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Harley Quinn, Saruman and the Doctor join Wil Wheaton for a Game of Toyville.


Thanks to Peter the Painter for Wil's headsculpt :)


And a quick recommendation for Wil's actual Tabletop show over on Youtube - even if you only have a passing interest in gaming it's still a fun watch.

And this is the picture I took of the picture I took of the picture I took of myself with Photobooth on my MPB.

Wil Wheaton rolls a string of natural 20's and finally wins a game... unfortunately beating a certain Wookie. Oops.


But it's all about to kick off elsewhere too... some Bounty Hunters are in town and checking out the new Wanted posters...


Picture originally created for Geek & Sundry:

Surely this can not end any way but badly?


And, yes, I know Wil Wheaton is meant to be Ravenclaw but I liked the gag of him rolling a '1' when he put on the Sorting Hat ;)


With apologies to all Hufflepuffs out there! I didn't mean to call your house a critical failure :S Eep! So that's why your emblem beast, the Badger, is presently taking revenge here by digging up bits of my 1:1 lawn every night.


Picture originally created for Geek & Sundry:

Check out my totally awesome, totally scary, totally realistic Darth Vader Halloween costume from 1977.


Then enjoy that I wasn't the only kid who couldn't resist the lure of the Dark Side.

Marlowe says if Watson won't play with her, she'll snuggle with him, instead.

Seamus Wheaton likes to sleep in the sunshine.

"This week who will be a highly desired collectible and who will be left warming the pegs? Let's find out in a game of Toyville..."


Making all those game boxes a few weeks back sowed a seed in my brain... while UK sculptor came with this great Wil Wheaton headsculpt I busied myself with a bit of woodwork and some graphics editing.


And a quick recommendation for Wil's actual Tabletop show over on Youtube - even if you only have a passing interest in gaming it's still a fun watch.

Yeah. I have one of these, suckers.

Seamus loves a good snuggle when I'm reading on the couch.

Scalzi sent me the Velvet Wesley. Angie K sent me the paint by numbers version of me holding the picture of the Velvet Wesley that Scalzi sent me.


Now, here is a picture of me holding the paint by numbers version of me holding the picture of the Velvet Wesley that Scalzi sent me that Angie K sent me.


Next stop: EMMY!

My friend loren took this picture at DNA Lounge in 2002. The whole sordid story is here.

.... you would be too if you got to hug Sara.

"O Muse! the causes and the crimes relate;

What goddess was provok'd, and whence her hate;

For what offense the Queen of Heav'n began

To persecute so brave, so just a man;"

I took this picture with my HTC Incredible's camera. I turned off the flash, and just tried to keep Micki in the center of the frame while she went speeding by me on the track. I'd hoped to get her in perfect focus with the blurred background, but I'm still very happy with how this turned out.


As I told my friend Alan, I can't believe I got a picture like this with my cell phone.

Riley wants the stealth bomber to know that this is her yard, and it had better stay away if it knows what's good for it.

Internet, please meet my family: Anne, me, Ryan, and Nolan.


Taken by Atom Moore at the Paul F. Tompkins Informal Moustache Formal on JoCoCruiseCrazy.

This was a gift from Storm (of Paul and Storm fame) for my 40th birthday.


It's a custom made American White Oak barrel, suitable for aging spirits or beer or ... something less interesting.


I put 3 gallons of porter in there about 8 weeks ago, and I've just left it alone while it sort of cask conditions. It tastes pretty good, if a little oaky (duh), but the oak flavour has mellowed over time. I'm not sure how the final beer will taste, but I'm looking forward to putting a barleywine in it sometime next month.

I forget what day this picture was taken, but it was 1986, right after Stand By Me had been released. There we are, sitting on chairs in the green room, waiting to go be interviewed by (I think) Ron Reagan, Jr. It was my first trip to New York, and I remember how excited I was to go to that huge, almost mythical city, see Times Square, ride the subway, visit the Statue of Liberty, and hang out with Jerry in his home town.


This photo captures our personalities perfectly: River and Corey are focused and serious (Corey is even wearing a tie and drinking coffee!) I am listening to the same person they are, but I'm not even trying to contain how excited I am to be going on a television show that I had been watching with my Aunt Val since I could remember, in front of the whole country, no less.


