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Early 20th century portrait of a woman, taken in Gothenburg by Gustaf Sandlund.


Based on her clothes and other photos from the same photographer, I would date this photo to around 1911. And I love how she is posed to match the little portrait on the table, also depicting a woman with a book, in the same pose. That photo could well be for example of her mother, or some other close female relative.

A woman written in mystery

is worth a curiosity trip




♪♪In my Head♪♪


I saw you at an airport, ticket in your hand

I got a feeling in my heart I didn't understand

Something in the way you were, something foreign in your eyes

Made me wish that I could share one moment of your life

Mysterious woman, I wonder, did you see

The kind of spell you put on me?

Mysterious woman, I wish I could find the key

To the kind of spell you put on me

Early 1860s portrait of a sitting woman, taken by W. Boswell in Norwich, England.


The photographer was William Boswell, born in 1840, who started his photography business ca 1859 - later he would go into a partnership with his father (though that seems to have been after this photo was taken). Around 1870 he left Norwich and his photography studio and continued on to Dartford (where he became an ironmonger!).


(Bought at a flea market in Rome.)

A woman is a singer, a performer of Russian folk songs and honors. Very beautiful sonorous voice. This artist not only sings, she plays all Russian folk instruments (balalaika, wooden spoons and much more). Now a combination of old Russian folk instruments with modern electronic music has become popular. In the background, a man is a musician who plays drums and a synthesizer. Very beautiful and unusual.

Photo taken at the international music exhibition NAMM 2019 in Sokolniki. Moscow. Russia.

Portrait of a woman in city lights of the night.


Zeiss Planar T* 85mm F/1.4 ZF2 with adapter. to GFX

Woman with Flowers by Irene Becker © All rights reserved


Anzere Daji, Ninzo West in Sanga.

Kaduna State, Nigeria


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If you see a woman

That has everything

Going for herself

And you're not ready

To add value to her life . . .

Just admire her from afar

Please don't interrupt her greatness.


Allure Couture, Laura Gown @ 2nd Chance until 30 April



A portrait from the middle of the 1880s, taken in Uppsala, Sweden, by the photographer Erik Dahlberg. Unfortunately, I don't know who the woman is.


(The original has been enhanced since it had become quite washed out, probably due to its age.)

☠ Tune: Woman - Neneh Cherry ☠


☠ WearinG ☠


Lingerie Set: Cynful

Jewellery Set: Heartsdale Jewellery

Hair: Elikatira

Pose: Amitié Poses


☠ Location ☠


Like that Roy Orbison song . . ."Pretty Woman"

Woman... You were born to be strong and fight along your life, showing you can do everything.

But it's ok if you think about giving up sometimes, if you sit and cry without knowing what to do, if you scream for help when you need to.

Before being a wonderful woman, you are human. And you make mistakes, you do bad things (and who don't?), you are weak sometimes...

But you have inside you a boundless strength, and that is what keeps you alive, that is what makes you want to keep fighting!

No matter what happens during your life, turn the obstacles you find into an impulse to move you ahead, always smiling, always proud of who you are and what you have done with your life!

Yes you were born to be strong but also you were born to shine!


And Happy International Women's Day!! Falls/137/120/22


A silhouetted woman capture emerging into the light.


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A gift to me for my birthday from my husband, who appreciates a dark-eyed, dark haired woman with a very direct gaze.


I think she is simply magnificent.


By Philip Larkin


At last you yielded up the album, which

Once open, sent me distracted. All your ages

Matt and glossy on the thick black pages!

Too much confectionery, too rich:

I choke on such nutritious images.


My swivel eye hungers from pose to pose --

In pigtails, clutching a reluctant cat;

Or furred yourself, a sweet girl-graduate;

Or lifting a heavy-headed rose

Beneath a trellis, or in a trilby-hat


(Faintly disturbing, that, in several ways) --

From every side you strike at my control,

Not least through those these disquieting chaps who loll

At ease about your earlier days:

Not quite your class, I'd say, dear, on the whole.


But o, photography! as no art is,

Faithful and disappointing! that records

Dull days as dull, and hold-it smiles as frauds,

And will not censor blemishes

Like washing-lines, and Hall's-Distemper boards,


But shows a cat as disinclined, and shades

A chin as doubled when it is, what grace

Your candour thus confers upon her face!

How overwhelmingly persuades

That this is a real girl in a real place,


In every sense empirically true!

Or is it just the past? Those flowers, that gate,

These misty parks and motors, lacerate

Simply by being you; you

Contract my heart by looking out of date.


Yes, true; but in the end, surely, we cry

Not only at exclusion, but because

It leaves us free to cry. We know what was

Won't call on us to justify

Our grief, however hard we yowl across


The gap from eye to page. So I am left

To mourn (without a chance of consequence)

You, balanced on a bike against a fence;

To wonder if you'd spot the theft

Of this one of you bathing; to condense,


In short, a past that no one now can share,

No matter whose your future; calm and dry,

It holds you like a heaven, and you lie

Unvariably lovely there,

Smaller and clearer as the years go by.


I wonder if she spent her first hours of the new year alone, or with loved ones or maybe even alone, with loved ones.

We went to Marshall's Beach near the Golden Gate bridge, San Francisco. A woman in a red dress was walking out on the sandy beach at low tide.


I processed a balanced and a photographic HDR photo from three RAW exposure, merged them, and carefully adjusted the color balance and curves. I welcome and appreciate constructive comments.


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-- ƒ/8.0, 50 mm, 1/50 sec, ISO 200, Sony A7 II, Canon 50mm f0.95, HDR, 3 RAW exposures, _DSC5084_5_6_hdr3bal1pai5g.jpg

-- CC BY-NC-SA 4.0, © Peter Thoeny, Quality HDR Photography












(Pretty woman- Roy Orbison)-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Taken with my i-phone.


Photo by Paula Anddrade

Hoje começa a PRIMAVERA! Que novos planos, novos projetos, novos sonhos desabrochem... Desejo uma linda primavera a todos vcs, meus amigos.


It's SPRING time here. Hope new projects, new plans, new dreams come in bloom...

Woman in red in the street of Bilbao

Sony A7ii

Sony 85mm 1.8

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Woman n' street art in the notorious Exarchia alleys"

circa:Winter 2010

Wonderful woman... great outfit . . .

Leaving your smell on my coat

Leaving your taste on my shoulder

I still fail to understand what it is about this woman ...


Maroon 5 - Woman


View On Black

Black Magic Woman (lyrics) by



I got a black magic woman

Got a black magic woman

Yes, I got a black magic woman

Got me so blind i can't see

But She's a black magic woman

And she's tryin' to make a devil out of me

You got your spell on me baby

You got your spell on me baby

Yes, you got your spell on me baby

Turning my heart into stone

I need you so bad, magic woman, I can't leave you alone

Got a black magic woman

I got a black magic woman

I've got a black magic woman

Got me so blind I can't see

But she's a black magic woman

Tryin' to make a devil out of me

And she's a black magic woman

Tryin'to make a devil out of me

Black magic woman you gonna make the devil out of me

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