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Have a wonderful day my friends!


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Looks great in Lightbox.


Taken with my Sony SLT a65V with my Tamron SP AF60mm f/2 DI II LD (IF) 1:1 Macro Lens


The Portal World's moon is visible for most of the day and all of the night, in certain locations. The red sky is a result of the time of day, the sky changes color continuously.


So I am off on a two day jaunt, and guess what I forgot! My camera!!! I'm such an idiot!!! I had so many shots in my head I wanted to take, all the tracks, stations, cielings, escalators, blurs.....damn!!! The horror and sadness I felt as I was rushing for the train made me realize I have serious issues, I think I have turned into a photo junkie!!! And lord help me, I'm loving it!!:-)))))


At least I got my iPad!! Some salvation!!


Hope I have time and Internet connection to keep up, might be a bit touch and go.


Happy Thursday everyone!!!

I found this beautiful Avie at B@rrose he or she Great A'Tuin is amazing! Yes, it's a avatar (-_-)


Video of the movie The Light Fantastic by; Terry Pratchett

This week we are going to have great show at our education work ..Hope ı'll have possibilities to visit your nice studies on your pages..Already now thanks

I invite you to visit my Kreative People: Highlight Gallery


Texture used by Lenabem Ana

Thank you :)


Created for the Award Tree It's your Earth mini challenge

Please watch the video (...only 3 minutes)


The world is in your hands... (info)

World Trade Center in the morning fog, shot on slide film, ektachrome, as are most of my earlier photographs(kodachrome too and some RS1000 agfa for that matter).

I dont know if you like it, but everything of this is born from my mind and im proud of it.

Ruidera world, bonito paraje con algunas caídas de agua entre laguna y laguna, día de invierno y frío el que quieras, volviendo en el coche para casa no sabía si me había dejado las piernas en el lugar o las llevaba puestas, que frío !!! Una zona incómoda para realizar la foto por las continuas salpicaduras de agua, ya sabéis...


Foto realizada con: 5dMkIII

Nikon 14-24

ISO 100, F8, 15 seg

Portafiltros Lucoirt 165mm, Nd6 Lucroit,

Degradado soft hitech 3 pasos.


Seven Lions feat. Kerli - Worlds Apart (Official Video)

Granted world heritage status at the weekend: this is Troutbeck valley, looking south towards the Garburn pass on a very bright, hot and green day in the English Lake District.

Although the landscape looks spectacular in its summer greenery, it is difficult to take a great picture outside the golden hours of sunrise or sunset. Bright sun and uniform colours tend to make for flat and harsh images. This is the best I managed on a very sunny day!

Our jewel, the Lake District.


A harmony of nature and 1,000 years of farming; mankind and Nature can work together.


Here's to the next 1,000 years.


The Lake District has been awarded World Heritage status!


Albert Einstein " I don't know with what weapons World War III will be fought, but World War IV will be fought with sticks and stones."


Many thanks to my bro Rieko for modelling ;)

and to my LOVE for let me use her wonderful land for the pic ;)))xxx

Tasman Glacier, New Zealand.


Weather changed so fast on that day, rainny, cloudy and sunny moments within 1.5 hours.....


Lost World created by lolmac Shan


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One of the beautiful nights at Epcot park at Disney World, Orlando. I like this angle cause it looks like the tree is going to wrap around the temple. I hope you'll like it as much as I do?

"Inspired by the inner battle of feelings,that we go through sometimes .Feeling that the world around us is colorless and we are in the center of it shining bright"


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Dedicated to Gov.


September 26th, 2008 by the Helsinki-Vantaa airport, Finland.


Shot with a Canon EOS 1000D.

20 x 25 seconds exposed. (Light frames)

5 Dark Frames

5 Offset Frames


Edited with Deep Sky Tracker.

The world begins and ends at my tree.

I was able to get out after the monsoon for a few pictures. I was hoping for calmer water but averaging several exposures turned out ok.

Second picture from that wonderful place in Second Life called Lost World

Butterfly World, Coconut Creek, Florida


After falling in love with my butterflies many of you have asked what is butterfly world? so here it goes. its a pretty place which has around 10000 butterflies and the first thing you will hear when you enter is "wow" , butterflies flying everywhere.


Who is dreaming?


I am dreaming two worlds.

I am the hand.

I am the sky.




Falls Psychologie interessiert:


Bewusstsein erfährt Dualität.

Bewusstsein macht die Erfahrung von Innen und Außen.

Bewusstsein ist die Einheit hinter der Vielheit der Erfahrungen.

Meditation führt zum Bewusstsein zurück.

Ein Lebensweg.


Dieser Lebensweg der Selbstfindung wird von B3 motiviert.

Stark von B3 motivierte junge Menschen wählen teilweise „Gothic“ als Lebensstil. Die Sehnsucht geht in die innere Tiefe.




If you like to know more about B3 see Album

Motivation - Drive - Charakter


Thanks for your wonderful comments and invites.

.As a German I cannot see groups +18. Means I cannot award. Sorry.



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Explore #11 on Monday, December 21, 2009

It always fascinates me how we, as a planet suffer differently right across the globe & live our lives in our own special ways. Yet here i am, witnessing one of Gods greatest creations, the same creation which can be seen by the very same people, on the same planet but at a different time. Here.....the mood is calm, surreal, peaceful. I can stand here look across gather my thoughts on this extremely cold morning. Whether it be the moon, stars or indeed the sun...she really does see everything going around on this tiny planet which can be so vast & cruel.

When you awaken today.....look out the window, start of another day of the Revolutionary World

Seen in the End of the World As We Know it

(Oyster Bay 30, 141, 27)

Trying some street for a change :)


Hope you all are doing great, greedings from Sunny Greece :)


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Thanks to everyone who takes the time to view, comment, and fave my photo.

Shimulia, Dhamrai, Bangladesh, 2013


22 years old wife of a potter family. Grown up in Dhaka city and now living with her husband and one daughter in this very remote village. She completed her higher secondary exam and then her parents arranged her weeding, though she wanted to study further.


And from then her world changed forever.

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