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Italian soldiers keep watch in a snow-covered valley, in Afghanistan's volatile Wardak province, January 10, 2007. The situation was still largely peaceful in 2007, but four years later it was the scene of America's worst single loss of life during their Afghanistan campaign, when a Chinook helicopter was shot down in the nearby Tangi valley, killing 25 Special Forces soldiers, five National Guardsmen, seven Afghan commandos and an Afghan translator. The Italioan soldiers (pictured) were part of the Nato-led International Security Assistance Force (Isaf) and were supporting a psychological operations (psy-ops) mission to win over local support by handing out blankets, charcoal and food.

Another f#@*& perfect day!

My outfit for White Mischief Halloween 2011

A lion's mouth spout, over the bath in Lady Idina Sackville's old home Clouds, in Kenya. The house, which has fallen into disrepair, was once the headquarters of Kenya's Happy Valley swingers. Sackville, who scandalised British Edwardian society by abandoning her husband and two young sons to run away to Kenya, married another four men during her lifetime. She would often greet guests at Clouds from her bathroom, which linked her room to a guest room, where they would roll dice or blow feathers at one another to determine an evening's pairings. The house was bought by a civil servant in 1969 by a Kenyan civil servant, and his family still lives there. They say they would like to restore the house to its former, but can't afford to.

Shots taken by the Telectroscope near London Bridge on the way to make mischief at the Whitemischief party, Round the world in 80 days.


Ready for Mischief. White Mischief to be specific and rather splendid it was too.

Photo by SuckMyRock photobooth at the 2012 Halloween White Mischief

Shot at White Mischief Haunted Hollywood Halloween Ball, October 2014, London, UK

Shot shortly before Dutty broke us in twain with their amazing electro-swing..

Shots taken by the Telectroscope near London Bridge on the way to make mischief at the Whitemischief party, Round the world in 80 days. Look at that amazing roof above my head.


Photo by Ben Hopper

Headpiece inspired by Art Donovans Craniometer


Photographed at White Mischief The Great Exhibitions

Interviews on the BBC at

and starting 13 minutes in.


This series of photos was shot for White Mischief's Halloween event in 2010. It was shot in London in September 2010.



"White Mischief is a one night indoor festival combining unique live musical acts with some of the most astonishing vaudeville and circus performers around.


Added to the mix are interactive experiences, spontaneous encounters with musicians and costumed characters in unexpected quarters… and a range of DJs representing every genre from jazz, blues and rock’n'roll to country and world music.


With four rooms of entertainment, two music stages and another room for those who want VIP tickets, there’s an extraordinary abundance of fun to be had during the seven hours of a White Mischief party. It’s a show from start to finish, so we invite guests to arrive as early as they can to be sure of catching everything.


No wonder Time Out called White Mischief 'event of the week, the month, the year!'"


2010 Ben Hopper © All Rights Reserved

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Shot on a 400ISO B&W, and then pushed 2 stops- this always gives stunning results, when you're working in low light conditions. This one is from my college years...

Tickets glued onto a tube to form a roll.


Copyright Thomas Stone 2010.

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