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(c) Richard Roscoe Photography, 2009

We usually see sheep in the fields around Berkhamsted ... these don't look like regular sheep to me.

FOR "cfcimba" (Flickr member) .



Thanks in advance for your visits and faves. Your comments and feedback are greatly appreciated. I usually reply to questions only. I believe the best way to say thank you is to post more pictures. Cheers!

This Bateleur was photographed in the wild just after it landed in the Kgalagadi.

Spotted this snowy owl this AM down on the beach being harassed by crows. Finally it went up in some cover and they left him alone.

A shot from a recent trip to Skomer

On Ferry Meadows - Peterborough

A Spotted Towhee on a post . There were two of them in a bush and they wouldn't come out for the longest time. Finally this guy came out and sat on a post for long enough to get a picture. We don't see them much around Merritt.

It was a misty morning and our first day at Grand Teton. We were eager to see some wildlife.

I have been thoroughly enjoying photographing landscapes and the natural world living within it. But, the more I have photographed nature, the more I see the hardships animals face and cruel outcomes that surviving can bring. This poor Osprey has lost his right eye, and one has to wonder just how well he will be able to catch fish with the loss of his depth of field.

I also wonder just what may have been the cause to the loss of his eye, and although the possibilities are quite varied, I have to wonder if one of very many fishing hook lures carelessly left hanging in so many trees around the lake, may have been the culprit. I have seen far too many animals, especially birds injured from abandoned fishing line and lures.

We photographers, as we have the unique skillset to see the nature before us in both a macro and micro sense. We should consider bringing issues like this to the forefront, and encourage better stewardship of our lands and wildlife by all visitors.

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