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يـــــــا إلهي !!

مـــــــــــا هازا؟


طبعاً مع كل صورة سؤال .. صح يا جمهوري العزيز؟


ممممممم .. بصراحة نحن واايد تيينا حالات و يدقن الفيوزات عندنا و ننقع جدام حد !! يااااااامااا سويييناااااهااا و يااا ويييلكم إن نكرتوا ..


ف سؤالنا اليوم هو أنكم تجاوبون بكل صراحة

شو هي أكبر نقعة نقعتها في حياتك بالكلام؟و كانت جدام منو ؟ ( يعني اذكرولنا الموقف)ههههههههه

و النقعة هي :البدليات ع قولة حبايبنا الكويتيين

أو يعني ممممم يوم تقولون كلمة مخربطة فووق تحت

و اللي بيحطلي كومنت دلع .. اووونه لا انا ما نقعت جدام حد

ترا كلللنا يتنا مواقف محرجة جدا و نقعنا جدام شيوخ ,رياييل،ف الصف ، جدام عياييز بدويات الممممممهممم جدااام حد


| WTF |


Model: Rui Monteiro-Gaivota

Photography bY © 2014 FBranquinho

I wonder if flickr is trying to all but eliminate commenting on photos. They sure made it even more difficult to view comments, as well as to respond. My old eyes can barely see what I'm typing, I'm sorry if my commenting is severely reduced in the near future.


In other news I ordered a new Canon 6D and a 17-40 lens.

lol, thank you gaby

The Strip !!!!!!!!!!!

I realise I have not post this shot taken when Domo and Wage went out for an advanture in the backgarden.

It is so hot here, a bit of fun never hurts ^^

Domo: Get the X@##X~*%X thing off my mouth!!!

Wage: " Heheheheheh..................

Bee: WTF....................


Meant to be watched Large On Black


P.S.= they should give us the possibility to ask (through a tag?) not to sharpen the pictures THIS much.

i shall never eat there again!




Credits @ The Real Slim Shady - .WTF?!.

Thanks guys for ur big support =)))

kisses ^^


.play now.

Me gusta mucho el nuevo aspecto de Flickr!

Fotos mas grandes, mas belleza ante nuestros ojos y mas facil robarse todo de todos :(


Blog: Pegar o Hablar?.




Thanks for your comments and favs .. Do ducks understand that when it gets cold, the river freezes? And even more important, what is wrong with me that I think about stuff like this? :-)

Ghosts shock Clark Kent as well. lol

read the title, this is how I feel about my pictures recently.

Collapsing Mammatus Clouds just visible behind the curtain of hail, making an alien face..

'♫ ♪ Click here ► Mood music♪ ♫


Been there, done that, messed around

I'm having fun, don't put me down

I'll never let you sweep me off my feet


I won't let you in again

The messages I tried to send

My information's just not going in


Burning bridges shore to shore

I break away from something more

I'm not turned off to love until it's cheap

Been there, done that, messed around

I'm having fun, don't put me down

I'll never let you sweep me off my feet


Tôi rất sợ những người làm cho tôi cảm thấy hạnh phúc




Vì.....tôi chợt nhận ra ...




Chỉ những người đó mới có khả năng làm tôi tổn thương ...:)

OK Mother Nature, you're officially on notice. I've really had enough of your crap. You tease us with nearly 70 degrees On Sunday, making me stare wistfully at my neglected flip flops & sundresses in the closet, thinking "maybe"......... then freakin' snow on Monday?! Really!?!??

Get your meds regulated already!!!! sheesh.

WTF = Whimsical Tribute to Friends


or as Karf says below, Walled Tower Fortress


After Frost's tribute to our leader, Crimso, I thought, 'Why haven't I done that too?'


So with key parts kindly provided by Stephan Niehoff, here is my tribute to all the crazy folk who take part in this wonderful event called FebRovery.

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