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This statue is about 12 feet high, maybe about the same length. Looks formidable outside the place.

I love love love this restaurant. It's a mostly-vegan place called Pepper Tree. We went on a Sunday night, where for $12 we could fill our plates with the dozens of different delicious foodstuffs they had. When they ran out of some dish, they would replace it with something different, so every time you made another trip to the buffet you had a different set of choices. Everything was absolutely delicious. Especially the curry, and the salady thing with walnuts, and the cake, and the sushi, and the sesame balls, and everything else too.


The only way it could possibly be better is if the sesame balls contained red bean paste. (Instead, it was chocolate.)

This excellent Kansan beer (and much more) was generously donated to the Perl Email Project by the good people at They are looking for volunteers.

Yes, that really is a portrait of Colonel Sanders in the University of Houston Hilton. No, I don't know why.

Oberholtzer Hall

This poster of Alyssa Milano is left over from the 2000 Campaign for 1-800-COLLECT. Does anyone even use pay phones any more?

José Alves de Castro

Later Abigail slaughtered them with his killer regexes.

Lonely flower on the University of Houston Campus.


Looks better large

{ stall low urinal urinal urinal(bad smell) wall }

Taken from the shuttle on our way out of the airport. This is my "look, I'm in Texas" shot.

Last squirrel shot, I promise.


University of Houston, YAPC::NA 2007.

You can't even see the pipes in the ceiling from this angle.

Pip Stuart and Julian Cash

At the four minute mark of a lightning talk, you got a nice little bell. At the five minute mark, you got gonged!

Elizabeth Cortell gave a lightning talk on

Cellular Automata Knitting with Perl

Mattresses by inmates for inmates

The rig. It smelled so damn good I was willing to overlook what we'll call an unusual approach to food safety.

Aran imposes his authority on Shawn

Great-Grandpappy of Paris Hilton

The University wireless couldn't handle us (as usual) so the YAPC folks ran out and bought a pile of routers

Early morning kitchen fire is contained! Thank you guys!

Smoking a Cuban Montecristo purchased in Grand Cayman. Relaxing in Alfried's Cigar bar on the Carnival Conquest Ship. Kristyn shot this on her SD800.

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