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Just a fun picture for the World Cup. I wish I was there!!

World Cup Soccer Flags in Miltenberg Germany.

Starts the world championship. Good luck to all teams.

Apparently the Aussies are in the lead of the Dog World Cup. And Jasper is the star!

Even with my longest lens I could not get an action shot from Brazil. Instead I had to settle for an all-action football shot from Keel beach in Achill, Ireland, rather than Cocopabanna beach in Brazil, but, who cares! Certainly neither of these ladies do!

DIRTY PRINCESS- Walk This Way Princess Sneakers @Cosmopolitan

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DIRTY PRINCESS- Vacay Baby Princess Bikini >@FrouFrou


World Cup 2010 South Africa: Opening Ceremony


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On the way to a party…Perhaps for the World Cup ?

The quadrennial feast of football kicks off today, and will be covered fully at Freddie's Beach Bar.

It starts... But not for Danbo by the looks of things.

LARGE View On Black.

San Francisco, California

World Cup final - France V Brazil

Let's play ! On words.

The World + A cup = My WorldCup

Firework marked the start of the 2011 Rugby World Cup here in New Zealand.

Or... Return of the mystery knitters..

No nosso campo, não existe essa rivalidade. Existe muito respeito, carinho, paz e amor 💙&💛

Go Brazil! Go Argentina!!


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Is it milk or is it porcelain? It's milk...


Another shot of the Italian flag, this time combining the colours in one crown instead of three.

Seeing Portugal scoring big... CR7 Rocks!!!

First world cup Athletics organised in the Olympic Park in London. That shot is a view from the finish line where i was sitting with my fellow photographers. A great day out shooting all athletes!


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Millions of fans around the world will watch,play,think,dream about football / soccer during the world cup which begins today.

Photo taken at Copa Cabana beach, Rio De Janeiro, Brazil.

this was taken in a completely different context than all other current photos in my photostream, but due to current events i figured the time to upload it could barely get much better, so here it is.

not that i care all that much about the world cup but: gooo germany ( ^‿^ ✿)*・゚✧

coupe du monde de vtt trial 2011 à Val d'Isère.

plus de photos sur

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Twenty seventh and final build for my Iron Builder World Cup with onosendai2600(Andrew).

Special part is some sort of micro ball join combo


MAKE SURE YOU CHECK OUT THE "Baby World Cup Soccer Kit Fake Commercial"

Spotted this property close to my home. Good luck England in the Brazil World Cup 2014.


69/100x 2014.

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