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I read an article in a camera magazine about intentional camera movement and thought I'd give it a go. Felt slightly stupid wiggling the camera at first but then I got into it : ) The results are very hit and miss but its something different to try.

Harvested hay in a bag on a Wisconsin farm field

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view on fluidr black:

- Larva of a sawfly


Found this swinging beauty in my garden today.

More fun from our French canal holiday in April... this time reflections in the wake of the boat :)

the new arc bridge across the newly opened section of the Dubai Creek

The slot canyon section of Valley of Fire SP called the Wiggles. Three exposure shot to balance the light and dark sections


Some of the shops along Rainbow Harbor.

The theme for September challenge with Amy was "B&W and square" and we both did 10 shots.


Take a look at the rest of the shots + the earlier challenge shots here:

This fractal was created in Ultra Fractal using the following...


Formula Phoenix Julia

Inside Polygon Traps

Outside Circle Traps

Trap Mode Sum


The dense little forest of what I presume to be ferns that captured the feather in the previous image. I love how they stretch to find the light.

See below for animation

Just a little bit... one of Martha's favourite poses...

Wiggled (maybe a bit too much stereo separation... try the parallel viewing method (like magic eye))

It's better to wiggle-wag than to bark (markers)


San Francisco CA, near the Pier 14.

Posts are tied but not grounded. This little man tested a couple while mom called for him to come.


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