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Fill your workspace with things that bring you peace . . .

Home is where you can always be . .


Credits . . .

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San Francisco CA


Contax AX

Kodak Ektar 100

Musee Yves Saint Laurent, Paris


-tres blah- Workspace - Computer

-tres blah- Golden Cage - Tablet

-tres blah- Workspace - Pencil Holder

-tres blah- Eclectic Collection - Charmed Books

-tb- Bon Voyage - Books

-tres blah- Eclectic Collection - Hot Lips Phone (Pink)

POST: Public Call Box

Ohmai Emporium: Pygmy Puff (Celeste)

-tres blah- Golden Cage - Iced Coffee

-tres blah- Hodgepodge - Agenda RARE

-tres blah- Eclectic Collection -Nesting Boxes Set

-tb- Bon Voyage - Vintage Camera

-tres blah- Eclectic Collection - Globe (Classic)

The Secret Store - Pen Jars

=EliBaily= Ivy 02

Life is Strange - Downsampled from 6K, cropped, using GeDoSaTo; using this guide by IDK; SweetFX for border


All work and no cake make Sukubia a dull android.

Chucked all the filing and paperwork off my desk in favour of photo of my three favourite faces just because I'm missing them so much during these Covid times.


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85% of my photos are taken in my garage.

I need to get out more




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PILOT - Rolled Paper Rack

PILOT - Dellinger Desk and Stool

Bazar - Traveler Plant


.aisling. Bric-a-Brac Desk -Storage-

I'm feeling a little disorganized today.

and one year "wise and older" in my favorite dress. Interview on>>>>

I juat replaced the paper on my workspace, so I decided to show you guys. I use apple barrel paint mostly, but have also used folkart and american as well. I paint using toothpicks, and disposal brushes for big things like whole torsos.

just my workspace at my home office..

Aebele took a photo of me while I was working on a Lianne-torso.

In this photo you also see a tiny bit more of my workspace to :) This is my 'done sanding' table, for every step in the progress I have a different table.


Edit: this photo got explored :o

Aebele Trijsburg is the photographer, He mostly paints but his website is worth a visit!

Workspace all setup and pretty.

I apologize for the flash discrepancies and what not. Just a cheap point and shoot, and it doesn't do too well with an impatient handler.


The wallpaper is from somewhere in this guys photostream:


Fantastic hand drawings.

current mess

A thoughtful gift from my wife to improve my workspace environment.

Occasionally I stumble on a flickr photo of somebody's workspace. They most always get me to stop and study them, like the means of getting to the end is much more interesting than the end itself.

This is one of my recent workspaces. Being a "serial renovator", I work wherever the work needs doing, sometimes it looks interesting out of context.

If there's any interest in this kind of photo I'll put up more over time. I've taken enough of 'em over the years :^)

Ahh my new daily view.

Very, very busy preparing all things for BCEU. Only few days left. Hope to see you there ^__^

Check out my BLOG for details.


Thank you very much for the support!



Crisp, clean, creative. See where your imagination takes you with a fresh perspective from The Secret Store. The Creative Workspace collection is now available at The Arcade !


Start with a clean slate. Crisp white shelves and a clean desk make the perfect creative canvas for spreading your imagination. Use inspired pieces, hand painted toys, and the beauty of nature as your references. Utilize pens, pencils, paints, and brushes as your tools to create. The Creative Workspace collection offers 20 unique items to brighten your creative mood, available now only at The Arcade !

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