRä's candy calendaR of the year 2009 is now opened!

A sweet surprise to come each and every day until Christmas Eve!


24 days to Christmas!




PS I have to figure out how to do the 2nd door since I won't be by a computer and may not have access to internet while traveling.. so as a pre-warning: the two uploads after this may be simultaneous and a bit belated :)

View from the mountain tops north of El Pilar towards the Caldera Taburiente. Fore- and background stacked separately from the same images and combined into one after aligning stars in the background stack.


Camera: Canon 5dmkII

Lens: Voigtlander Apo-Lanthar 90mm/3.5 SL II

Val D'Orcia, Montalcino, Italy

A morning after the ice on beach had shattered to small pieces. Some of them have been tossed on ice, the rest are bathing in warm yet weak sunrise

I so miss the rugged landscape of Iceland. Here I'm approaching the largest waterfall of Europe (which is located left, outside of the frame).


Another old capture, which I thought was beyond rescuing.

The journey in Tampere continues. Went to Koskikeskus, a local shopping center, which was recently renovated. The interiors were really modern and fresh but the absolute gem is the glass ceiling.


I took some liberties with colors and the result is quite futuristic and millenium-falcon-like.

December 5th

None like another, all different personalities, yet tightly bound together..

Today opens up bright in pastels in my candy calendaR!!


20 days to Christmas!

Great place to stay, beautiful both inside and outside. And one of the best breakfast I ever had in hotels

Another shot from my trip to see sun rising in Uutela. Fascinating ice formations in my opinion

Had a reunion with some really good pals from elementary school. We had great time and while they are all doing well, I started to ponder my own future, ambitions and happiness.


Who am I in ten years?

@Höfn, Iceland 2012


Best wake-up during Iceland trip. Sunshine, horses (behind a back) and magnificent views. Also a night before we were hunting northern lights in the very same spot.


Picture itself is old, but I re-edit colors. I think it packs more punch yet it doesn't look weird. What do you think?

Simple and elegant yet not as detailed and decorated as Art Nouveau (Jugend) architecture. I can lie down and spend easily hours watching the mind soothing clouds

For Lonely planet Europe pool:


These traffic signs painted on the pavements around Helsinki have received a hearty touch during the summer of 2005. I just love how some people have energy to make this kinda little things just to make others happy& bring a smile to their faces on dull days! :D

An oldie from summer. Patterns and shapes of the Uspenski Cathedral, Helsinki

I was positively surprised how spacious and detailed Tampere Cathedral is. Note the beautiful ceiling and "The Wounded Angel" hanging on second floor

Without the (banana) scale, one is not able to grasp the size of the ceiling. This is the central railway station of Milan and it is huge! But not only the size is impressive, I fell in love with lines and shapes - this could be a set up for mind blowing sci-fi movie!

This is another shot from the top of Monte Bre. I would had stay longer, but it started raining so I had to hurry back to city.

Fortress covered in leaves. Suomenlinna during autumn

Another upward scenary of Helsinki, this time heavily tuned.

Vivid colors all over, the best part of autumn.

Mesmerizing staircase with eye pleasing patterns and colors. I was looking for location for a decent group picture for my friend when I encountered this staircase. In the end, we shot our group pic here

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