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Reflections !!

Shot rue de Rambuteau - Les Halles - Paris 75003 - France -

This was shot with a 9 Stop ND filter attached to the lens.

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June in Chicago. Temps - in the 90s. Humidity - in the tropics somewhere. The sky was blue, the clouds white, the foliage green – all colors were their normal hues of early summer in June.


But that ain’t the way it felt.


It felt like the above image looks. An almost intolerable, oppressive layer of humidity sucked most of the detail from the landscape. The heat came down upon one like a one-ton, flat slab of yellow, pitted iron. The normal colors of life felt (emotionally) as if they’d been drained away and distorted, leaving us – and everything else - with only the yellow of the sun: bright, high-key, penetrating, leaving all without shadow and only soft and vague contours.


Then, the moisture condensed, cooled, rose into an anvil-head and turned into thick, blue-gray thunderclouds, and we got tree-ripping wind, skull-bashing hail, and Noah’s Ark rainfall.


90 minutes later, the clouds parted, the sun came back and the heat returned. With the extra humidity in the air, the heat quickly became magnified and compressed in our urban ovens of heat-holding concrete, brick, iron and steel. To step from shadow into the sun was to be have an hot iron placed upon the skin of the head. The air catches in your throat, feeling more like soup going down the wrong way than oxygen. Our knees and spirits buckled under the unrelenting pressure. We were limp-walking, wet rag dolls - all of us.


And I loved every damn minute of it. I am, a summer kind of guy.


No, this isn't Chicago, but farmland in Wisconsin.


Texture courtesy Distressed Jewell:


Flypaper textures:


Marble texture by Pareeerica:

the sun rises at daybreak over whita hill. and the muckle toon, casting it's golden rays through the oak, and young larch woodland, along the becks. langholm, dumfriesshire, scotland. view large

Dusk sky over the Loch of Loirston - IMG_9383.1

dawns apocalyptic sunrise, over the sheepfolds, woods, whita hill, and the stables. starts a new day for some, along the becks. langholm, dumfriesshire, scotland. view large

This is downtown Minneapolis viewed from the South during a June sunrise. If you've never been here, it's a pretty incredible city.


Funny side story... Someone called the cops while I was shooting this picture (I guess any picture of these building these days draws some attention). I guess the neighborhood in this area can be a little dicy sometimes (not that any part of Minneapolis is really rough). I just laughed and told the cops I was sorry someone wasted their time.


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**I am re-uploading this in celebration of the movie coming out. Although I havn't had the chance to see it yet, I'm still excited.


Also, if you're wondering why I havn't uploaded anything lately.. my computer has a virus.. or 7..**


Posted on day 40...


I am over-excited for Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland to come out next March!

For one, as a child I loved the movie.

But, even later (around age 15) I used to watch it about 4 times a day! I had some weird obsession with it.

It is my absolute favorite Disney movie, and certainly my favorite childhood movie.

I cannot wait!

Book of Love- Yellow Sky

I dream about

how it would be

if you would come

and stay with me

I'll close my eyes

and if I try

I'll be with you

up in the yellow sky


Yellow sky


You went away

I don't know why

I forgot your face

as the weeks and

months went by

where do we go

when we die

orange sun

blue moon and yellow sky


Yellow sky


The thought of you

you're always on my mind

were you scared

of what I might find

we'll never know

unless we try

I'll see you

up in the yellow sky


Yellow sky


Highly Recommended - View Large On Black


There's a quote from Thomas Edison which this shot reminds me of...


Thomas Edison said:


"I shall make electricity so cheap that only the rich can afford to burn candles"




I've actually uploaded a very similar shot to this a while ago which I've deleted (when I was cleaning up my stream) as I don't know what I was thinking when I processed the sky to be blue... when it looks so good as it is!

On the way home from a few days in Mayo, from the car, I saw the sun setting beyond Lough Owel. I didn't have much time but just had to stop because it was such an odd colour. With only being able to spend a few minutes, I managed to capture the colour. I would really have liked to spend more time there but this is a very easily accessible location right beside the main N4.



Just one of those mornings... I walked out of the house ready to drive to work... What do I see?!? THIS! So what else would I do? Get back inside the house... grab my camera... CLICK CLICK CLICK CLICK CLICK...


Here you go!


Ps. The composition is intentional, as you can see from the zoomed out version... the top left side of the light post had some really dark clouds... and it wouldn't look good if I had centered the light post in the composition...

No filters, just the natural misty light .....

(explore #307)

From the other planet Tatooine.

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Edvard Grieg: Peer Gynt


Friedrich Rückert


Du meine Seele, du mein Herz,

Du meine Wonn, o du mein Schmerz,

Du meine Welt, in der ich lebe,

Mein Himmel du, darein ich schwebe,

O du mein Grab, in das hinab

Ich ewig meinen Kummer gab.

Du bist die Ruh, du bist der Frieden,

Du bist der Himmel mir beschieden.

Daß du mich liebst, macht mich mir wert,

Dein Blick hat mich vor mir verklärt,

Du hebst mich liebend über mich,

Mein guter Geist, mein bessres Ich!


the morning star starts to ride high over whita hill. and starts to heat a cold - early summers morning up, just wish it was hot enough to incinerate those irksome biting midgies for good, as seen from the becks walk. langholm, dumfriesshire, scotland.



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