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la mia mania :wind_chime::tanabata_tree:

una gioia d'estate :sparkling_heart:


We went to the crematorium today to lay daffodils by my grandparents' rose because when Dad was younger he would give his mum a single daffodil on Mothers' Day every year, and so we continue the tradition. I like walking around the crematorium.


There are wind chimes hanging from the trees along with this chain of seashells hanging from a wicker heart. I liked it.


I think my raincloud has disappeared for the moment. I just feel tired now, but that always happens when the clocks change. I can guarantee that my body clock will be completely off for about a week.

I'm leaving for my last day of babysitting and will try to catch up tonight.

Took this picture on the shopping street at Otaru City.


Have a lovely day,my frineds!

You have to know we made it to Thursday because of the retreads. This is my retread of the original "the answer is blowin' in the wind" posted on April 10, 2009. Tried changing the mood, the season, the direction, the lighting, and took away some of the "artfulness" of the original and landed closer to the "straight out of camera" shot than the original did here . . .


Please visit all of today's retreads . . .


This is the outcome of an assignment for a class at Emily Carr University to visually express the sound of wind chimes.

On Etsy.

i miss my love :) Please come back soon

Wind chimes ware sold in the night market. Wind chimes made ​​of glass has been popular since the Edo period in Japan. It is an appliance soften emotionally the hot weather.

Was the wind to much of a challenge?

One of the vendors at the Burien Famers Market sells these beautiful hand-made wind chimes

Photographed while wandering with Roger and Maeda-san. Juso, Yodogawa-ku, Osaka. December 4, 2015.

I came across these chimes, hanging from a tree along Dublin's Grand Canal near Baggot Street Bridge. They were part of a larger shrine or memorial - but to whom? It appeared to be dedicated to the memory of an unnamed child, perhaps lost by drowning in the canal.....and I wondered if the sound of those little bells was reminiscent of the child's laughter.


Link to my website - But Is It Art?

Bamboo... makes a very gentle clack, clacking... easy on the ears, and quite soothing.

CarlZeiss Y/Contax Planar T*1.4/50

@ 川越氷川神社


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It was a beautiful wind chime until the hummingbird encountered a wind she couldn't handle!


Happy New Week, Everyone!


Thank you so much for stopping by and for the kind comments and favs. They are very much appreciated!

Back to my Kota Kinabalu (Sabah,Borneo) Journey~~ Here is another handicraft that you could get at the Handicraft market~~~


But for the foreign tourists, they actually hardly buy them as a souvenir, as those handicrafts are mainly made by wood... so is hardly bring it into the country... I am not sure about other countries, but Australia quarantine is very strict !!

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