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White Crane (Heron) in flight - Lago de Chapala, Jalisco, Mexico

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texture by ghostbones


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i was sitting on the pier for a long time yesterday afternoon, watching and shooting the white cranes fishing. this one chose this roof for his viewpoint, others sat in the crown of trees - the white spots on the red wall (part of the restaurant on the pier) are a swarm of white bugs, the larger white spots on the water are more white egrets, white cranes..... sitting in dead trees immersed in water

texture by Ghostbones, thank you!


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(those white areas reflecting the light across the lake are actually large plastic covered berry-growing green houses) - that's where (maybe) your strawberries come from ((((:

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this is an other first for me: Textures !!!


Thank you dear Maestra Ilse for your help - it was a little different on my mac but after much perseverance i finally managed to blend texture to my image (((:

(maestra = teacher)


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Lago de Chapala during the rainy season - already now puddles and little "lakes" are developing above the lake's shores - by the end of the season, mid Sept, the lake will hopefully have gained meters in width and cm in height again - Mexico.

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watching the egrets i was focusing and panning the bird on the left taking flight.... and caught him chasing the other off his perch. texture added.







Dedicated to my Dad... on his 95 th birthday !!

With Love and Best Wishes, DeineTochter Ute










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Have a week of smiles,laughter, hugs, and friendship with those you love,


and always do a little dance, dance dance,


it so rekindles the soul










Everything that lives, lives not alone, not for itself. - William Blake


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Taken at Pallikaranai marsh land, Chennai (from 40 feet distance). Enlarged.


Beautiful on black too.


technically not that good - but i really like the poise, action, reflection, the design and color in the water... and the splash here - "much" enough to post it ((((((;

Spirit of Dana Point Tallship

Dana Point, CA


OK... so I am clearly in my boat/ship stage. Obviously. Trying some different processing techniques so hopefully you're not completely bored yet :) Enjoy your weekend my friends!!

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Lago de Chapala, Jalisco, Mexico - Garsas Blancas pescando - White Cranes fishing.



crane wife one and two


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"It was a white crane,


It was a helpless thing


Upon a red stain


With an arrow in its wing


And it called and cried


And it called and cried so"

.... and finally The Catch! - TOO BIG TO SWALLOW !!! ???


i watched him/her for a long time juggling this catch into the swallow position... until he/she got fed-up with me and flew a few hundred meters up the shore for some privacy ((:

i think in the end he/she did manage to swallow it..... because later i saw a bird with a fat neck ((((;


Thank you SkeletalMess for the texture!!!

taken this morning:


Mount Garcia with his "morning wrinkles" (((;

- view with fisherman and white crane across the lake to my favorite mountain!


in the afternoon light his "wrinkles" with be totally distinct !!!

but not getting anywhere..... a little embarressed.... seeming to say: "i want to see you try this"

(((; or maybe: "LOOK MA NO HANDS' ((((;

it was so windy yesterday these big white cranes were just hanging in the wind flapping their wings laboriously but not getting anywhere - but boy when they turned and flew with-the-wind their speed was dangerously fast - (looks like i had a hard time myself.... holding my camera still, the shot unfortunately did not turn out very clear, had to work at it quite a bit).


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Taken at the Viera FL wetlands preserve

finally got my film back from fromex!


shot on my mamiya, model is julia clark


view more on my blog!

On the lawns of The Leela, Goa

"We wanna be on flickr too"

** new title i took from my friend Ana :)


I'm really sure, the two guys I caught yesterday was tellin their friends to swing by my home this morning.. or could it be the one that popped its head huh Tonkie..LOL !

These birds flew in very close, I was lucky to catch this, cause when I tried to get more, they simply flew far away... a beautiful day! even though the sun is not comin up again today.

crane wife one and two


more on my blog


"It was a white crane,


It was a helpless thing


Upon a red stain


With an arrow in its wing


And it called and cried


And it called and cried so"


model is Julia Clark

Monte Vista NWR, Monte Vista, Colorado - Taken at the 2013 Sandhill Crane Festival, this was the only bird in thousands displaying the "Leucistic" (white) coloring. I'm especially happy that I was able to get this shot because it was taken at incredible distance. Even with adding dual extenders to my telephoto lens, this view is only 1/6 of my viewfinder. If I did the math correctly, that is a 35mm focal length nearing 4000mm.,_LEUCISTI...

