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Created for Ruby’s Treasure Challenge 48


Premade Background with thanks to Rubyblossom


text overlay background by Linda Vachon


front group of ravens:


lady in black (all 3) :


single raven and small blackbirds in background: generic cliparts found on the net


Words are like seeds.

This beautiful sunflower was created by a small seed that I planted in the garden ... never ceases to amaze me how much that is hidden in a tiny seed ♡ just like in all of us


:copyright: Cathrine Halsør

Words strain,

Crack and sometimes break, under the burden,

Under the tension, slip, slide, perish,

Will not stay still.

TS Eliot Four Quartets, [Burnt Norton]

'Epea pteroenta' is one of Homer' s famous phrases surviving since 8th century B.C. and it means: 'Words, flying birds'.

Say Just Words


You get high, with your destructive instinct

You get high, with your corrosive instinct -

Where can I go, to escape your foul mind tricks

You're trying it more, but you will never break me

Cause you presume, the winner's you but that's not true


So say just words to me, unreal what your hate's providing

Say just words to me, your talk is always contradiction

Say just words to me, you won't feel the warmth of friends around you

You say just words to me, is it true that there's worth inside,

So say just words to me.


Your designs, all the worse from power craving

Your desires, only where there's fire burning,

I'll show you the way, a pleasure that's for the taking

You're trying it more, but you won't get satisfaction

Couse you presume the winner is you, but that's not true

So say just words to me.




Words And Feelings (The detail in great format is better)




- All the time i was thinking in you my Lady ! All nights i saw your eyes in the bright Stars !


- I don't believe in you ! You have met Lady Of Lahrayan ... she is very beautiful ... i know ...


- Oh ! Is because of that you are sad ... no my love my heart is only yours ... and you know that !

The Lady of the Forest is our friend and she are worrying about you ! She forefelt that you maybe in danger ! I return because of that !


- These times are strange my love ... many strange things have happened in Elch.


- Don't talk more about these things ! Now i am here ... my lady !




Well have been a very busy week, tomorrow i must do some field work for some days ! Wish you a wonderful days my friends and all the best to you ! Thank you for all the comments , invitations and visit ! I return in 15 May ! : )

“Do actions agree with words? There's your measure of reliability. Never confine yourself to the words.”

― Frank Herbert, Chapterhouse: Dune

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This image has been sat at the top of my stream for a little while now, nudging at my subconscious. And as the comments have drifted in, it's really gnawed away at something a little deeper. [Feel free to agree or disagree at your leisure. But I'd be genuinely intrigued to hear any thoughts.] Scroll, down, down, down....


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One word frees us of all the weight and pain of life: That word is love



for the one i would like to cross all the bridges with...

for everyone in distress and in pain...

for anyone lost and stressed like me...


just like that

i forgot...

all because of that one word


Secret #15:


Sometimes I'm not too good with words in real life. Especially when I get kind of insecure in a situation, for some reason. Think it has to do with experiences I made in my childhood with teachers, other kids, family... That's why I sometimes feel like better letting out stuff through written words, which go through my head. Maybe it's also because I have too few people I could discuss these things with, or when I meet them I think of other things...

play >


I wanna buy you roses

'Cause the words are dead,

Follow in the blindness

On the arrow head

'Cause the words are dead

And you know it

Yeah the words are dead

Lower them down


Didn't know if you could

Deny the dead,

Leaving them in silence

On their mouldy bed

Oh I am numb

And over

Their kingdom come

Lower me down


They are dead, they are dead

Oh, don't cry for me,

Oh, don't cry for me,

Oh, don't cry for me,

Oh, don't you cry for me


Lower them down in the ground

Lower them down in the ground


(agnes obel / words are dead)


single poses: Touch of Flare

thank you for the random posing :)

special thanks for the fantastic texture to darkwood67 (flickr) <3

bring light



if you have time, please view large.


Your words are precious to me, but I'd rather not have invitations and large graphics in my comment box.


“Handle them carefully, for words have more power than atom bombs.” - Pearl Strachan


Mother by a brother, this is sooo last year.


texture by Sterling Silver.TY


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Pangloss by Bowie Zeplin.

