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The network is broken down for almost two weeks now my dear friends. I am sooo sorry, I hope i will be back soon. They told me that will be fix by this friday, i miss you guys

sooooooooo much!!


Sorry for couldn't visit your work now, because i am using the computer from library. Very limited things that i can do.


Not Even can view the photos!!!!


The network was broken straight after i posted this photo. i not even got time to write my descriptions telling you the problem.


Please wait for me, when i come back i will visit your photos stream my dear friends!!!

I never really tried using the 50mm 1.4 for HDR's especially when it comes to bokeh..


I shot one raw image then brought it into lightroom for 4 more exposures.. tonemapped w/photomatix 3.1 & finalized in cs3.


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First off I want to say thank you so much to the 8 of you that entered! I loved seeing what you guys came up with and I will keep the group up so you can always add!


Now, on to the winners. There is only the first place prize, which is the custom zombie I made here. Note to the winner that the arm does not move. There was a mishap and it got glued on.

First place is........... Banjo Russel! Great custom man, I'd love to see more.

Honorable mentions go to Figler and Joemark Asevedo!

If you would like this as your prize flickr mail me and I'll get back to you!

A seagull flies off with a big lump of bread in St Stephen's Green, Dublin


Please don't use this image on websites, blogs or other media without my explicit permission. © All rights reserved

Authorized by Kaprikorno56

Thank you very much, Marco. I hope you will be please with my version (crop & resizing)...

Una doppia trazione, formata dalla E 186-281 e dalla E 486-503, transita nei pressi di Oberaudorf (D) con il TEC monocliente Winner spedition diretto a Verona Quadrante Europa.

Tantalus Drive, Oahu, HI


One Love Photo







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The winner in 4 th Arab Union of Photographers e.V. competition

in Art photography Categories


© All rights reserved. Khraibut Art photographer:)


The Art of photography

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Winning b/w version

Had a few wins (5 x 1st prize - 2 x 2nd prize and 1 x 3rd prize AND this Supreme Winner!)


I'm thrilled 'my baby' won me the cup x


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Through A Glass Darkly#22


Available as a limited edition print here

Margerie Glacier, Glacier Bay National Park, massive blocks fall from the ceiling of an ice cave into the ocean. More more please visit


-Start New Year with right decision





Tantalus Drive, Oahu, HI


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The winner of the adult's triatlon (Tau'a Rapa Nui) - Easter Island


I'm back home since Monday night... back to reality and slowly cathing up with Flickr :))

Scende dalle rampe del brennero

Here's a little teaser related to a project I'm working on. When an awesome suit company came to me and said "We'd like you to do a series of shoots against a white seamless," my first reaction was "OK, but that's pretty much the opposite of my areas of expertise." But I'm always trying to push my own envelope, so I welcomed it, and brought a different way of thinking than someone raised on the world of high-key strobes and v-flats. Motion, stillness, expression, color and texture all appeal to me, and with a fair bit of tinkering we were able to bring that all together.

The winner of the Wild Cowgirl Race, taken Thursday night. I believe this rider is Lindy Friesen and I think she won the custom belt buckle for this event at the end of the stampede. The stampede program describes this race as "featuring some of the bravest and wildest young women in the Cariboo!" The speed was thrilling.


I think photographing these events is a sport in itself :-) Since several people have asked, here is what works for me. I try to anticipate where the horse is going to be and make sure all my camera settings are good for the look I'm going for (slower shutter speed, check exposure, set my focus point slightly to the right or left depending on which direction the animal is moving). Then I make sure I have some room to move. I don't like shooting through fences when I'm tracking/panning.


I use the quick burst mode so I don't miss anything, and I'm careful not to zoom in too closely. I find I need to give myself room in the composition so the subject stays in the frame and I can tweak the composition later with cropping if I want to.


Next I plant my feet about shoulder width apart, brace my elbows against my sides to keep the camera steady, take a deep breath and hold it as the horse moves into the frame, then follow it smoothly with my camera, twisting at the waist. It's an exciting moment, especially when I check my images after to see if I need to tweak anything for the next round and I see I got some good shots!

Una doppia di E 185 (unità 119 e 124) transita al terzo piano di Wassen (CH) con il consueto TEC monocliente Winner, proveniente da Wuppertal e diretto a Piacenza.

A lot of times wedding photographers get the question "Have you shot in this venue before?" like it's a huge advantage. But I find that the bigger challenge is shooting in a place I've already been in many, many times, like Grand Central Terminal. It's very hard to shake myself free of the trappings of previous shoots and see it in new ways, but collaborating with Tatiana we were able to make a change.


Grand Central is a beautiful building with incredibly muddy, uninteresting light, and you can't set up light stands without very quickly getting yelled at by people with big guns. But with a little creative flash placement and quick work transforms muddiness into a fiery glow.

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Carolina Beach Wedding

One Love Photo, Jon Almeda








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