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To everyone who's been following and commenting on my "Year in review" series... Thank-you so much for all your support. It means the world to me to have such supporting friends here on Flickr!


May we all find more freedom and safety to get out there this New-Year and jump back into our Passion for Photography and see the world once more through our lenses!


Thanks again to everyone :-D


( Merci a Josee Lemaire de "VOF Weimaraners", St-Jean sur Richelieu, Quebec, Canada )

2019 was a pretty good year for railfanning, so I'm going to go back through and revisit some of the better moments from the year that I haven't posted yet.


A pair of BPRR SD50s in fresh paint lead the E-COKE southward past the Ashford Junction tower. Zach Kedge and I followed this train out of Buffalo, but that blister third out was in the lead. With poor heaters and a drafty cab in WCOR 6072, they made the clutch decision to swap leaders south of Wales and thus the day was saved.

2019 was a pretty good year for railfanning, so I'm going to back through and revisit some of the better moments from the year that I haven't posted yet.


Rekindling memories of Cornell Red C628 trios on NE-87, Norfolk Southern ES44AC 8104 leads a trio of GEs and a light train of mostly empties past the former Penn-Dixie cement plant at Howes Cave, New York. Following the Lehigh Valley heritage unit leading 11R between Mohawk Yard and East Worcester was a highlight for me, as this was my first crack at the Lehigh Valley heritage unit on the former Delaware & Hudson and it was a pretty successful one.

2019 was a pretty good year for railfanning, so I'm going to go back through and revisit some of the better moments from the year that I haven't posted yet.


It seemed like we never saw sun in the months of September and October out east. That may be an overstatement, but here's a rainy day Driftwood Turn passing Reason Lane on the former Pennsylvania Railroad secondary mainline from Harrisburg to Buffalo. While the rails remain intact, it is no longer a through route. The days of solid Big MLWs are now all but over, with the units drained and dead at Olean. It's unlikely that they'll return to regular service this Spring when seasonal stone traffic returns.

2019 was a pretty good year for railfanning, so I'm going to go back through and revisit some of the better moments from the year that I haven't posted yet.


A big storyline in 2019 was the decision by the managers in Lakeville to purchase half a dozen former CSX AC6000CWs for service on the Western New York and Pennsylvania. This meant certain Doom for the six-axle Big MLWs based out of Olean, so I made it a point to improve my coverage. After working an overnight shift and then driving three hours to Olean on no sleep, I was rewarded with an amazing SEXTET of the Bigs. After setting off three of the Bigs and sand cars at South Eldred, 685 and friends show off for the masses on the big sweeping curve south of Port Allegany, Pennsylvania.

2019 was a pretty good year for railfanning, so I'm going to go back through and revisit some of the better moments from the year that I haven't posted yet.


On a day that started out with Big MLWs on Keating Summit, I finished up at the farmer's crossing west of Tuscarora, Pennsylvania. I knew that the Norfolk Southern safety train was headed for Altoona and points west, so since I really wanted to finally catch the train with specially-painted GP38-2 5642 in charge, I bailed from my WNY&P Emporium Turn chase once they arrived at the sand unloading facility. I picked up the NS special at Lee's Crossroads and caught it in multiple locations around Harrisburg and Duncannon, but all in cloudy conditions. I nearly got blocked by a stack train here, but a multitude of profanities coaxed the train to clear just in time. This location, across the Juniata River from the town of Mexico, is a personal favorite of mine dating back to childhood.

My last post for this series is my most memorable. After arriving home from work around 12:30AM and getting up at 3:30AM, I did what I had done regularly.......35 years ago. I went on a Ninja day trip that involved picking up my friend Gene in Rome and shooting for the elusive Ontario Midland. This line had been on my agenda since my teen years, they being so elusive in operations, so short of a short line, and even being so far away from my hometown of Norwich, NY, it just never worked out. Many stops by the line during drives in the area yielded zilch. But business is booming, but not forever, so get them now. Over four hours to get there. 7 hours of shooting, then a long drive back to Maybrook ended the day 18 1/2 hours later. Worth every second.

The sun finally breaks through at Newark, NY as double headed Alcos roll into town with CSX interchange traffic.

Special thanks to Paul C. for this day. I couldn't have done it without him.

A surprise for the year was the sale of the Owego & Hartford, Luzerne & Susquehanna, and the Lehigh Railway to R.J. Corman. Although all three railroads locomotives are painted in a dirty black, their power is quite exotic with SW's, U-Boats, RS-18u's and more. In this shot west of Towanda, PA, I have captured a set of their "Modern" power in the form of SD40-2's as they head for Sayre. Just what will happen to to all these outcast is yet to be seen.

