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Slides available for my Wikimania 2006 presentation:


* Keynote



Mako sandwiched between two Harvard Law logos. It's not about the image.

Ames Courtroom in Austin Hall, just before Larry Lessig's rollicking good Wikimania 2006 presentation.


Stitched from three frames with PTGui.

A mi querida madre:


Este fue mi desayuno de hoy. Como puede ver, no estoy pasando hambre, pues se come muy bien. Del precio... bueno esto costó 10 dólares...


Más tarde una foto del baño, para que esté más tranquila

Frist picture?


Tuesday, Aug 1, 2006 - Hacking Day One


Geeks talking about:


at the One Laptop Per Child offices in Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA


The Harvard Law School dormitory where conference attendees stayed.

Found near the OLPC offices in Cambridge, Mass.

This is a hologram, believe it or not!

Phoebe helps some of the attendees.

Phoebe and SJ model the backs of the extremely cool Tshirts that volunteers get for free.

I'm not surprised this photo caught them looking a little shell-shocked on the first day of Wikimania 2006. They have been working nonstop to make it happen.

Since he wasn't talking to anybody for about 10 microseconds, I told him how much I like Wikipedia and then felt like a moron. I mean, telling Jimmy Wales how much you like Wikipedia is a bit like telling George Lucas how much you like Star Wars.

The kid just got it's own 100$ laptop

Possibly my all time favorite photo of my entire collection of efforts throughout the years. Not everyday that the criminal justice undergrad from Southeastern Oklahoma State University gets to travel to Boston, MA and have a reason to make an appearance at Harvard Law School. It didn’t quite pan out as I had hoped – the Julian Assange of 2006 apparently had other plans that week, but look how ‘citizen journalism’ has turned the world on its ear since, huh? Not to mention how Harvard’s very own ‘Facebook’ wasn’t even open to the general public at that point and now has been given credit for the overthrow of some of the world’s most oppressive regimes.


Special thanks to my dear Natalie – you know I’m going to cash in on my leading actress Academy Award winning homie, right? Really though, if I’m not crazy, then I do believe that Natalie paved the way for making my trip to Boston and Harvard a little less intimidating than what it may have otherwise been. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that she just so happened to be working on ‘V for Vendetta’ during my trip to Philly and preceding my trip to Boston. Not sure that I would call it fate, but there must be some reason why it all worked out that way. I’m sure it made my ordeal all the more poignant for her to be witness to.


In true Wikipedia style, they doled out tiny knives to a bunch of us and encouraged us to start cutting our own pieces.

Raul654, Mindspillage and JamesF... with potatoes that Uncyclopedia gave em


These Ames dorms are significantly worse than the undergrad dorms.

Ross and I dominate the Web 1.0 VC Pitch competition at WikiMania 2006.

The conference organizers get a thank you from Jimmy Wales.

The larger talks were in Ames Hall, which is in this building.

Kurt Janssen, with Andre Engels in the background

Pete wasted no time leaving his mark.

Pete Kaminski, John Abbe, and Elijah Meeks chat before the SisterSites BoF.

Peter Kaminsky, David Weinberger, David Isenberg.

Filmmaker Jessica Duda interviews Jimbo Wales on the roofdeck of Pound Hall

A very blue filmmaker Jessica Duda interviews Jimbo Wales on the roofdeck of Pound Hall

Stairs leading to the entrance.

A really cool Italian chick interviews Jimbo

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