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We had rain last night and most of the day until late afternoon. Then I saw this!!

This photo has NOT been ENHANCED!!! It is SOOC!!!! All I could say was WOW!!



The Shot Was Taken By Me I wasnt Smoking


Kate Bush




We're all alone on the stage tonight.

We've been told we're not afraid of you.

We know all our lines so well, uh-huh.

We've said them so many times:

Time and time again,

Line and line again.


Ooh, yeah, you're amazing!

We think you're incredible.

You say we're fantastic,

But still we don't head the bill.


Wow! Wow! Wow! Wow! Wow! Wow! Unbelievable!

Wow! Wow! Wow! Wow! Wow! Wow! Unbelievable!


When the actor reaches his death,

You know it's not for real. He just holds his breath.

But he always dives too soon, too fast to save himself.


He'll never make the screen.

He'll never make the 'Sweeney',

Be that movie queen.

He's too busy hitting the vaseline.


Ooh, yeah, you're amazing!

We think you are really cool.

We'd give you a part, my love,

But you'd have to play the fool.


Wow! Wow! Wow! Wow! Wow! Wow! Unbelievable!

Wow! Wow! Wow! Wow! Wow! Wow! Unbelievable!


We're all alone on the stage tonight.

We're all alone,

On the stage,



Early morning on the Harbour. Not a soul around, and not a sound to be heard. Nothing more to be said. Hope you like "Wow"....Cheers, Mike


two explores in a row? wow.


my sister helped me pick this out & these are my friend jeen's balloons <3


A Poppy Petal fan like a W? For WOW… Winner…Wonderful…

One lost a petal on the way from the garden to the studio… They are so very tender and delicate!

For your and my pleasure?


A poppy is a flowering plant in the subfamily Papaveroideae of the family Papaveraceae. Poppies are herbaceous plants, often grown for their colorful flowers.

Following the trench warfare which took place in the poppy fields of Flanders, during the 1st World War, poppies have become a symbol of remembrance of soldiers who have died during wartime.


Thanx, M, (*_*)


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~The installer is for TheMeshProject and is an exclusive for the Vanity Fair from WoW Skins called Sahra, makeup is no, 01 and the skin shade is Milk ,The event starts on Friday the 20 of February

~The eyes are from Ikon called Charm Eyes and the shade is Moor

~Mesh head is called Moody from TheMeshProject

~The hair is from Truth called Candy shade is LightBlondes01

~Headpiece is from Lode called Diphylleia, shade is [green, i bought this at the main shop


As the morning progressed the wow factor just got better and better!



The White Orb of Winter

Glows brightly in her hands.


Her tender gaze blurs

As a small tear

Slides down her velvet cheeks.


Tieger sits, as always, by her side.


He feels her emotions

As she slips the Orb of Winter

Into her pocket

Where it will rest until

The clock of time ticks by.


The new spring grows

Into the heat of Summer

and falls with colorful leaves into Autumn.


And sooner than you might think,

She smiles and reaches into her pocket

And once again holds high

The cold White Orb of Winter.


by, Sazzy Oh


Thank you to Magissa Denver for this amazing picture!


Style card for Metaverse, WOW outift


Sazzy Oh

Outfit - Wow


Shirt: RFyre - SnowQueen

Shirt: PM - Winter Queen

Mini-Cape and Collar: RFyre - SnowQueen

Jeweled Collar : RFyre - SnowQueen

Cuffs: RFyre - SnowQueen

Gloves: PM - Winter Queen

Skirt and Under skirt: PM - Winter Queen

Snow skirt: Precious Restless - Lady of the Ice

Waist Piece: PM - Winter Queen

Hair: Precious Restless - Madam Pompadour Hair Powder

Headpiece: Boudoir - Winter Antlers with birds and crown

Shoes: Rowan Carroll - White Tristrap

Skin: Glam Affair ; Amberly

Makeup: Tableau Vivant - Blue Makeup

Makeup: Miamai_LesMakeups_Yuki

Lashes: GA - Mesh Lashes Mysteria

Eyes: IKon - Eternal Eyes

A/S Emitter: Electric Pixels - Breath

A/S Emitter: Electric Pixels - SnowFlurry


Snow Tiger: Zooby Ultimat white snow tiger


I am on lvl 60 XD.. YAY!

now I have a new mount.. is a tiger (from the Elf) and I love it ^-^




Estoy en lvl 60 XD.. YAY!

ahora tengo una nueva montura.. es un tigre (de los Elfos) y lo amo ^-^

When we three saw this, the only word came from us was Wow, Wow, Wow...

@Hunter's Point Park

seriously? how stunning is nature?

wow! he caught a crab with his bare hand, no technique, no trick, nothing...showing the crab to his friend/sister...i dunno

Homage to Bob Cato whose great 1968 artwork for Moby Grape's Wow! album was one of the best covers of the sixties.


See the original here:


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Onlookers at the 2005 Perse School Bonfire Night celebrations, Cambridge, UK.

~The installer is for TheMeshProject and is an exclusive for the Vanity Fair from WoW Skins called Sahra,,the skin shade is Milk and the makeup is no.04 ,The event starts on Friday the 20 of February

~The eyes are from Ikon called Charm Eyes and the shade is Brown

~Mesh head is called Moody from TheMeshProject

~The hair is from Exile called After the Rain, shade is from Blonds

~Wreath is from .Enfant Terrible. called Rosalies Headpiece and the shade is Red bought at the Liaison Collaborative

~I also used a hud a good friend told me about to make the eyes stay in place when you shoot it's called (Anypose), it's a hud you wear that can lock in the eye movement into place you can use it on both your self or any avatar your shooting it also has many eye placements..

Kande Beach at Lake Malawi in Malawi. Tried to capture the lightnng at the lake and with a bit of luck and good advice I captured it :) ...Thanks Robert

WoW Turk sayfasını ziyaret etmek için adresin iziyaret edebilir, WoW hakkında merak ettiğiniz bilgilere ulaşabilirsiniz.

WOW = Walking on Water, aka Jesus bird for its apparent ability to "walk on water".


Lake Panic, Kruger National Park, South Africa


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WOW Philippines Clamshell I

Intramuros, Manila

Feb. 28 - March 15, 2009

WoW Interface

1920x1200 ftw

You can't ick on my wow! ;P


Update: CONGRATS Kell!!!!

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