I detect a theme with this year's popular items: They are portraits, include an element of blue, and showcase a Poppy....or in the case of my personal favorite, a Poppy friend.

Thanks to all whom I've met on here who always offer nothing but kind comments and friendship. I draw inspiration and joy from every one of you and your photos. If you see this, please post yours as well. Happy 2016!


1. Most favorites -- I was kind of surprised by this one:


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3. Most Views from this year's photos:


4. My Personal Favorite -- mostly because of how adorable her expression was here and because it has so much color/vibrancy to it:

2019 was a pretty good year for railfanning, so I'm going to go back through and revisit some of the better moments from the year that I haven't posted yet.


We have another coke train, but this time Zach Kedge and I are at Speers, Pennsylvania on the Wheeling & Lake Erie. A trio of 4-axles cross the massive trestle that bridges the Monongahela River alongside Interstate 70. Dusk will have passed into darkness before the crew reverses direction onto the lower trestle to reach the ArcellorMittal coke plant at Monessen, but we will be started on the long road back home to New York. Thanks to Alex Hall, Bob Chesarek and Steve Mincin for letting us follow them around all day on the east end of the Wheeling.

Ein kleiner Rückblick auf mein Jahr 2020.

Ich bedanke mich bei euch allen für euer Interesse an meinen Fotos.

Eure Kommentare sind mir immer Ansporn und Freude zugleich.

Ich wünsche uns allen ein gutes und gesundes 2021!!!


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10. Und es kam der Tag, da das Risiko,

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here we have King T'challa, Ms deVille, Perspicacia the Witch, Aunt May, ArtSchool!Miles, and Constantine.


these review posts are not even all the hybrids and mods i did in 2020... leaving out a few that i don't have much idea of their personality yet.

I n the past I've often neglected area railroads thinking, "I can always get them......", and it has bitten me in the ass. This has been true with the Delaware-Lackawanna. The all Alco/MLW short line is just to the other side of the Pocono Mountains and yet I've neglected them. Not in 2020. I have made sure that if I have a bit a time for photos during the week, use it on them. Don't be surprised if the D-L shows up more than once in "My Review". The D-L line between Taylor and Scranton Collage have to be one of the most amazing rail fan meccas of the world today. One can spend the mornings watch, listening and smelling all the things Alco and the D-L bring to the table as they go about their business putting together the days work before several different models take of in various directions to complete the days tasks at hand. On this day a finely dressed lady will lead a historical RS-3 and two "bigs" out of NS's Taylor yard with a large transfer of mostly grain bound for Mount Pocono. The show begins!

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in arbitrary order, here are my photos with more views/likes/comments/etc. from 2020.

as usual, there was a lot of doctor who, a little bit of other fandoms, some current events, and some responses to new dw canon.

more hybrids and mods done during this past year


here are 2 recastings (the rani and drax), a repaint (cheetah ainley) and of course delgado master.

Happy New Year to all of my friends & followers on Flickr!


My annual 'A Year in Review' series is now available on my Smugmug site, available: here


A photo feature covering the major operators across the island and significant events and workings throughout 2020. Naturally, with restrictions throughout the year I wasn't able to cover a lot of what went on beyond Dublin or Armagh, so I had to work with what I was able to get! Here's hoping for a better 2021!


In this shot, the short lived Dublin Express service is captured at Custom House Quay in Dublin City Centre, working a 783 to Dublin Airport, not long before lockdowns commenced.


Copyright © Mark Long

First of all, Happy New Year to all my friends on here. I hope 2014 is a special year for you all. Thanks to all who come and comment and fave my images. It means so much to me. Thanks for sharing your worlds and your visions, and in turn, inspiring me so much.

Each year, I go back through my images and select my favourites from the previous twelve months. This year, I did things a little differently. Having the blog allowed me to write a little more about each image that I chose.

If you click on the links below, you can read about each image. Again, thanks to all.



- January


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- March


- April


- May


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- September


- October


- November


- December

my fave things to do is playing naughty in kitchen haha

cake caramel is my fave...

sweet like our friendship teeheehee

I wanted to do like all my flickr friends and do my year in photos. Thanks for the inspiration everyone! it was a wonderful year and I am so blessed.


I wont know what to do with my self not having to take a photo a day lol. I am head high in boxes and need to finish unpacking...sigh. we cant find a thing!

2019 was a pretty good year for railfanning, so I'm going to go back through and revisit some of the better moments from the year that I haven't posted yet.


I spent a lot of time this past year following the former British Columbia Railway ALCo/MLWs employed in Central New York by the Mohawk, Adirondack & Northern. Though the ground was covered in fresh snow, MHWA M420W 2042 is seen hustling empty LPG tank cars north for seasonal storage on their mainline between Boonville and Lyons Falls, NY. The seasonal storage moves provide a glimpse of big-time railroading on a line whose only freight customers provide just a handful of cars per month.