My favorite part of this picture, though, is Jerry. It's almost like he caught my mom or dad taking this picture of us, and decided to strike a pose, just to be silly. I just love that he isn't taking the thing too seriously, and that he's just having fun and enjoying the whole thing. As I got older and began to feel like the teen magazine publicity stuff was taking over my life, it stopped being fun, and it started to feel like a chore. I always envied that Jerry seemed to take it all in stride, keep it in perspective, and just have fun with it.


(There's more in my blog.)

Yesterday, while I was putting gas in my car, I thought. "Hey, I'll take a picture of my Reddit alien sticker and send it to Twitpic."


While I was lining up the shot, I saw that if I held my phone just right, I was reflected in the alien's belly. This amused me, so I took this photo and shared it.


FAQs: My cell is an HTC Incredible, which I haven't gotten up the courage to root, and the photo app I used is called Vignette. My car is a Mini Cooper.

The crew of NCC-1701-D Enterprise.


L to R: Deanna Troi, Worf, Data, Dr. Beverly Crusher, Jean-Luc Picard, Will Riker, Geordi LaForge, and Wesley Crusher.


(Blog post.)

Someone thought this was whimsical. That person is 100% wrong.

You can't really tell from the picture, but it is snowing like crazy here.

I love these giant slides, where you ride down on a burlap sack, and get shocked each time you bounce over a seam.

For the Fully-Clothed People in Bathtubs group pool. Join it now!!

In the words of Pinkbelt: C'mon, you know you want to. :^)


Check out the faux lomo version of this photo.

I'm about to start a D&D 4E campaign for my son and some of his friends. This is the set up I have.


I'm starting them out with the first Dungeon Delve (which I've placed a morning's journey outside of Fallcrest), but instead of setting it in an excavation, I'm putting the dungeon down in the ruins of an old Dwarven tower, so I can use this set of dungeon tiles that I really like.


Once they make it through the delve, they'll be encouraged to head up Kings Road to Winterhaven, where strange things are afoot...

Just in case there was any doubt lingering about what a fucking geektard I was when I was a teenager, I present this photo, recovered from the garage this weekend.


I have not scanned the back side of this, which declares, "Hey Mon! Be excellent to each other!" and features a badly-drawn attempt to recreate the Batman insignia.


I'm not sure what's worse: that I thought this was cool, or that someone who should have known better let me print this on a postcard to be sent out to just about anyone who sent a letter asking for an autographed picture.


Goddamn was I awkward.

I did Jack Skellington, Nolan did pumpkin pi, Ryan did William Shakespeare, and Anne did Alfred Hitchcock

At Star Trek: the Tour, you can take a picture of yourself jumping through the Guardian, so I did. Unfortunately, my camera battery died minutes before this, so the only picture I have is from my Ocean, which was set on 320, so the resolution isn't very good.


But I still think it's awesome.

One man's tragedy is another man's giant inflatable slide for kids.

One of many bookcases in my office. This one is actually organized, and has some D&D books on it.

That's me and Felicia on the set of The Guild, during the first day of production for Season 4.


We had this idea to just put this picture on my blog as a way of telling fans of The Guild that Fawkes was back for Season 4, but then we decided to add a podcast to the reveal. Two weeks of technical difficulties later, on the last day of production, here it finally is.



"...till one greater Man

Restore us, and regain the blissful Seat,

Sing, Heavenly Muse..."

...inflatable unicorns, actually, from the 2007 LA County Fair. And Spiderman is there, too, in case the unicorns need some help fighting crime ... but which one is the REAL Spiderman? DON'T YOU WISH YOU KNEW?! Before you pick a fight with one of them, you'd better ask yourself ... do you feel lucky, Punk? WELL, DO YOU?! KA-POW!


"Why did you impose this on the world, Wil?" You ask?


Oh, well allow me to tell you, person-I-just-made-up!


Because if posting a stupid picture of a stupid bunch of stupid unicorns to flickr when I've been awake for 19 hours and I'm almost 12 hours past a writing deadline and I can't make the words come out in any way other than "all weird" is wrong, then I don't want to be right.

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