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Wizzit is a photography magazine specializing in photo sharing on the Internet. This magazine is published periodically having a special theme in each issue. The second number makes a virtual journey around the world and explores the highest buildings man has created. The era of skyscrapers started not more than about one hundred years ago in the United States. The fascinating history of skyscrapers may begin as early as the of age the Pharaohs in ancient Egypt several thousand years ago when the very first pyramids appeared close to the river Nile. This issue will tell the short history of high buildings and explain the definition of skyscrapers. We will not forget the world-famous architects behind these huge constructions. Without their contribution there would not be such a modern urban skyline we are used to see when visiting metropolis of high-rises. All photos have been carefully selected from Flickr photo sharing service with respective Creative Commons licenses. Readers and photographers can also submit their photos to be published in the next issues. Check out this magazine and find out more.


ISSN: 1798-0216

ISBN: 978-1-4461-9717-2 (this issue)

paperback, 64 pages, color, 8.5” x 11” (21.59 x 27.94 cm)

Language: English


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And we cruised up and down the Chicago River in a boat and it was incredible. I learned lots.