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Skater Denny Morrison of Canada

Union Pacific 2001 leads CSX Q131 through La Rue, Ohio.


.. a wonderful art piece .... light and filigran... oh... filigran is German... have to look it up :-)...

could be filigree... but this sounds almost like pedigree...

The introduction to Korea during the Winter Olympics closing ceremonies began with a gayageum, a traditional string musical instrument (also called kayagum).


An interesting link: (September 2013) Korean News announced that a book featuring Korean gayageum master and composer Hwang Byungki has been published in the UK, a historical first.

This is a view from Coal Harbour in downtown Vancouver across the Burrard Inlet towards Stanley Park, North Vancouver and the mountains. You can see the Olympic rings lit up in the Burrard Inlet.


About this photo: On Saturday we went to downtown Vancouver to see some of the Christmas and Olympic decorations. I absolutely wanted to take a photo of the Olympic rings lit up in the Burrard Inlet. After it got dark, no lights on the rings and someone told us that they wouldn't come on until 9.00pm. We didn't have time that night to stay that long, so we started walking back towards the Canada Place.


All of a sudden I looked across the water and there they were all lit up!

I set up my tripod and camera as quick as I could and took a few photos. It was pretty windy and some photos turned out a bit blurry. About 5 minutes later the lights went off again and that was the end of my photo taking of the Olympic rings. I didn't have my zoomlens with me either, but at least I got a couple of photos that turned out decent. We will go back some time to take some photos of these beautiful rings.


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~Camera Settings:

*Camera Model: Sony DSLR A200

*Focal Length: 22mm

*F-Number: F/10

*Exposure Time: 25 sec.

*ISO Speed: ISO-100

*Exposure Program: Shutter Priority (S)

*Exposure Compensation (E/V): -1.0 step


Thank you for dropping by and I hope you like this photo!

Ann :-)


Some information Vancouver: Vancouver is known as one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Vancouver is Canada's third largest city and is located at the Pacific Ocean on a peninsula surrounded by water and the mountains. Vancouver is considered a pretty clean and safe city with a great variety of shops, museums, theatre, outdoor activities (hiking, walking, kayaking, sailing, skiing on the local mountains in the winter) and more. Walking around Stanley Park is a favourite thing to do for tourist and locals alike. This beautiful park extends from the city centre of Vancouver almost to the North Shore. With wonderful views of the mountains and the ocean around every corner, downtown Vancouver is one of the most picturesque cities in the world. Walk along Robson Street, the most popular shopping street. Experience Chinatown with the different kinds of building and stores, walk on the beaches of English Bay and the seawall of Stanley Park, enjoy a walk in Gastown with the old steam clock and the many gift shops.


Look out for some Hollywood film sets as Vancouver is used for many big Hollywood movies and shows. That's why you might hear that Vancouver is called "Hollywood North". Here are some examples of shows and movies that were/are filmed here: "The X-Files", "Dark Angel", "Stargate-SG1", "The 6th Day", "Kiss of the Dragon", "Small Ville", "The Twilight Saga" and many more. Then there is also the Canada Place, the stadiums, the Harbour Lookout, the Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Classical Chinese Garden, Science World, the Vancouver Art Gallery and much more! All of these attractions are located within minutes from the city centre.


Vancouver is also popular in the winter for winter activities. There are 3 local mountains where you can do any type of winter sport. There is Grouse Mountain, most famous for it's stunning views over the city and fresh powder snow. Grouse Mountain is accessible by skyride...this is a big airtram that will take you up to the top of the mountain. Mount Seymour and Cypress Mountain are famous too and you also get wonderful views from the top of these mountains. As you can see...Vancouver has lots to offer. The Winter Olympics in 2010 will be hosted by Vancouver as well.

The Olympic flame burns atop the Calgary Tower, for the 1988 Winter Olympics, as viewed over the Calgary Saddledome.

2010 Winter Olympic is ended. The Olympic Line street car on loan to City of Vancouver will be removed later.


I took the last chance to take a ride on the memorial street car. It is a nice experience.


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where are the roller skating ?

(speed ring in the park created for the 1968 Winter Olympics)


expo "RéTROsPectiVe "first year Flickr""


In Winter Norway the blue hour comes very early. This was taken at 4 in the afternoon, from across the frozen lake. In the background the ski jumps of the 1994 Olympics can be seen.

The Olympic flame burns atop the Calgary tower, during the 1988 Winter Olympics.

BW version I captured from the Vancouver Olympics 2010 I just found, I believe the last of the series.. I liked the slight optical illusion in this pic..

My first Explore!! Funny did not know what it meant until now!! Thank you all for your comments!

I did event photography for a party at BC Pavilion, which afforded me this birds-eye view of GE Plaza at Robson Square at sunset.

HSS! ~ The Olympic Flame passed by our house before the 2010 Winter Olympics on it's way to Vancouver…exciting to think it's in Sochi now.

I am heading to Squamish with Pierre and Sachiya to see our friend, Joy. All are flickr friends.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone.

Each night of the winter Olympics the Vancouver sky was lit up with a fantastic lightshow. I was lucky enough to catch it one of the nights that I was up there. I didn't get the best shots of it, and I'm wishing I had shot this from a different area of the city, but sometimes you gotta go with what you got.

Practicing for the winter 100 meter freestyle. Sadly, I didn't make the team.


Photo by Mark Knobil (mknobil)

Last night before entering the lineup for the Saxony House unofficial pavilion I paused to set up a shot with my big stupid Polaroid 600SE. I timed this for two minutes at f/11 (on a tripod obviously). One of the nicer and more controlled exposures I've made on instant. I like the FP-100C cool tones a lot. Later after downing a beer and eating bratwurst, had the pleasure of cheering with the crowd as news of the fourth Canadian gold came up on the screens.

Just can't get enough of playing light.

...we got this new ice rink ... it's a beautiful building... the place for the speed skate competition for the Olympics in February.... unfortunately... after the games... no more speed skating .... :-((


Near by is the "Heineken House".... you are all invited by the Dutch... :-)

196/365 - This shot was inspired by an image I saw from in his project 365 that he just completed a few days ago - congrats Ed. I changed it up a bit and instead of doing a cookie/coffee shot I decided to use some limited edition Olympic Coke bottles that my kids gave me for Christmas. I am a big time Coke guy (Coca-Cola) so every once in a while my kids grab me something as more of a gag gift than anything else. Tomorrow at my son's school they actually get to run with the torch during the cross Canada relay as it makes its way to Vancouver for the start of the Olympics. The glass just happens to be a limited edition coke glass from the 1976 Olympics that were in Montreal that I got as a kid, I wonder where and when I got addicted to Coke (Coca-Cola) hmmmmm.


D300, 50mm 1.4 - 1/800, f1.4, ISO 800


Strobist: Static Ikea light with daylight balanced CFL bulb above and at 7 o'clock, sun through window as rim. Technically that's qualifies to be posted as a strobist shot, doesn't it? I did alter the scene through artificial light just not a strobe :)



The flame for the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia burns bright.

Sunrise in Olympic stadium is beautiful each morning. (Pre-games)

Whenever Canada wins a Gold Medal in the Olympics, the Vancouver Olympic flame is re-lit for the day. Last night it was to honor the Women's Curling Team and the Women's Hockey Team--tonight it honors the Men's Curling Team and the Gold & Silver Medals in Women's Ski Cross. Congratulations to all!


An HDR image taken during the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics and brought forward...

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