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I had heard that the light house at Ardnamuchan point was the most westerly point in Scotland so that was where I concentrated my efforts. This shot was a chance encounter. I noticed when I was driving back this patch of well manicured grass.So I stopped and walked up to the top of the grass and this is what i saw.

When I left my house this morning at 2:30am it was snowing really hard and the ground was totally white..... When I got to the beach the clouds were breaking up and the sun was starting to light up the western sky from the east......I hiked up to one of my favorite places and watched at the day began to unfold before my eyes!!!!


Camera:Nikon D300



Focal Length:11 mm


ISO Speed:100


Back to landscapes after my recent documentary exhibition. This is one of a series of images taken in Canyon De Chelly and Monument Valley. for the full portfolios.


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Canyon de Chelly, Arizona,USA

Canyon de Chelly, Arizona,USA

Canyon de Chelly, Arizona,USA

Canyon de Chelly, Arizona,USA

Unit 308 1561 Vidal Street, White Rock by Jayson Sidhu

The Nubble Lighthouse at York Beach, Miane as a Spring rainstorm approaches. The present keeper's house and cast iron tower lined with brick were both built on the island when the station was established in 1879. The breezeway between the two buildings was later constructed so the keeper could safely attend to the light without going out in bad weather.

The Voyager spacecraft, which carries photographs of Earth’s most prominent man made structures and natural features should it fall into the hands of intelligent extraterrestrials, includes a photo of Nubble Light!

Here's a link to a companion shot of the shoreline and storms:

Unit 308 1561 Vidal Street, White Rock by Jayson Sidhu

It was a good thing that Mike was swinging by my house otherwise when I got up at 5:15 and saw snow I probably would have headed back to bed. We took my car, which was probably not the best choice – although I must say we didn’t hit the guardrail that hard.


We took some photos while his dog ran around chasing pine cones. Eventually it stopped snowing and I found this composition. When I realized the water seemed to have more color from higher up I climbed onto a snow covered rock, which promptly turned into an ice covered rock. Mike was pretty sure I was going to fall so he took a photo. He also got a nice pano.


This was taken a couple weeks ago and lately it's been pretty dry...however more snow is supposed to be on the way.


Unit 308 1561 Vidal Street, White Rock by Jayson Sidhu

From Lingmoor Fell, Langdale.

Members of the lily family, parrot tulips are some of the largest flowers in the tulipa grouping, with blooms that open to 4 inches or more in diameter. The petals have ruffled, frilled or feathery margins, giving them a delicate appearance that contrasts attractively with standard tulips and other garden plants. Parrot tulips stand out best in the garden when grown as a mass planting. Parrot tulips come in a wide variety of colors, including bicolors. White parrots have some pale vestiges of green in their petals and dark, leathery foliage.


Enter the world of Lord Armstrong - Victorian inventor, innovator and landscape genius. Cragside house was truly a wonder of its age.


Armstrong was a landscape genius and constructed five lakes and planted over seven million trees and shrubs. The estate can be explored either on foot or by car and look out for the increasingly rare red squirrel that has made the gardens of Cragside its home. The revolutionary home of Lord Armstrong, Victorian inventor and landscape genius, was a wonder of its age. Built on a rocky crag high above Debdon Burn, the house was the first in the world to be lit by hydro-electricity. Cragside is a garden of breathtaking drama, whatever the season. Armstrong constructed 5 lakes, one of Europe's largest rock gardens, and planted over 7 million trees and shrubs.

1058 Balsam Street, White Rock by Rempy Shokar

My entry for the Rock'n'rRoll Contest.

I'll post a new pic with a nice edit later.

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1058 Balsam Street, White Rock by Rempy Shokar

Unit 308 1561 Vidal Street, White Rock by Jayson Sidhu

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Overlooking the Pacific Ocean along the Oregon Coast last Sunday morning while it was snowing at my house up North of Porltand.....


Camera:Nikon D300



Focal Length:11 mm


ISO Speed:100


948 Lee Street, White Rock by Raj Brar

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Manarola is the second of the five hamlets found in Cinque Terre, a collection of tiny fishing villages perched along the Ligurian Coast. The tiny harbor at Manarola features a boat ramp, picturesque buildings tripping down the ravine and the town's swimming hole. Although there is no real beach here, it has some of the best deep-water swimming around.


