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... and a New Year! All the best to you!

2009 will be divine! (Against all odds!)

Yes We Can!! A change has begun, and will be a new dimension in time, and we shall reap the fruit.


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This is my first time to vote, and today's my birthday, too! Yahoo!

I found myself singin'

Like a long-lost friend

The same thing that makes you live

Can kill you in the end.


And it's as easy as that.



30 days of Gratitude;

Day Five: I am just grateful today.


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We saw the change coming and now it’s finally here. Congratulations America we are moving forward to a better tomorrow!


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Welcome Home Monsieur Obama


much better large size and on black - molto meglio in grande e su sfondo nero

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Thanks for all your kind comments to my last photos …


This is only a play on words, with joy for a Saturday that finally arrived...



Grazie per tutti i gentili commenti alle mie ultime foto…


E’ solo un gioco di parole in inglese con la famosa frase di Barack Obama yes, we can! e la mia gioia per il Sabato finalmente arrivato...




Having watched the debates, I have change on the brain, and wanted to go back into my Washington archives. I wish I was a citizen, so that I could vote.


On a lighter note, I was thinking the other day about how our motivations for faving images on Flickr may differ. For what purpose do you click the fave button?

Its been a long time since my first blythe/Obama pic was added to the group, I am very glad to be adding this one today! The blythes did it!!! WOOOT!! lol.






"Change has come to America."


The Capitol building in Washington, in the day after...picture seems brighter!

My American friends or I'll bite ya on the butt : )

i don't know what's better - pi day or election day. saying these babe ayez were a hit would be an understatement.



Explore 2009-26-01. Thanks for all the wonderful comments and faves everybody. I appreciate it.


Presidential Inauguration of Barack Obama.

Washington, DC.


All Rights Reserved. Christopher Empson.

[c.Empson Photography 2009]

I voted today!


I've never been this excited to vote in an election - it's an important one.


I even researched the proposed constitutional amendments on our ballot so I would know what the heck they meant. (I'm looking at you, proposed amendment 3, which sounds like it will help the poorer areas in Georgia but actually is to allow developers to create private districts that would be governed by councils that are sorta independent from the city or county governments. and only landowners could vote in the local boards. erm, weird private landowner cities sounds creepy times to me. that one got a big NO from this voter.)


but you know who got a big fat YES WE CAN? OBAMA BIDEN 2008, y'all.

309/365 - fuck yeah, baby.


FGR invades "America F*%k Yeah!"


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Don't you feel this week that the future will be better ?


No sientes esta semana que el futuro será mejor ?

Vote For Change!

15th & Platte Street

Denver, Colorado.

Il pulman di Veltroni a Milano, tra le case popolari di viale Mar Jonio.


(Veltroni's [center-left wing candidate in Italian last April elections]bus in Milano.

The used motto is something like yes we can )


part of elezioni set

This is the side of the protests that you don't see in the news... the side they choose not to show you...


Il 10luglio dell’anno scorso feci il mio ingresso in flickr…puramente per caso,su richiesta di un sito al quale devo tanto e al quale sono molto legato…il mio primo e forte GRAZIE lo devo,lo voglio rivolgere a Giambattista,che lesse nei miei scatti, crudi e imprecisi, la mia voglia di immortalare i momenti magici che mi circondavano…un altro grazie va agli sguardi di tutte le persone che si sono fidate di me e delle mie reflex lasciandosi trasportare dentro il mio mondo.

I primi mesi sono stati duri,mi sentivo davvero inferiore…avevo molte carenze nel campo della postproduzione,conoscevo poco il digitale…MA NON HO MOLLATO LA SPUGNA…ho rimboccato le maniche e mi sono lasciato trasportare dalle mie emozioni…permettendo loro di parlare attraverso i miei scatti.

In questo modo mauronster ha iniziato a prendere forma…ma non sempre questa forma è andata a genio a questo mondo e cosi ai suoi occhi sono diventato antipatico,altezzoso,poco umile,sbruffone…

…questa situazione non ha fatto altro che aiutarmi a spingermi oltre ogni fatica e lavorare sempre più duramente…

Ho sofferto molto ma allo stesso tempo sono riuscito a far nascere nuovamente il sorriso sul mio viso!

Chiudo questo primo anno con 38000 visite (non sono tantissime ma ne vado molto fiero), 4600 vostre preferenze alle mie foto, 38 scatti in explore…

un libro sulle mie spalle,una mostra,varie collaborazioni con la stampa,migliaia di scatti realizzati alla ricerca di emozioni…chiudo questo anno con i piedi ben piantati a terra e con tanta voglia di continuare a fotografare!

Mauronster ha ancora tantissima strada da fare ed è molto felice di saperlo…



© mauronsterphotographer


November 4th 309/366


It's a big day today over the pond, the 2008 US election is eventually here. Finally we get to see who becomes the next US President, will it be Barack Obama or John McCain?


Please do the right thing today USA, make us proud of you. Make sure you vote, don't let the opportunity pass you by. I have lots of friends who never bother voting over here but have plenty of opinions to share about the state of taxes, hospitals, education etc, my view is if you don't vote then you don't have the right to request changes!


You have an important voice today, please use it!


Decisions are made by those who show up! Only 537 votes decided the 2000 election, your vote counts!




P.S. It turns out that if you use a metal scouring pad then permanent markers aren't really permanent :)

020/365 2009


January 20th, 2009 - A day that will live in famy.

President Obama was in sworn.


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Congratulations America !! You voted for CHANGE !!!


you may answer with the famous words of Barack Obama......and shout it out loud !!!


found some time for a new upload ..;-)) another autumn jewel captured during my lunchbreak,

I needed some time to relax !!.


The Mercedes-Benz E-Class is a range of executive-size cars manufactured by Mercedes-Benz in various engine and body configurations. The E initially stood for Einspritzmotor, (German for fuel injection); a new feature in volume production vehicles at the time that the E-Class first appeared, with the E as a suffix to the engine nomenclature (e.g. 230E) in the 1950s. It was not until the launch of the facelifted W124 that the E was used as a prefix (i.e. E220) and the model referred to officially as the E-Class (or E-Klasse). At this time all Mercedes cars used fuel injection and the company felt it was not necessary to add this as a distinguishing feature. Due to the E-Class' size and durability, the cars also frequently serve as taxis in European countries. Older models like the W123 and W124 are used in Malaysia as inter-state taxis, and the most current model is used in Singapore as a taxi, and Mercedes-Benz offers a taxi specification as well as other special-purpose vehicles (e.g. police or ambulance modifications) from the factory.









Obama vince. Gli americani vogliono dimenticare presto George W. Bush


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