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Farmhouse shutters, Riehen CH. I get tired of the disconnect between English spelling and pronunciation. So I wrote Tu Blu instead of Two Blue. And who knows why the number which is pronounced "wun" is spelled "one." A person new to English might well guess that "one" is pronounced "ohn-eh, or just "ohn" -- which is the way we pronounce "own." Ah me.

In my set: Dan's Windows (Dan Daniels)

Our Daily Challenge ... doors or windows.


Christmas Day is almost over here. We have had a nice quiet day. All the family are coming for lunch tomorrow.


Happy Christmas everyone. Hope you had/have a lovely day.

...what else, croatia

...and a view of the woods from our house.




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music: Tchaikovsky Symphony 6 - Movement 1 - Karajan (just a proposal - start at 4:20min :-)

24/100 the 2015 Edition

I was fortunate to visit a home in Iganga, Uganda, and its exterior wall and window caught my attention.


Very little post-processing was needed, as the textures and muted colors are all natural from aging. Topaz Impression was utilized and the photo was given a slight watercolor effect to soften the color on the wooden shutters.

Another window from Charleston.

EXPLORE April 4, 2009 #434


This window caught my eyes especially when I was looking to the glasses, some design was visible, I invite you to see it on large size.



Have a good start into the weekend,dear flickr friends!


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One of the nice things about these old colleges is they bring their own textures to the party. Such great patterns in the stone.


That said, I did add Flypaper's necropolis texture, just to bring them out. To me, a pudding is nothing without a little over-egging. ;)



Library window in Yardley, PA

More details


Explore #176 - thank you, all!!!

have a nice and happy week my friends .Keep smiling :))**

Antiga Fábrica da Pólvora

Lisbon/Lisboa - Portugal


12 Outubro 2008


October 12, 2008

Taken at Lienz - Austria


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El sol entra timidamente por el rustico ventanal de la vieja casa del valle...


The sun timidly enters the window of the old rustic house in the valley ...

A look through the window of a house in the Flemish hills (Nukerke)

I took this three years ago with my dinky Canon.

It's part of an old farmhouse that's located on the property of nearby Harnischfeger Park. I think the intention is to one day renovate this place into some sort of a museum.


For Window Wednesdays.

I was having a bit of trouble deciding which image to post. So I posted both for some feedback.


This is an abandoned greenhouse on the second story of a stone building. You can see through the the greenhouse glass to the other side of the building


I am walking down the stairway to the ground floor. As I make may way down the stairs, there is a long wall of greenhouse glass to my left and front/overhead. On my right is a solid stone wall.


One image is intentionally captured and presented as shot, with just a hint of the left glass windows remaining in the image.


Creating what I had hoped would be a bit of added mystery that would make one ask questions about what or where the image was. Maybe even something that would jar the viewer with an image that was off balance and nonstandard.


The other is the same image, but by cropping out the extra glass on the left I think I have created a more standard/expected image of the scene.


The image has become seamless with no visual interruptions other than the plants growing and the window panes and wall.


Is it a more pleasing one? Do we need the extra glass in the frame to help add some mystery pr clues to identify the place?


Is it because I was there in person experiencing the scene which causes me to want to keep the image in a non-standard crop.


Would it mean more to me than the viewer, who might see that glass as an interruption to and visual distraction in the scene before them?


Captured in early January on a cold, wet and foggy day, with Olympus E-M10 lightly edited and cropped on the iPad in Snapseed.


The Rose Window at St Albans Catherdral,St Albans Herts, England

With some light rays added to boost its appearance


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