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From the ranunculus garden, currently in glorious full bloom at South Coast Botanic Garden. (Zuiko 50mm macro, f/11, 1/125 sec., ISO 100, early afternoon sun filtered through clouds, handheld)


Click anywhere in the image to see the large view on black (or press "L" to "view in light box" -- same thing).

Ich denke an nichts, wenn ich male, ich sehe Farben.

Paul Cézanne. (1839 - 1906), französischer Maler





Statistically July is one of the wettest months in Ireland and it is living up to that with heavy showers forecast. Some sun too but don't hold your breath....


This one was taken in St Stephen's Green, Dublin, after a wet night.


Foretaste of what is just about to come in our fields.


I've not found it easy to find trees with the yellow background. Perhaps it would be easier from a balloon.


Is this really a green fuel alternative?


I do like it better LARGER and Full screen (F11).

Carl Zeiss Sonnar 135mm ƒ/2.8 T✮ wide open @ƒ/2.8

available light | manual exposure and focusing


That's btw a house painted bright yellow in the bokeh - the perfect backdrop :-)


yellow is the color whitch make kilometers of fields now, it is rapseed season here :)

Such a sweet looking species.

Just a beautiful yellow flower focussed on the heart


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Hibiscus blooming under the sun, saying good bye to summer.

Thanks for NATURALMENTE:TOP TEN della Settimana dal 03 al 09 Settembre:

Also called the "Hawaiian Hibiscus" and is Hawaii's state flower. Caught this joyous flower basking in the sun.

North America has more than 50 species of warblers, but few combine brilliant color and easy viewing quite like the Yellow Warbler. In summer, the buttery yellow males sing their sweet whistled song from willows, wet thickets, and roadsides across almost all of North America. The females and immatures aren’t as bright, and lack the male’s rich chestnut streaking, but their overall warm yellow tones, unmarked faces, and prominent black eyes help pick them out.

Exploration on the theme of yellow.

Early opening of a yellow wildflower. Fragile and not damaged. The future awaits it appearance. Insects too, I suspect.

A yellow tufted honeyeater staring down the camera lens

Psyllobora vigintiduopunctata

Kastelentocht, tussen Czestochowa en Krakau.


Kon hier niet kiezen wat scherp moest, kasteel of koolzaadveld. Dan maar twee foto's, zie hiernaast.

Yellow Doronicum and small blue Veronica .

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The Pannonian Plain is a large plain in Central Europe that remained when the Pliocene Pannonian Sea dried out. It is a geomorphological subsystem of the Alps-Himalaya system.


The river Danube divides the plain roughly in half.


The plain is divided among Austria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia and Ukraine.


The plain is roughly bounded by the Carpathian mountains, the Alps, the Dinaric Alps and the Balkan mountains.

Although rain is not plentiful, it usually falls when necessary and the plain is a major agricultural area; it is sometimes said that these fields of rich loamy loess soil could feed the whole of Europe. For its early settlers, the plain offered few sources of metals or stone. Thus when archaeologists come upon objects of obsidian or chert, copper or gold, they have almost unparalleled opportunities to interpret ancient pathways of trade.


The precursor to the present plain was a shallow sea that reached its greatest extent during the Pliocene, when three to four kilometres of sediments were deposited.


The plain was named after the Pannonians, a northern Illyrian tribe. Various different peoples inhabited the plain during its history. In the first century BC, the eastern parts of the plain belonged to the Dacian state, and in the first century AD its western parts were subsumed into the Roman Empire. The Roman province named Pannonia was established in the area, and the city of Sirmium, today Sremska Mitrovica, Serbia, became one of the four capital cities of the Roman Empire in the 3rd century.

Upon this yellow carpet two trees do stand alone.

Like a King & Queen of nature sat upon a golden throne.


Rewarded if viewed on black.

Yellow Flower garden in a crystal ball.... Photo Art

Its Yellow Week.

Banana,Custard,Submarine,Canary,Daffodil,Apple,Dandelion,Brick Road,Ribbon,River,Mellow,Sweetcorn......Yellow is the new Yellow


Please Join in and post Yellow pics all week to Celebrate Yellow Week

The most important trait of this plant is its brilliant yellow flowers. These yellow blooms open giving a fun appearance to the flowers.


Un bel campo di colza!

A close up of one of the many yellow iris's in our back yard.

A mix of green and yellow on Falmer hill. The yellow from the rapeseeds is starting to fade quite quickly now and by the end of next week will probably be a greeny brown, so I am lucky to capture what I did.

Not sure what they are---just some yellow flowers from the Bellagio Gardens.


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Explore #276

The yellow fields of South Aberdeenshire near to the Angus border and the beautiful coastline of St Cyrus. Image shot on beautiful Kodak VS slide film with Canon EOS 3 and Canon 24-70.

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