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To be prepared is half the victory.

- Miguel de Cervantes




We had a great shooting in the evening sun:D

I'm a bit in hurry, cause I am going to a festival today!


See you at monday:)

2014 World Cup

Brazil v Chile



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Starts the world championship. Good luck to all teams.

The quadrennial feast of football kicks off today, and will be covered fully at Freddie's Beach Bar.

I was watching the World Cup Final when the camera switched to the most magnificent sunset behind Chris the Redeemer Statue. I took a photograph of that but on this occasion was not quick enough before the camera switched to the game.


This was the outcome. I know that it wasn't taken in Brazil but I was surprised at the outcome. I know it's cheating but I have decided to show it anyway



*World cup has begun, every footie fan I know are glued to the TV, this is taken in a pub where people trickled in on a Sunday to stare at a group of men kicking 1 ball ;)..


I processed this with high contrast, am only interested in the shapes surrounding the photos, not so much the actual objects/people...


My friend loan me his D700+80mm-200mm lens, these are all with that lens.. I LOVE the lens and the D700 hv really crispy pictures - the chip it has is really cool! The noise mgmt is also sooo much better than my D200..


Happy footie month my friends!

Day 152 of the 365 Photo Journey June 1, 2010.


Australia has played a few friendlies in the last week in preparation for the 2010 FIFA World Cup.


Unlike the last world cup I will be watching this years football festival on TV.


Check my blog @ The Photo Journey

Day 10 at the Rugby World Cup, held in Milton Keynes in October 2015. Image credit: Nick Atkins

Let's play ! On words.

The World + A cup = My WorldCup

Wandering Neighbourhoods: Crescent Beach


I kinda love this shot. It came out exactly as I imagined in my head. That rarely happens.

DIRTY PRINCESS- Walk This Way Princess Sneakers @Cosmopolitan

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shop flickr > - DIRTY PRINCESS -

DIRTY PRINCESS- Vacay Baby Princess Bikini >@FrouFrou


Even with my longest lens I could not get an action shot from Brazil. Instead I had to settle for an all-action football shot from Keel beach in Achill, Ireland, rather than Cocopabanna beach in Brazil, but, who cares! Certainly neither of these ladies do!

World Cup 2010 South Africa: Opening Ceremony


Twitter: toksuede

Instagram: toksuede

Website: Ryu Sha

If you want to learn more about how to shoot sports photography, please visit Big Lens Fast Shutter

On the way to a party…Perhaps for the World Cup ?

this was taken in a completely different context than all other current photos in my photostream, but due to current events i figured the time to upload it could barely get much better, so here it is.

not that i care all that much about the world cup but: gooo germany ( ^‿^ ✿)*・゚✧

Have fun with the Fifa-World-Cup in South Africa!



Sony Alpha 700

Sigma 1:2.8 DG MACRO

Aperture f/2.8

Exposure 1/13s

Iso 200



Strobist info: Metz 48 Af from left with 1/32 power, triggered by camera commander flash.


It starts... But not for Danbo by the looks of things.

(an older photo from last summer during the FIFA world cup)

Philippe Marquis (CAN) competing at the moguls World Cup event in Thaiwoo (CHN). Photo: Mateusz Kielpinski (FIS)

SMO227G was used by Greg Garrard on the Southern Cross rally, rebuilt and used by Ken Tubman on the 1970 World Cup Rally finishing 10th and is believed to be the only car to have completed both the World Cup and London Sydney Marathons.

Soccer Football - World Cup - Opening Ceremony - Luzhniki Stadium, Moscow, Russia - June 14, 2018 Robbie Williams performs during the opening ceremony REUTERS/Kai Pfaffenbach

Update: July 10th, 2014


I originally posted this picture a few weeks back prior to the Australia versus The Netherlands match in the World Cup but now after the heart-breaking loss of the Dutch team to Argentina in a penalty shoot-out, I thought I would dust it off again cos Caitlin's rather sad and downcast pose (she's on the left) is no doubt how she is feeling now.


*Alles sends you a big hug!*


PS And this is why the title is now "World Cup Commiserations" and no longer "World Cup Contemplation".





Because Australia and The Netherlands are playing a World Cup match today (Wednesday), us "patriotic" babes decided to do a pic together in our respective team colours. So that's why Caitlin on the left is wearing a cute orange mesh bikini, while Alles had to settle for an old-fashioned "clothing layer" bikini that she had dug out of the cluttered shelves of her Inventory.


The two-person pose that we used here is KaTink - Satisfied. It is made for a male and female avatar but as you can see here it worked quite well for the two of us femmes.


And for a different perspective on the shoot, so to speak, this is Caitlin's version of the scene:

Fans at the Football World Cup 2010 game between Chilli and Switzerland in the Nelson Mandela Stadium in Port Elizabeth, South Africa

Highlights of day one at the BT Paralympic World Cup.


High resolution available on request contact ADJinman

The 13th Annual Design World Cup, a festival of Football, Monkton Combe, Bath.

Who will win the 2014 World Cup final? Argentina or Germany?


Who will win third place game? Brazil or Holland?


I used football layout on print paper from Haddewig design

The new Nelson Mandela Stadium, filling up before the Fifa World Cup Game between Chilli and Switzerland in Port Elizabeth, South Africa - 21 June 2010

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