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A controversial and corporate-sponsored art, an odd film about the mystery of the invisible news with enough material to trouble the audience. It’s a 7D organic movie: tickling, wind, vibration, water spraying with a compelling narrative washing away the modernist stench of Sex and the City. Weird AF, also multiple boats sunk. Genre of the movie: burn after reading.


from "Journey into communication"

dec. 2017

@ MetaLES..O..

Walking With Wiki. Its exciting to discover what happens here in the Spring! So many blooms.

Amazing. I set the timer for 10 seconds. Wiki was on the sofa bathing. I jumped into bed with the book as I had practiced and Wiki got there during the last 3 seconds. This was waaaay too much to hope for.

For Our Daily Challenge topic, "A favorite thing I like to do. " I photographed a whole day of reading. See below and previous.

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Thi photo was taken during my workshop in Warsaw, Poland. I wanted to share it today because today on March 8th we celebrate Women's Day. All the best to all the women out there!

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Very early morning communion with Wiki and me. Who is purring louder ?

Sun-lit ears.


(benreficial moments)

For Our Daily Challenge topic - 'Sweet Dreams.' After a big morning nyawn Wiki usually tells me something about her dreams and listens to mine.

Less than half a cat.

For Our Daily Challenge topic ,'Just a half'

Since Wiki and I are home together all the time she now stays in bed with me for 2 hours longer. Sleeping, dreaming, sleeping.


for Our Daily Challenge topic - 'Animals.' Being home, inside and outside, with Wiki all the time is a joy for me. She is ten and still is a very energetic gal. She's always had lots of personality and has always liked to engage - but now we are sharing a lot more. A completely new thing she is doing indoors is this: every evening as it approaches dusk she comes in the house fast, circles the whole place jumping from one piece of furniture to another, hardly touching the ground. And when on the ground she makes sudden, fast, sharp turns, leaps over rugs etc and runs out the door again. She has always done a stint of very fast and circular joyous leaping whenever we are outside taking a walk together - but inside - Wow - is an impressive thing.

For Our Daily Challenge topic ' Hands doing what they love.'

See below photo for her departure

She does this with such joy. Its brief, very fast. She's aloft for less than a second, I believe.

For Our Daily Challenge, 'For a Limited Time.'

I was telling Wiki about the meteor showers tonight, which is clear, and she listened.

Piet Mondriaan source

Victory Boogie-Woogie

My "little sister" and a little bokeh test.

Fiore di cactus-wiki

Wiki still does this once in a while, not most days like she used to. But she paused to talk to me about this before leaping and I was ready ! She also jumps between the house and studio in the other direction - jumping TO the higher roof ! See pix in the 'Wiki Leaps' album.


For Our Daily Challenge topic - 'Power of positive thinking.'

I'm breaking to rules today, please indulge me. I took this a few days ago, have not posted it because I had 2 waterdrops on my lens and am waiting for PS to be delivered. But I will never find a better response to this challenge than this. (one waterdrop is on her tail!)

On top of an old fridge outside a shed in the field Wiki loves to stand and watch the world .

Fenced Friday...


Looks like they've been busted playing instead of working! This is the Puerto Del Sol Golf Course on Gibson Blvd. SE in Albuquerque, NM. As you can see golf is a year round recreation here in the Duke City. Took this when we were heading to the glass depot to drop off our used bottles.


Games of Golf:

Wiki was willing to look at the camera this morning during a spell of magic light outside. First sunshine in ages.

Wiki's just waking up.


For Our Daily Challenge topic - 'Words ending in AKE'


In case you're wondering; here's the latest profile bust of Lilah.

And here story here:


Wiki investigated a mandala I was making yesterday.

Wiki was willing to look at the camera this morning during a spell of magic light outside. First sunshine in ages.

Wiki is so glad that the weather has improved. Me too.

Wiki is glad the rain has paused this morning

For Our Daily Challenge topic - 'Steps or Stairs.'

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