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Skater Denny Morrison of Canada

Union Pacific 2001 leads CSX Q131 through La Rue, Ohio.


.. a wonderful art piece .... light and filigran... oh... filigran is German... have to look it up :-)...

could be filigree... but this sounds almost like pedigree...

The introduction to Korea during the Winter Olympics closing ceremonies began with a gayageum, a traditional string musical instrument (also called kayagum).


An interesting link: (September 2013) Korean News announced that a book featuring Korean gayageum master and composer Hwang Byungki has been published in the UK, a historical first.

2010 Winter Olympic is ended. The Olympic Line street car on loan to City of Vancouver will be removed later.


I took the last chance to take a ride on the memorial street car. It is a nice experience.


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where are the roller skating ?

(speed ring in the park created for the 1968 Winter Olympics)


expo "RéTROsPectiVe "first year Flickr""


In Winter Norway the blue hour comes very early. This was taken at 4 in the afternoon, from across the frozen lake. In the background the ski jumps of the 1994 Olympics can be seen.

BW version I captured from the Vancouver Olympics 2010 I just found, I believe the last of the series.. I liked the slight optical illusion in this pic..

My first Explore!! Funny did not know what it meant until now!! Thank you all for your comments!

These "medals" were enjoyed by children yesterday, celebrating Canada's 10 gold medals, won so far. The strings are made of licorice. Thanks to Sandra who supervised the making of these treats:) Go Canada Go!! Thanks for your visits:)

I am heading to Squamish with Pierre and Sachiya to see our friend, Joy. All are flickr friends.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone.

...we got this new ice rink ... it's a beautiful building... the place for the speed skate competition for the Olympics in February.... unfortunately... after the games... no more speed skating .... :-((


Near by is the "Heineken House".... you are all invited by the Dutch... :-)

Just can't get enough of playing light.

Each night of the winter Olympics the Vancouver sky was lit up with a fantastic lightshow. I was lucky enough to catch it one of the nights that I was up there. I didn't get the best shots of it, and I'm wishing I had shot this from a different area of the city, but sometimes you gotta go with what you got.

Sunrise in Olympic stadium is beautiful each morning. (Pre-games)

An Olympic hotel used in 1984 for the Winter games. This reminded me of what i imagine the hotel from the shining to be if it was left for near on 30 years. The old rusty chairs moved slowly in what turned out to be quite a chill wind (hadnt taken the altitude into consideration while choosing clothing)


The cloud just appeared after getting to the top of the mountain creating some atmosphere (10mins later the blue skies had replaced it)


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texture by Skeletalmess


consistently voted as one of the best cities to live in . worldwide


see this link to see why .. Vancouver city HD time lapse video


the Vancouver Canucks are today top of the NHL :)


this is the view from the Olympic village site

Whenever Canada wins a Gold Medal in the Olympics, the Vancouver Olympic flame is re-lit for the day. Last night it was to honor the Women's Curling Team and the Women's Hockey Team--tonight it honors the Men's Curling Team and the Gold & Silver Medals in Women's Ski Cross. Congratulations to all!


An HDR image taken during the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics and brought forward...

Practicing for the winter 100 meter freestyle. Sadly, I didn't make the team.


Photo by Mark Knobil (mknobil)

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