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The tangle of extention cords, adaptors and power strips powering the YAPC::NA hackathon

The tracks at Adams Wabash

I was really lucky to get this shot, considering the relatively low light. I just love the light and contrast.

While eating downstairs at Goose Island Brewery by Wrigley Field, an older gentleman sat down at a table beside ours in such a way I was looking in his direction naturally.


I saw him sit, and overheard the hostess ask if he'd like a beer menu. I believe he asked for a few minutes. I think I saw him pull out some markers and begin to draw. Little did I know what.


A half hour later or so he said loud enough for us to here. "Hello, I drew you, would you like to see it?" We said yes, passed it around, unsure if this was a setup, and handed it back.


I was about to ask if I could snap a shot of it, when he piped up "You can have it if you'd like, I'm not asking for anything in exchange." I immediately said I'd love to have it, and he pulls out a manila envelope, and presents it all packaged up. He then packs up the rest of his stuff and leaves.


Conversations with the hostess and waiter later confirmed this guy is a tad insane, and is known to be shouting scripture at people from random corners and on the L often.


He did also show up randomly at our window, while I was in the bathroom. As I approached Andrea shot a picture of him to remember him by, and he got very angry and said "You shouldn't have taken my picture." He was not seen from again.

Ferris wheel @ Navy Pier

The Green Line el station at Adams & Wabash in the distance

Larry Wall is clearly extremely serious about his bowling. Look at him send the ball off with vigor!

Another ugly sculpture in front of a building. This one is in front of a library that we passed on the way to Quizno's.

A fascinating structure, in my opinion. I really enjoyed the architecture in general at IIT.

A nice rosy glow settled over Chicago as the sun set.

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