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Sometimes, I love to remember why I loved those big girls so much, for sure, Avantgarde are fabulous models for photography


Many more of my avantguard in my archives (they are only a very little part of them here )



Impressie van het mooie lichte atrium van het Haagse stadhuis.

Architect: Richard Meier

Mashallah ...


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My eyes have seen you

My eyes have seen you

Eyes have seen you

Let them photograph your soul

Memorize your alleys

On an endless roll

Endless roll

Endless roll

Endless roll


The Doors - My eyes have seen you

...and a sad Christmas to me who have just lost my job (and only Italians know what it means)

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Esta es del año pasado.

Thanks so much for all the support!! Flickr folks are the best folks! Even though flickr has made changes we don't like, I would never want to leave the great people I have met on flickr...


Have a terrific day and stay warm!!!

I don't know why I'm bothering to still upload, really, as so many people are unable or unwilling to use this wretched site now :(. Still, I live in hope that this will reach some of my contacts, lol!


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Old photo I found that I like...

Featuring :

Blackliquid Chic Makeup & Piercing (to be released for Couturier June) and

Blackliquid Nails (to be released this week end)

Headpiece by LWL ~ Achak Headress

Michelle | Portrait crop

Photographer & Image editing: A.Slade


Model: Michelle

Photographer & Digital photo editing process:

A.Slade . AyE ღ Cre[ART]ive Photography


◢ AyE ◣

AyE CreARTive Photography

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Thx 500px!!!

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Ah the world today is all about texting, tweeting .....where has the thinking and feeling gone..... is she in thoughts or in text.....


Answer..... TEXT.... 8-)

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