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Captured at near -50C with wind chill, the gusting wind kicks up snow grains illuminated against the rising winter sun.


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Thanks for the kind comments! - David Darling, "Minor Blue"

(38F, 100 Com, 418 V)


Winter quiet are those times when the air is so still that no sound, no vibrations reach my ears. What little wind there may be cannot muster even the faintest of whispers. The air feels heavy, almost a physical pressure, as if someone were pressing the palms of their hands flat against my ears.

I would not be exaggerating to say the volume of my inner thoughts is turned down too.


It was like that this day. It is a quiet that seduces you, subsumes you into nature, so as for it to be difficult to imagine you are in a big city.


It begins to snow again a bit more heavily by the time I reach this spot, the edge of the pond. One's sense of space, of distance, flattens out in the low contrast light of a snow storm. Edges become indistinct. The landscape is defined by patches of light and dark, variations of tone that are barely seen against the fuzzy soft-white of falling snow. Even without the sun, some flakes catch bits of light as they flitter about on swirling streams of wind, and sparkle here and there like little white fireflies.


"What magic," I think.


North Park Village Nature Center, Chicago, (same day as all of the other shots in this series)



Delaney Dean


Vigevano (Pv) - Barche alla lanca Ayala nella classica atmosfera nebbiosa di questi giorni (Gennaio 2011)

1st Place - 91st Batch Contest Group Harmony

There is a privacy about it which no other season gives you.... In spring, summer and fall people sort of have an open season on each other; only in the winter, in the country, can you have longer, quiet stretches when you can savor belonging to yourself. Ruth Stout


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Wish you all a super friday


explore 5/2-10

A thin layer of fog blankets the frozen landscape at dawn. A winter's morning on the Saskatchewan prairie offers up sublime light and a pallet only visible in the cold months.


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Thanks for the kind comments!


Explored 18 April 2013

Have a Cozy Saturday:)


Processing ACR

Shot in Raw

Increased saturation (over the whole image)

Conrtrast increase

Blacks/Whites adjusted to to right mood


Processed in PS:

Curves adjusted to enhance the sky colors

Desaturated the Snow

Light Vignette

Lighten in middle

De-noised using Lens-blur in filters

Framed (sometimes loved and sometimes hated)


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A winter full moon night in Banff national park after a severe snow storm. There are still open water sections on the lake and the ice is thin. This is my first perspective blending artwork, so don't be surprised about the size of the moon, cause it is what your eyes can see instead of what the camera can capture.

This is from winter 2014 in the southern part of Oregon. Hadn't meant to post this tonight, but accidentally uploaded in Public, so gonna go with it. At home until Monday, so will try to catch up while home.

A winter scene adjacent a frozen lake on a foggy morning.


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Thanks for the kind comments!


This is the way we attempt to stay sane during Minnesota’s long winter. We light things up so that we are moderately fooled into thinking that it is summer. It might partially work but when the temperature is below zero you body still gets the hint that it is winter.

This is Landmark Center and the other interesting building surrounding Rice Park in St Paul, MN. If you have not been there during the winter, it is worth the trip.


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Sunset at the Schauinsland mountain, Black Forest.

First rays of the sinking sun stripe the beautiful scenery.

The upper Rhine valley is covered with a cloud layer (Inversion, no pollution) and in the distance the Vosges mountains, Alsace/France are visible. The end of a marvellous day out in Nature.

By the way, it is not so cold there as it may look for you.

The Black Forest is a forested mountain range.



Beginnender Sonnenuntergang auf dem Schauinsland im

Schwarzwald. Erste Strahlen der untergehenden Sonne tauchen

die Landschaft in ein schönes Licht.

Die Rheinebene liegt versteckt unter einer Inversionsschicht,

und in der Ferne verschwinden langsam die Konturen der Vogesen.

Ein schöner Tag draußen in der Natur neigt sich dem Ende zu.




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Not a good/strong composition but I like the sky.

Thanks for taking time to look around!---HAVE A WONDERFUL WEEK EVERYONE !!!

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Nature in HDR / Winter Series


explore #293

02.Jan.2009 ~ many thanks for all your kind comments, invitings and awards ~ ;-)


we have no snow, but it is very cold ~ this is also winter ;-))


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