Chris Bailey working on his ethereal chalk depiction of a white crane on the pavement at Santa Bárbara’s i Madonnari festival.


a white crane fishing along the shallow shore - the bizarre reflection is from a huge and ancient eucalyptus tree above.


((: had a title-block this am but picked up on Steele_Steve's comment, thank's for the inspiration Steve ((:







the fisherman's dog ((:


While taking a shot of the flying crane, this little dog was barking at me. I couldn't leave him out of the photo!







18 km across to the south shore!


Lake Chapala (Spanish: Lago de Chapala) is Mexico's largest freshwater lake. It is located at 20°20′N 103°00′W, 45 km southeast of Guadalajara, Jalisco, and is situated on the border between the states of Jalisco and Michoacán, at 1,524 metres above sea level. Its approximate dimensions are 80 km from east to west and 18 km from north to south, and it covers a total of some 1,100 km². It is a shallow lake, with a depth of 4.5 metres (a maximum of 10.5). The largest island in the lake is Isla de los Alacranes.

I would like to celebrate Chinese New Year with a portrait of my favorite bird, the crane!


Siberian Crane (grus leucogeranus) 白鹤


International Crane Foundation, Baraboo, Wisconsin


Oh, Happy Fence Friday! :)

How better to spend an afternoon than with friends toasting to the joys of life? This was taken at a local winery in Livermore, White Crane, one of my favorites. This glass is filled with a Petite Syrah Port. If you haven't tried some, I'd highly recommend it.


I had a wonderful time and what I liked most (aside from the port) was the shadow and reflections. We had the chance to sit outside in the warm sun. If you're ever in town, let me know and we can enjoy a taste or two...


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i have a few more of the flying/diving/fishing white crane and working on different processing effects in Lightroom now. here i used some vignetting.


Identifier: indiansportingbi00finn

Title: Indian sporting birds

Year: 1915 (1910s)

Authors: Finn, Frank, 1868-1932 Hume, Allan Octavian, 1829-1912 Marshall, Charles Henry Tilson, 1841-

Subjects: Birds -- India Game and game-birds -- India

Publisher: London : Francis Edwards

Contributing Library: American Museum of Natural History Library

Digitizing Sponsor: Biodiversity Heritage Library


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Text Appearing Before Image:

with each note the bill is jerked furtherforward, while the wings are lifted and the piuion-quills droopedexposing their blackness, till, by the end of the song, the birdis calling with bill and neck erect, in the typical sarus position. This is a very wary bird, and when obtained is not goodeating, while it is not a devourer of crops, so that there is noparticular reason to trouble about shooting it. Its breeding-home is in Central Asia, Siberia, and Mongolia, and there itsfeeding habits are probably different from its vegetarianpractices in India, for in captivity in England it readily eatsfish, and will wait to catch them like a heron, and devour youngducks; it also digs for earth-worms. Eggs taken in the wild state are still a desideratum, butseveral pairs have laid and sat in captivity, though up to dateno young have ever been hatched. One pair in the LondonZoo nests in this futile way year after year; the eggs are twoin number, and olive-brown in colour with dark brown blotches.


Text Appearing After Image:

ANTHROPOIDES VIRGO. DEMOISELLE CEANE 129 Mr. R. Coso;rave, in some interesting notes on the cranes atLilford Hall in the AviciUtural Magazine, says that the whitecranes kept there are miserable in heat and rejoice in cold;and, though this is not the case with the Zoo birds, whichalways behave and look much the same, it is quite possible that,as he suggests, the climate accounts for the infertility of theeggs so far produced in England. Demoiselle Crane. Aiithropoides virgo. Karkarra, Hindustani. The demoiselle crane is the smallest species found, not onlyin India, but anywhere ; it is not quite a yard long, and sowould be more likely to be mistaken for the grey heron thanis the common crane, were it not that the adults have theirgrey plumage strikingly set off by the black face, neck andbreast, and long white plumes drooping from the cheeks;while in the case of the young, which have only black onthe neck, and but a little there, and the kiss-curls onlyjust indicated, the shorter beak


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Also known as Ornamental Cabbages. These long stalked plants are quite popular at this time of year,

While spotting airplanes, something I had not done in a very long time, this white crane came at me; she decided to become part of the flying show. At the beach in "Wet and Wild", Cancún, state of Quintana Roo, México. Nikon D2x+ Sigma 50-500 1:4-6.3 APO DG HSM 2 @ 500mm; ISO 140 @ 1/500 with f/6.7 and tripod used. (RAW)

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