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Empty pier during winter. Halden, Norway

After a short period of frost and snow, the temperature rises and all ice-forms start to melt. Winter is gone……. or…..?


Happy weekend!

For Fence Friday.

Happy FF!!

Photo my own, Horses Pixabay. texture: Jai Johnson.

We have got a lot of snow here in the night. This is an old photo, because it´s not possible to go by car today. Hopefully tomorrow.

Have a nice Sunday/ day!


Texture : Lynne Anzele.

Frozen lake Sognsvannet, Oslo, Norway


Winter, no it was long since we had cold and snow here around Stockholm.

And the Baltic Sea is still without ice, and there is no ground frost.

For each day of plus degrees, a snowy landscape is all the way further away.

But thanks to the archive in the computer, I can still dream of a winter with snow, where the snow slowly falls from the trees and forms a beautiful snow smoke.


Thanks a lot dear friend, for all kind comment.

My sister is in the hospital and I have to pic her up. CU later today!!


Texture my own and LenaBem Anna

Hechtingswortel passiebloem

I took this one a little while ago, but for this weekend it is again suitably, as winter has returned for this weekend!

Stay warm and enjoy your weekend ;-))

The snow is melting , more and more dirty. We are waiting for warm weather and a sense of spring. Until that, I play around with my old photos.


Photo house in the forest, brushes : My own,

Some kit and details: Lynne Anzele.

For Fence Friday. Happy FF all .

Texture: LenaBem Anna, filter: Topaz.

Untouched winter landscape on a beautiful day. Flå, Norway

Topaz Impression 2

Nik Color Efex

Texture by Lenabem Anna J. You may find it here:

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from the archives


*❄*Wishing you a lovely week, dear friends :-)*❄*


A birds sanctuary along Hiawassee River in TN. Sunrise at -15C

Playing around with the two previous pictures.

You can see in the first comment box.


Have a nice wednesday !


Thank you for kind visit and comment!!


Brushes, texture my own,

Texture: Clive Sax, filter: Topaz.

Winter solitude--

in a world of one color

the sound of wind.

Matsuo Basho


I´m still bad after the flu. Not in bed, but tired.

Lucky we have had snow yesterday, and I hope to find lovely motif soon.

Have a nice day to all my fine Flickr friends.


Photo from my archive,Texture my own.

I live in rural Wisconsin where some of the farmer's have spared a few trees in their fields. The trees always catch your eye no matter what the season! I prefer their boney arms without leaves in the winter.


Each tree has a shape and personality of its own!


beautiful branches

reaching out in winter's cold

resting till spring


Image and haiku by John Henry Gremmer

The morning after the big snow. A few hours later the sun came out and by the end of the day, most of the snow was melted.

Matsuo Basho (1644 – 1694) is considered the greatest Japanese haiku poet. "Winter Solitude" is one of his most-loved winter haiku poems:


Winter solitude –

in a world of one color

the sound of wind.



" ..... And the snow is falling, taking me away.

Cold winter nights, cold winter dreams,

Reflecting the sound of my heart; it's my taste of freedom.

Cold winter nights, cold winter dreams......

... I've escaped from reality, dancing in the snow...

....The world seemed so clear, like a wonderful diamond,

Can't imagine there's meaness. Can't imagine one lie ... "


.¸¸.•*❄️.¸¸.•*´❄️¨*•.¸ ♫♬♪♬♫.¸¸.•*❄️.¸¸.•*´❄️¨*•..¸¸






Today is the shortest day of the year. sometimes called Blue Christmas or Longest Night. In ancient Roman they celabrate Brumalia ( Wikipedia) .

In the northern part of Sweden, they had no light at all for some weeks.

Here, south of Stockholm,. with latitude 49, we rejoice every minute as the day gets longer.


Texture: My own.


There are strange and mysterious sounds

When the winds of winter blow,

The long nights are crystal clear and cold,

And the fields and meadows are covered with snow.

The stars are frosty against the sky,

And the wind's whistle is shrill,

As the snow blows against the house

And drifts against the hill.

Yet, I like to see during the winter

A white carpet on the ground,

To plod aimlessly in the deep snow,

where deer tracks abound.

I like to feel the stillness

Of a crisp winter's night,

Watching a full moon rise over the horizon,

Exposing a winter wonderland beautiful and bright.


“Winter Wonderland” by Joseph T. Renaldi


The lovely texture is thanks to Anna Lenabem,


Thank you for your visit, all your kind comments, invitations and favorites. This image may not be copied or distributed without my written consent. © All rights reserved.


"Winter is the time for comfort, for good food and warmth, for the touch of a friendly hand and for a talk beside the fire: it is the time for home."

Quote - Edith Sitwell


Winter magic on the Erbeskopf, the highest elevation in Rhineland-Palatinate/Germany.


Danke für deinen Besuch! Thanks for visiting!

bitte beachte/ please respect Copyright © All rights reserved



Season's Greetings to all!


Peace, prosperity and good health for you and your families.



My first ICM after a long time. ; )) I can't stop experiences.


Jorge Mendez - Cold

Memories to winter vacation

Thank you all for visit, comment and fav.


This photo is not from today, all sno wis gone, warm weather here , 3 degrees, a little rain.


Texture: My own, Filter: Color Efex Pro, Topaz Glow.

Rabbit: Pixabay.

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