Pangloss Contest 2 - Lalie Sorbet

Words Fell

Like roses at our feet

When you let me see you cry

Your silent lips against my cheek

Words Fell

On a night as black as coal

Your kisses traveled deep

Your eyes pierced my soul

Words Fell


Words Fell

In another place and time

We lived within the woods

Ate berries from the vine

Words Fell

When we lay among the stones

And watched the Druids dance

And walked along the rocky shores

Words Fell


Words Fell

In another place and time

I knew your mournful blue

Knew your golden grace

Words Fell

When we let the ocean hold us

And sank beneath the waves

In the silences of the roses

Words Fell

Words Fell

Words Fell

~~Lucinda Williams

“Words are pale shadows of forgotten names. As names have power, words have power. Words can light fires in the minds of men. Words can wring tears from the hardest hearts.”

― Patrick Rothfuss, The Name of the Wind

Photos for Poems


From Fernando Pessoa's Alberto Caeiro (translated into English):



Just as words fail when they try to express thought,

So thoughts fail when they try to express reality.

But, as the thought reality is not the said one, but the thought one,

So the same said reality exists, not the one being thought.


Lost in a quiet world of words;

they wrap themselves around her like a long lost lover.

"Words can be like X-rays if you use them properly -- they’ll go through anything. You read and you’re pierced."


// Aldous Huxley

The Word Alive opening for Parkway Drive on the last night of tour at the TLA in Philly on 6.26.17.

Delle volte, sembra veramente che il cielo voglia parlare..


buon weekend!!


Today I got a letter in the mail from my cousin-in-law/soulmate, Allison (a/k/a Floyd). She made a word search puzzle for me - with "clues" about what words to look for. They're all little inside jokes or things we've done and stuff like that. Is that not the sweetest thing ever? :)


"When I cannot see words curling like rings of smoke round me I am in darkness—I am nothing."


— Virginia Woolf

Today I decided to pick up again on 100 Words... I want to try and do at least one word every week.


The Group


This is a shot of trees with a slow shutter speed and then moving your camera vertical.


And also adding this to group Silders Sunday since I went wild on the white balance ;-)

sometimes outside

flurries of words

fall like the first

shock of winter

protecting the ground

from a false


flowers that are

traps in trees.

The Word Alive opening for Parkway Drive on the last night of tour at the TLA in Philly on 6.26.17.

Happy Tuesday, How Y'all doing. We have a new beach home, at the Free Fun Photography Sim. There are some great shots there. Be sure to explore under and behind the beach house. There is an amazing sunset view. Have fun come play and take lots of photos.


Oh, I see a girl thats blue like the sea

when i go to sleep you know that she sees me, too

yeah, just standing around like the popular kids

hoping saint peter will let us in, too


"well," he says " if you value your life stay off the drugs

if you value the drugs stay off the map.

if you value maps you better travel, son.

if you dont want to travel then you better run"


ooh, yeah, mmm, oh


yeah, well I knew a king in his purple throne

oh, and he had some trouble so he's all alone now

well I used to bring him little presents from time to time

and hed sit me in his castle and hed pick my mind


he said, "if you value your heart, oh stay on the road.

if you value the road, oh stay on the top .

if you value the top, oh youre gonna suffer son.

and if you dont want to suffer, then you better run"


Thank you all for your faves, comments and support ~Abyss~


:headphones:: Shakey Graves - Word of Mouth

:camera: : Abyss Spires

♂ : Body by Niramyth Productions

:syringe: : Tats by Hollywood Rejects

:movie_camera: : LUMIPro 2017

✈ : Free Fun Photography


A place for SL photographers to exchange ideas and network. Group members may rezz photo props. Photography, Windlight, Poses, Couples, Dancing, Exploring


"Words cannot express someone who reaches for your hand, but touches your heart."

~ Anonymous


Thanks for stopping by

and God Bless,

hugs, Chris


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handle them carefully, for words have more power than atom bombs - pearl strachan hurd

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