Perched on a steep cape of dark rock, with its small port enclosed by two rocky boulders, a village of ancient origins found by the inhabitants of the (probably Roman) Volastra settlement. Manarola, like the other Cinque Terre villages, is known for its tower-houses; the layout of the village develops around the subsurface course of the Groppo stream which marks out its main axis. From the sunken stream a series of narrow stone-paved streets lead off towards houses and vegetable gardens on both sides of the cape. Parallel to the main axis runs the Via di Mezzo (Middle Street) that used to be a particularly important byway before the stream was covered over. Above the houses there lies an interesting square in which all the religious buildings are located. Another peculiarity of Manarola is a pyramid in white cement whose peak can be seen rising between the taller houses and is used as a navigational reference point for all those at sea.


Camera Model: Canon EOS 5D Mark II; Lens: EF17-40mm f/4L USM; Focal length: 32.00 mm; Aperture: 9.0; Exposure time: 30.0 s; ISO: 200


All rights reserved - Copyright :copyright: Lucie Debelkova


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The remains of the engine houses at Crown Mines, Botallack, on the north Coast of Cornwall. I arrived in some fabulous lighting just before sunset, but the whites in the breaking waves were too intense. Thus, I decided to use a ten stopper to balance the exposure and add an ethereal appearance. Thanks for viewing.

948 Lee Street, White Rock by Raj Brar

white and blue town


Coruña, claro. Azul del cielo y del mar, blanco de las nubes, de la espuma de las olas, de las galerías... (ya sé que alguno está pensando en el Deportivo, pues también!).


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948 Lee Street, White Rock by Raj Brar

The matte painting (which can be translated with painting backgrounds) is a technique used mainly in film used to allow the representation of landscapes or places otherwise too costly or impossible to reconstruct or reach directly.


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Bushmills, Antrim Coast, Northern Ireland


Dunluce Castle stands proud on the end of White Rocks cliffs to the east of Portrush. It is one of the finest medieval castles in Ireland. Parts of the castle date back to the 14th century, the first record of it is from 1513 when it belonged to the MacQuillans. Dunluce Castle’s sheer magnificence actually inspired the “Royal Castle” in C.S Lewis’s "The Chronicles of Narnia” & recently it has been featured as "House of Greyjoy" in the TV series "Game of Thrones"


However under the beauty, hidden in its dark depths lies a cave of enormous proportions that is every bit as grand as the castle sitting above it. Measuring 300ft long myth has it that the Lord McQuillan’s daughter “Maeve” had fallen in love with an officer in her fathers army, her father was furious when he found out about this! Maeve & her lover tried to flee the castle via this underlayer cave. Suddenly a terrible storm struck & smashed their wooden row boat off the caves sharp walls! Sadly both of them were crushed on the rocks that evening. It is said that on stormy nights you can still hear the broken hearted “Banshee of Maeve” wailing in the northeast tower to this very day....


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948 Lee Street, White Rock by Raj Brar

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Nature's natural grad line!!!


What you see here is the Earth's shadow as the sun begins to rise in the Eastern sky. I know the light is a little harsh on the rocks but I felt it was natural as it was pretty bright out there.....


Things are gonna get a little crazy around my house for the next week or so. Comments and posts may be infrequent but I will do my best to keep up....

I will still be able to answer emails and take orders.


I think it was about 21 degrees this morning when I shot this.


Camera:Nikon D300



Focal Length:15 mm


ISO Speed:100


This small village is situated in a picturesque valley, its white houses perched on the North Slope, is one of the most appreciated and interesting beaches of Sintra, with one swimming pool dug out of the rock.

The Azenhas do Mar belvedere is built on cliffs that drop fearlessly to the ocean and It is a popular place both in Summer and Winter, due to the grandeur of the view it offers where you can admire the Atlantic Ocean in all its splendor.


Explore #16 on April 24 !

Thank you all ;)


Canon EOS 5D MKII + Canon EF 24-105 f/4 L IS USM @ 28 mm

ISO 200 - f/13- 120 s

Lee BigStopper + Lee GND 0.6 SE

Beautiful scenery of Norway Geiranger Fjord

A bit of sun touches the stones at Nubble Lighthouse, York Beach, Maine, just before a storm. You can see the little white bucket hanging by the power line that they once used to slide supplies on a line over to the island for the lighthouse keepers family.

View of White Rocks Beach and Royal Portrush Golf Club from The Royal Court Hotel. Taken using LEE filters landscape polariser and 1.2 very hard grad filter.

autumn desktop background nature amp cities

I took this one late in October 2012 late in the afternoon at Rye Ocean Beach. The water and lichen affected rocks were bathed in the warm glow of the late afternoon sun (obviously i'm facing East here). In the distance near the head of the main-land we can see the light house at Cape Schanck. That would also be the southern-most tip of the Mornington Peninsula.

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