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Woman at the train station, Napoli, Italia.

In the old town of Erfurt / Germany. A woman pushes her bike through an alley with old half-timbered houses. Impressionist street photography in black and white.

This woman carryies okra from her fields near Tamale, Ghana. Okra is often harvested by women to supplement their incomes (USAID/Elisa Walton).

~ [Kunst] Cigarette


AWOLNATION - Woman Woman


♫ ρℓαʏ►

'Woman' an exhibition by me @ The Eye Art Gallery.


The official opening party will be next Thursday, 2nd of March, however, I already finished hanging my works on the gallery walls. So your're welcome to have a sneak peek


Here's your limo to The Eye:…/1252


Time Opening party: 1 pm SLT (= 22 hrs Amsterdam time)

Music by DJ Ferdy ( Ferdynand Straaf)


Looking forward to next week

dikke kus

Dido Haas

I wonder if she spent her first hours of the new year alone, or with loved ones or maybe even alone, with loved ones.


By Philip Larkin


At last you yielded up the album, which

Once open, sent me distracted. All your ages

Matt and glossy on the thick black pages!

Too much confectionery, too rich:

I choke on such nutritious images.


My swivel eye hungers from pose to pose --

In pigtails, clutching a reluctant cat;

Or furred yourself, a sweet girl-graduate;

Or lifting a heavy-headed rose

Beneath a trellis, or in a trilby-hat


(Faintly disturbing, that, in several ways) --

From every side you strike at my control,

Not least through those these disquieting chaps who loll

At ease about your earlier days:

Not quite your class, I'd say, dear, on the whole.


But o, photography! as no art is,

Faithful and disappointing! that records

Dull days as dull, and hold-it smiles as frauds,

And will not censor blemishes

Like washing-lines, and Hall's-Distemper boards,


But shows a cat as disinclined, and shades

A chin as doubled when it is, what grace

Your candour thus confers upon her face!

How overwhelmingly persuades

That this is a real girl in a real place,


In every sense empirically true!

Or is it just the past? Those flowers, that gate,

These misty parks and motors, lacerate

Simply by being you; you

Contract my heart by looking out of date.


Yes, true; but in the end, surely, we cry

Not only at exclusion, but because

It leaves us free to cry. We know what was

Won't call on us to justify

Our grief, however hard we yowl across


The gap from eye to page. So I am left

To mourn (without a chance of consequence)

You, balanced on a bike against a fence;

To wonder if you'd spot the theft

Of this one of you bathing; to condense,


In short, a past that no one now can share,

No matter whose your future; calm and dry,

It holds you like a heaven, and you lie

Unvariably lovely there,

Smaller and clearer as the years go by.


Photo prise lors d'une sortie avec 3 photographe....

dato che l'8 marzo è la festa della donna :)


auguri a tutte le donne! <3


(si è vero, il mio sguardo è inquietante! xD )

Woman at Rongbuk monastery.

this is the "Memorial to Women", in South America, ......but for me, every day are the women's day.......


One photo from Edinburgh I never published


John Lennon


(For the other half of the sky)


Woman I can

hardly express

My mixed emotions at my thoughtlessness

After all I'm

forever in your debt

And woman I will try to express

My inner feelings

and thankfulness

For showing me the meaning of success


Ooh, well,


Doo, doo, doo, doo, doo

Ooh, well, well

Doo, doo, doo, doo,



Woman I know you understand

The little child inside of the


Please remember my life is in your hands

And woman hold me close to

your heart

However distant don't keep us apart

After all it is written in

the stars


Woman please let me explain

I never meant to cause you

sorrow or pain

So let me tell you again and again and again


I love

you, yeah, yeah

Now and forever

I love you, yeah, yeah

Now and


I love you, yeah, yeah

Now and forever

A woman working in a rice field near Tananarive.

1/Jan/1981. Tananarive, Madagascar. UN Photo/Lucien Rajaonina.

Women is besides street hawker