2019 was a pretty good year for railfanning, so I'm going to go back through and revisit some of the better moments from the year that I haven't posted yet.


After spending most of the day following Delaware-Lackawanna C636 3642 around Scranton, my friend Dave Curtis and I went south on Interstate 81 and caught up with the West Hazleton Fast Freight. Freshly-painted Reading & Northern GP38-2 2012 leads SD40-2 3051 and one of the newly-acquired former CSX SD50s at the edge of the cloud line in New Ringgold, Pennsylvania. Friends Lance Shott and Zach Kedge are closer to the crossing.

2019 was a pretty good year for railfanning, so I'm going to go back through and revisit some of the better moments from the year that I haven't posted yet.


We'll stick with the Lehigh Valley theme with this view of Yellowjacket C420 414. The ground is bare at Jessup, Pennsylvania as local SC-7 returns to Scranton with empty frac sand hoppers from the Linde facility on the north side of Carbondale. While the former Lackawanna mainline through the Poconos and the six-axle Bigs is what most people want to see when they visit the Delaware-Lackawanna, the former Delaware & Hudson Carbondale Main offers a variety of scenery and props and vintage ALCo locomotives of course.

2019 was a pretty good year for railfanning, so I'm going to go back through and revisit some of the better moments from the year that I haven't posted yet.


For part of the Summer I worked on an evening schedule, so I tried to squeeze in as many weekdays trackside to catch moves I wouldn't normally see on my usual weekend days off. Charlie Wood and I went east on this particular day and followed the Batten Kill Railroad. The day started off with drab skies, but the weather started to break around Cambridge on their slow trip to the Pan Am Southern interchange. BKRR RS3 4116 crosses the Hoosic River at Eagle Bridge, New York.

Quarantine has it's advantages. The Norfolk Southern #1700 has been on my "to do" list for quite sometime but never came to be. However, sitting at home in a three week trial retirement meant I could watch the weather radar for all the northeast, and go to wherever the sun is shining and there is some action. Point and shoot. The 1700 was back on as the southbound leader of Conrail OI-16, was pretty much on a regular schedule, and on the day I went, I had sun! OI-16 pulls out of Port Reading Jct, NJ yard after making a set out crossing the line it will proceed on after shoving back to their train around the wye. Mission accomplished.

2019 was a pretty good year for railfanning, so I'm going to go back through and revisit some of the better moments from the year that I haven't posted yet.


After years of saying I would go to Augusta, Georgia to catch the annual visit by Norfolk Southern's business train, I finally did it this Spring on vacation with friend Stanley Short. We had a strange morning, along with friend John Turner, where we got a few very nice shots but didn't get the long chase in morning light we hoped for on the surprisingly-scenic R Line to Columbia, South Carolina. We hit serious pay-dirt in the evening as we followed them in sweet light towards Chester. North of Winnsboro we found a nice open view to showcase the immaculate set of F-units. I can't believe they're gone now!

2019 was a pretty good year for railfanning, so I'm going to go back through and revisit some of the better moments from the year that I haven't posted yet.


We'll close out the year-end review with this view of the Wheeling & Lake Erie Railway local at the tunnel on the Clairton Branch. I wish I had my 600 here, but am also thankful I didn't have to lug any more weight than I already had to, to get up the hill back to the car. Tunnel Motors and a tunnel, how fitting.

It is time to post my annual review of my year in photos. I have been fortunate to have visited quite a number of locations throughout the United States in 2015 including some first time visits. A full chronicle of my travels along with some of my favorite images can be found on my website at


This photo is of Oxbow Bend in Grand Teton National Park in May. It was the first time I have visited the Tetons when snow covered Mount Moran.


I would be remiss if I didn't thank all of you for your support of my photography. Your visits, likes and comments keep me going and is much appreciated. The photos that I post year are all featured on my blog which has been a love of mine for the last four and a half years.

There's gold in the brown season! The yellow nose of Delaware-Lackawanna/Lehigh Valley C420 #414 shines through the brown landscape that was once the Mayfield yards of the Delaware & Hudson. The sand train is on it's way north to the frac sand transfer at Carbondale, PA. D-L and other PA short lines have profited handsomely from the booming gas industry in PA.

Some of us New Yorkers were "not allowed" to travel to Vermont during this time, depending on the percentage rate of the county you were from, mine being a little high for the Green Mountain State's comfort, but a I slipped across the border one day for some B&R action on Vermont Railway and managed to escape unnoticed by the authorities....:)

The train is seen southbound nearing Emerald Lake.

