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Location: South Sai Gon, Binh Chanh, HCM.

Model: Wii.


Special thanks to models and photography friends!

Thanks all for comments and faves.



"Legendary Nintendo video game designer Shigeru Miyamoto revealed this concept artwork for a new Legend of Zelda game planned for the Wii console on June 2 during the E3 Expo in Los Angeles."

Location: South Sai Gon, Binh Chanh, HCM

Model: Wii


Offline with Deven , Yanming , jethuynh , zeitek , Lụi , VTCH , Kyo , Rybub , IYa_H , cuopbien ...


Model : Bé Wii

Photographer : jethuynh ( thanks u so much )

Lighting and retouch : Kenny Nguyễn - 0908.677.840

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Location : Hồ Đá - Thủ Đức District - HCM city

Time : 12/4/2011

Location: South Sai Gon, Binh Chanh, HCM

Model: Wii


Special thanks to models and photography friends!

Thanks all for comments and faves.


we want to play

2012. Photographer: Fatima Zehra.

Here is me and m'good friend paintMonkey playing wii golf. I won. Cos I'm way better than he is.


Here is his interpretation of the same scene.

Out of commission for almost two weeks now for various reasons, so I spent most of the weekend working on some old pictures. This is just another version of the Wii Tennis Serve picture: slightly different processing and a better crop. This version was used by as part of a promotion for

New pictures to come this week, followed by two weeks of photography in NYC and South Carolina


As described in the other picture:

This is a 3 light set up. One light (SB24 on a shoot through umbrella) is in the back right corner (Lisas left). The other two main lights were to the camera left. One SB24 on shoot through was positioned pointing at her face and a second SB24 shoot through was below it at the same power to get the legs and some of the floor.


Lulu I love you ♥

charmy is playing with wii.

Wall-E y yo hemos estado estos días investigando las posibilidades de comprar una consola de videojuego porque lamentablemente mi hermano dañó el Xbox u.u y bueno ya me hizo falta echar un jueguito y el Wii no nos parece mala idea n.n


Wii want to play


These days Wall-E and I have been researching the possibility of buy a game console because unfortunately my brother damaged the xbox and because sometimes I feel like playing some game, I would like to have a Wii :)


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Testing the sepia filter on my new camera at Golden Gate Park

Concept illustration of a Wii community game project


My entry into the Strobist Austin photo of the month contest - the theme is "Technology"


It took about a million takes to get this shot but I learned a lot. I am pretty happy with the commercial-ish look to this image, I'm going to upload it to a stock site like Photoshelter (so don't go spreading this all over the internet) =)



1 umbrella above and to the right


I used 2 strobes, one with gels, firing in multi strobe mode fired from the hotshoe. The ungelled strobe was fired once from the pc sync as Dave said at a much higher power.


I used a Sigma Strobe for multi mode. The lovely hand model is me.


Even though there were no incidents, a few minutes after this photo we learned how to put on the wrist strap.

Location: Bình Chánh.

Model: Wii


Special thanks to models and photography friends!

Thanks all for comments and faves.

We did some photos, for our Game-Based-Learning project.

Benni cut them out to make them look like those in the Wii commercials, but funnier :D

get it? like Rachel Weiss? Rachel Wii's? hahaa anyway...


rachel finally came over and spent the night. honestly, it feels like a part of my family is missing when she isnt around. too bad she lives so far. se brought over her Wii and we were killing some major zombies when i took this...of course she paused the game, though.



Dad playing the Wii. Which is very hilarious to me because Jeremy wants one SO bad but my dad refuses to buy him another video game system. We have 2 NES's, one SNES, one N64, 2 PS1's, 2 PS2's and a Game Cube. Plus we have the first Gameboy, and Jeremy personally (personally meaning he doesn't share them with the family, hah) has the first colour Gameboy, a flippy Gameboy, and 2 of the touchy pencil thingy Gameboys. And for each system we have over 20 games in addition to controlers, rumble packs, memory cards, all those accessories. Yeah, add it up. The boy is OBSESSED with video games. My dad is vehemently against buying him any more because that's all he seems to do anymore is play video games. So It was just really funny to me that my dad got sucked into playing the Wii at a friends house on New Years. Jeremy didn't come to the party obviously, because if he had my dad would not have touched the damn thing. And he had SO much fun playing it! It was fun to watch him. You can see he's sort of smiling here. :)

Pretty cloudy outside today and was expecting rain. So I stayed in and played Xbox and Wii with my little girl. I love how she got all dressed up as a princess to play the game. I like the hula hoop bokeh too. I hope your day was as Sunny as mines.


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A friend (trying to) shoot ducks in Duck Hunt.

Photo of a friend of mine playing wii boxing. The Wii system is a lot of fun. Tennis is my favorite.

Who is going to buy one?

It's my Wii Console.

I finally bought a Wii today - with Wii Fit Plus.

I've wanted one for ages but was waiting for a price deal.


Tried it out this evening after baffling with trying to get it on screen - and putting the disc in the right way.


I forgot of course (not being a regular gamer) that I get a little too into these things. I'm nothing if not committed. I fear for my ornaments and other loose items.


Strobist: Metz 58 - full power with Stofen. Black cardboard snoot. All other lights off. ISO200. Low coffee table rested - camera front. Cactus Trigger.

Putting the balls in the holes on wii fit

Photos from Patrick and Jan's pool party, June 20, 2009.


Playing the Wii.

Taken for the Nikon D40/x/60 weekly challenge. This weeks challenge is "Abstract".


This was quite an endeavor. I spent over two hours (shooting and pp), over 40 shots and multiple collapses (from kitties and even fiancee) of my makeshift glass cube to create this. One thing I wish I had was a one way glass mirror so I could have shot from above but I like the result I got. I hope you all enjoy.


View On Black

I would fall deeper watching you give life

You don’t even know how very special you are


You leave me breathless

I warned you. An ordinary mild-mannerd wife. But once she picked up the controller she became a Wii MONSTER!


Strobist- One SB-600 into umbrella behind/right camera. Triggered by SU-800.

Got a Wii game station but did not get time to try it ... Natacha decided so :(

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