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last night, and today in the wee hours of the morning.. I feel like a little christmas elf making all the right now I'm testing some different mohairs on this new girl. I will probably use all three colors.

A fisherman is working on the fishing boats in the small port of Essaouira in morocco. All boats are of the same color, the blue Mogador.

Really honored to have been included in the "Voices from the Grid" section of this month's ECLIPSE Magazine. Thank you again for the opportunity!




ECLIPSE Magazine - May 2017

Working the terraces in Yuanyang. It must be extremely hard gratft working the thousands rice terraces. Facebook |

A myriad of rusting pipes and other industrial paraphernalia.

The Zinc Works at Risdon.

Photo By Steve Bromley.

"When Jesus left Birmingham"

Coop work ☜[+]☞


Photo: "When Jesus left Birmingham" by rodneyharrison1966

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☜[+]☞ Thanks for the coop, Rodney!! :O)



"When Jesus left Birmingham" on black




On Saturday, along with my friend, fellow blogger and co-worker, Divos, I gave a presentation at the Blogger & Vlogger Network on collaborating with other bloggers. I have to admit, when we both agreed to do this I wasn’t sure how we could fill an hour on the subject. Surprisingly, once we started to talk about all the things you need to take into consideration we realised it’s a much bigger subject than we once thought....


Read more and get all the credits on the look and decor at The Glamour Sauce

Another dream work from myfear. Seems as if you like those kind of shots :-) This was taken in the width of kenya. Thanks for you kind comments, favs, visits, hints, tips, tricks. Thanks for visiting and taking time to view my work! Have a perfect day!


See it large: 'dream works' On White

Have a look at the original image

re-uploaded due to an apparent error. So enjoy again :)

Setup: camera, me, beautiful nature and natural/ambient light...

Location - My home in Serbia :)


Before and after

Work, work, work, work, work, work

You see me I be work, work, work, work, work, work

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It’s a busy time at the Boston & Maine’s small Lawrence, MA yard as a southbound train with three GP40-2’s does its pick-up/set-off work. Meanwhile, a northbound train waits its turn at yard access.

She works at the vegetation firm. She had to take rest after every few hours.


When i asked permission to shoot her, at first she declined, saying she is not at her best. i had to convince her that, i want to capture how her life is.


thank you for stopping by and having a look at it.

A farmers work is never done.

Yorkshire dales

The birds are working on this sunflower. This is a male Downy woodpecker.

(work in progress)


just dropping in to say hi, school started 2 weeks ago - i'm on my final year at icelands academy of the arts (visual arts dept.) - and i'm crazy busy these days.


What i'm doing here (aside from the obvious) is preparation for a project that i'm turning in 2 weeks from now, i'll maybe post the finished result when i'm done.

Feat. PARKER (The Men Dept), FLite (N21), COCO Designs (FaMESHed), [satus Inc] (FREE Kiyomizu Hunt Gift March 18th 2017)




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Sim: Home of Paine, Virtual Decay

At night it's quiet in the port of Antwerp. Almost no trucks, no cars... but if you look well, you can find some trains. During one of the longest nights of the year, we found one at the small Lillo marshalling yard. The B-Logistics' crew was working hard to deliver the goods on time at a client's site. We had to hurry to get our photo's!


BLX 7727, Antwerpen Lillo 23-12-2015


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With the strong south-easterly wind lifting her exhaust high into the sky, 46233 'Duchess of Sutherland' works hard to haul her 12 coach train and an unassisting 47760 towards Ribblehead.

She was hauling 'The Hadrian' rail tour of 27 May 2017.

:copyright:Peter Ainsworth-no unauthorised use

West Upper Wacker Drive, Chicago

Easter Thursday in downtown Lima.


It was quite a challenge to get these shots because this woman worked so quickly as she wove the palm leaves to make this intricate cross. (I must admit, I'm not sure that it is a cross, but I will try to find out.)

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The Yard job works Eagle Mills on May 18, 1984 with 2400, 2405 and 2401. After shoving a cut of loads over the three Alco's will move to the other side of the yard and grab a string of general freight and head for Euclid Yard to interchange with the CNW and SOO.




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putting bits of newspaper into a cocoon

You could literally work across the street from where you live.

press L would be a good idea :-)

Still refusing to let the shirt and tie go the way of the hat.

Back from mostly-dead is US Steel's Granite City Works and therefore, the plant railroad. Here, NREX SW900 #1248 runs across Edwardsville Road in Granite City, IL after dropping off some loads of coke or coal, and picking up empty hoppers at what I believe is one of the two Basic Oxygen Furnaces at the Works. Kinda neat because I only rarely catch them working this side of the plant's small railroad yard.

Hi everybody *___*


Sometimes it’s hard to find promptly the right idea don’t you think so? XD

This crazy idea came in to my mind yesterday.

I made Kate’s dress only with paper^^ so it was really funny to get the dress in the right shape ^^

Hope you like it ^^


That tree at Buttermere Lake : D It's no wonder that some of its arms have been ripped off over the years. The battering it was taking from the wind was just insane when I took this. Winds felt like they were close to 60mph and the rain coming down made this shot even tougher to get. Instead of trying to wipe my lens down every few seconds, I slid a grad filter in while I composed my image, waited for the wind to change direction, then pulled it out and took a shot. Despite the violent conditions it was probably one of the most beautiful scenes we saw on our trip. The stormy light was absolutely amazing.


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