Although I wasn't able to do as much as I'd really like to due to having a job that rarely lets 2 days off in a row happen, I did manage a few short hops and a a couple of extended trips during the year that was COVID-19 2020. So with Christmas and New Years about to plow by us, I'm going to be lazy and post some 2020 items that never made it to my Flickr page.

To start with, I headed down to what use to be Pennsylvania's Ma & Pa, (Maryland & Pennsylvania), but is now known as G&W's York Rail. This industrial short line has been on my radar several times, but I never focused on it until January 2, 2020. With GP-15's and 16's on the roster, it's quite a unique railway. Waking up in the AM early and getting a good breakfast downtown, it wasn't long until I caught a job that was obviously up working before I was out of bed. Two GP-15's in sparkling paint were switching local industries in the low rising sunlight. Here we find them heading back to their yard passing Ma & Pa relics on the way.

The railroad has been running some unit coal trains using their own power as of late, so if this continues, another visit will be made in 2021.

Not far from my front door is East Penn Rails Middletown & New Jersey operation that radiates several operations out of Campbell Hall, NY. It reaches Montgomery/Maybrook, NY, Walden, Warwick, Middletown, and also has right to Port Jervis for local business. Two smartly painted GP38-2's, a newly acquired NS 38, yet to be painted, a GP-9 and two 4 axle U-Boats round off their roster. Although it is most common to find the 38's at work, like on this day at Campbell Hall, the other more exotic units can be out and about as work dictates. This was shot during my "quarantine" from COVID-19 after the doctor gave permission to leave the house but "maintain distance" from others. Not a hard play with this hobby I must say!

The purpose of day trip to south central Massachusetts's busy little Pioneer Valley Railway was in hopes of catching a run to Holyoke. That did not come to fruition, but I did manage a few shots of their ex Canadian Nation geep which sits just fine with me. I've seen enough of the wide cab GE CSX units powering by on the nearby B&A. Westfield, MA

Firstly, merry christmas! I'm actually on holiday right now, so don't expect anything big in the next few days.


Anyways, 2015 had been an EXCELLENT year! It's been half of my first year on flickr, and I've rapidly improved and I'm very proud of what I've accomplished. Here are some of my achievements.


- Gained 250+ followers (yay!)

- Began Sculpting

- Made 50+ customs

- Started posting more on YT (will do eventually)

- Became an Admin in the Elseworld Story group

- Applied for and currently write 2 series for the ESG ^


And what's to be (possibly) expected in early 2016?

- 2 Kylo Ren figs (one is done)

- A star wars story (or something more...?)

- A Batman fig

- A Batman Character's story (feel free to guess in the comments)


And that's it! Really glad 2015 turned out the way it did. On to 2016!

This was a day that never made to flickr in 2020. I spent many more hours driving than photographing on this quick day trip down to south east PA to check out East Penn. Upon arrival at Pocopson, PA, there were two crews working, one to go north and this job heading to Willmington, DE with 17 cars for CSX. Without a cloud in the sky it was hard to do any wrong. GP38-2 #2179 and GP18 #1800 do the honors passing Montchanin, DE.

A collage of many of the photographs I posted to Flickr during 2015.


Hope everyone had a great Christmas Holiday and will have a happy and safe New Years. See you in 2016 or, tomorrow. Where does the time go?

Silver Fox

St.John's, Newfoundland, Canada (taken in 2019)


2019 Year in Review....I invite you all to check out my recent blog post where I show case what I feel are my top 12 images of 2019. Its been an amazing year and I am so happy I have been able to share my wildlife encounters with all of you. I'm looking forward to what 2020 has in store for me and I look forward to been inspired by all of your wildlife adventures as well. Here is an image of a Silver Fox from this past year which may or may not have made the list so head on over to the blog to find out

This is definitely not all of the ones I casted in 2017, but many of my favorites. This is only the beginning of so, so much more.

I developed a much better handle on these skills in 2017 and discovered some new methods of coloring, but I still have a lot to learn.

The only "big" trip I made this year was to one of only few states that New Yorker's could travel to without going into hibernation for two weeks upon returning was Michigan. However, after passing through the tourist town of Frankenmuth on a weekend day, it was obvious that this state would be closed doors, too. Hoards of people jammed the streets, restaurants, and tiny tourist spots and the large Bonner Christmas Store. I told the wife it would be best to visit on a weekday. Boy was I right! We practically had the town to ourselves. Michigan was added to the NY COVID advisory list less than two weeks later after our visit.

Trains were a much better idea! No one stopped to even say, "Hello", as I waited for the daily Huron & Eastern road freight to Durand to pass me as it arrived into Durand.

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