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Minty and his friend Choco (not shown) are very famous candy bar mascots. Or at least they were... They got FIRED!


Now the troubled Duo must get out there and find work. It will be a grand adventure for these incredible vinyl creatures from David Horvath the creator of Uglydolls.

DRINKY CROW ARRIVED HERE LAST WEEK ! .. i have only just had chance to take a picture of him ...

When I was searching for a cuddly toy for my little nephew I was surprised to see the enormous variety in cuddly toys. This inspired me to make small LEGO versions. This one is a cockatoo.

Taken to be used as wallpaper on my phone, but it doesn't look so good. Will try something different tomorrow.


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I read a geologist describe nature's rock structures as an upside down toy box! This abstract is from such a landscape in the southwest.


Taken: Vicenza

Nikon D90 - Nikkor AF180 ED

Image: DSC_4104


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a horrible toilet assault is about to begin.

Back in time to childhood! My generation had much, much less toys available to it. Yet, I think, generally speaking, it was a happy generation.... I'm 210 years old, you might think! Have a wonderful day....

Taken with a tilt shift lense to get the minature effect

"ancient" toy trunk. family archeology, dug up in the backyard.

Mom, we want to play video games.

Toy Sunday--Theme:Modern World

The 365 Toy Photo Project: Day 170/365


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There is one word missing in the dictionary of the Danbos - patience.

I never thought i would be doing this, But! i'm leaving, i can't do this anymore it just gets tougher and tougher. Why? because school is getting worse. It came to a point where it is such a drag..I wanted to do so much. Honestly this community is dead and I think all of us know this. I think more of this now that it will be taken down.


It has been a great run. I am so glad to have met new people. It was an honor to be here, farewell....and goodbye ):

Correte bambini, è arrivato il circo dei vagabondi.

Spiriti liberi scrutano il cielo, girano i mondi.

Acrobati, illusionisti, pagliaccini, sono felici di portare allegria con tutta la compagnia.

Per rallegrare la festa c'è la marcia dei burattini, per fare un po' di confusione è arrivato anche il trombone.

Gli illusionisti conoscono la formula magica, con gli infallibili cioccolatini promettono di ringiovanire le nonne e i nonnini.

Che ne dite? Sarebbe bello?!

Che ridere, magari fosse quello!

Bambini, i vostri sorrisi rendono felici i rossi nasini dei pagliaccini, che con voi si sentono tornati bambini, danzando, ballando.

Vivono la vita in allegria!


Ciao amici, vi auguro una felice settimana. Un abbraccio.



Golly they're adorable. ♥ I got all the ones I wanted! I can almost do the splits! Hopefully can get it down in a week! :)

Shoot with Nokia Lumia 920 and Nokia pro cam.

Un vecchio biplano giocattolo vola !

Nonostante le ferite.

Mes jouets pour décorer mon bureau...

Thomas: "Hurry up, I wanna see what happens on the next page".

Cassie: "I know, it's a very exciting story".


Thomas and Cassie has found one of my Ninjago comics.


Toy Sunday: Next page


Photo is Copyright :copyright: Studio Dream Planet. All rights reserved.

Do not download, repost, print or in any other way use or reproduce this photo.

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