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Any flower color of the anemone beautiful.

White anemone is a beautiful image a neat and clean.


I am sorry to say that I no longer manage to follow up by commenting and thanking everybody personally, but I want you to know that I truly love every comment and fav I get from you and it gives me inspiration to take more pictures :-)


Thanks to everyone who takes the time to view, comment, and fave my photo.


Explore #376 I was out hunting in my garden yesterday afternoon looking for victims opps I mean subjects to photograph..I had DeCanine search and sniffem team by my side helping work through the plants and flowers to find the best subject.


I picked one of those delicate little fluffy ball things (you know the ones you blow and they fly everywhere) to take a macro shot of, I call them Father Christmas, but I cannot remember their name. I walked into the study and remembered the fan was on and woosh....they all blew


This crocus is from my second search mission :) And I thought it would look good all white... I hope you like it ;)


Well Wednesday today....wowie...7 working days til my holiday ;) lol


I hope that your Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday are treating you well and you have the time to take a photo today....a day without photos is a day without vision ;) For me it is sort of like this quote I read yesterday, and I cracked up....cause it is true :)


“I have an underwater camera just in case I crash my car into a river, and at the last minute I see a photo opportunity of a fish that I have never seen.”


:) Have a great one,,,,,,and don't forget the camera :) Car


Today's Carsounds -


White Stones, Ankara

(view on black)


Thanks a lot for your visits, comments and faves on my previous photos.

White Strawflower grew a good selection this year for the first time.

White Sands National Monument, New Mexico - February 2014


Velvia 50 4x5, 135mm Fuji Lens

20 seconds at f32, polarizing and warming filters


The hues during this sunset were like nothing I had seen in nature before. If you haven't read my blog post on this place, check it out here: White Sands Blog Post

I was hoping to have a few shots to upload from our walk up to Nothe Fort but this is the only one good enough to post.


Today I managed not to underexpose as I have been lately, but I have a lot to learn about depth of field, focus, all that stuff. I got some decent shots off, I was aiming for some bokeh and capturing the light and shade, but I got all the focal points wrong and the really crisp detail was in all the wrong places.


My dad found an old photography book when he visited my grandparents this week - my grandad was a keen photographer. And while it pre-dates DSLRs by about twenty years or so I'm guessing the fundamentals aren't going to have changed so I'm going to have a read and see what I can get out of it.


Maybe I should stick to the promise I made myself when I first got the D50 and manually focus? At least I'd have control over what the camera was doing then.


Well, back to the plot. I like this shot, it's more naturey crap (which seems to be sneaking into my stream lately), but it's nice-looking naturey crap! I applied a Lightrom preset to it, did a bit of adjusting of my own and this is what I got.


I did try a few crops out but decided I liked the full frame image best.


The only way to view naturey crap - BIGGER and on black

Margerite & Senfweissling - Marguerite & Wood White


my favorite photo, bright white sky, bright white bird. I just loved the way she looked.

white-headed eagle

star of a bird of prey show

(no wildlife capture)

einfach nur schön, oder?

Snowy White Egret, stopping for a pose and a bath in between hunting.

Hi everyone, its again been awhile since I have posted.

Hope everyone is well and having a good week.

This shot was taken at Lake Merritt in Oakland,California.

White peacock @ everland.korea

I built my house from barley rice

Green pepper walls and water ice

Tables of paper wood, windows of light

And everything emptying into white....


Cat Stevens

The brightness / contrast / colours have been adjusted on my laptop; they may look different on other monitors.


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Thanks for viewing, your comments, favs and invitations.


Calliandra haematocephala at Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, Japan.

Last of the orchid series. Cropped from a much larger exposure to feature the star of the show, the pure white, natural light that backlit these lovely orchids. I could almost (and did almost) crop the flowers completely out, but they really do add to this statement about the purity of that beautiful light. Have a great weekend!



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Informacije o nasoj akciji mozete procitati ovde

The heart of the peony is like a fire burning with white flames. An image for the Summer Solstice, because midsummer bonfires are a tradition here in Ireland.

The shot required lying down in the flowerbed in Birr Castle gardens, and waiting for the wind to PLEASE cease for just a moment, before I died of old age, waiting! Fortunately, no-one else was in that part of the garden!


at one of my ex(?)-workplace

White lotus flower

From: ©Bahman Farzad /

when used.


Thanks Sir,

I just darkened the background to make the white more intense.

white peacock

pavão branco


Jardim Botânico da Ajuda

Ajuda Botanical Garden




My Travels Flickr



Front Page Explore..# 32..thanks :-)


I know it is fall, but I can't help myself! Hope you all had a wonderful weekend :-)

This is how the white passionflower appears in the bud stage, just about to pop open and display the strange and wonderful flower that will become a passion fruit. I've provided a small version and link to a photo of the open blossom in the first comment below. (East Village community garden, Long Beach, California USA)


Take a closer look on Black


This white male peacock was doing a mating dance for another female peacock, while competing against another male peacock who was doing the same.

Please don't use this image on any websites, blogs or other media without my explicit permission. © All rights reserved

Growing under a tree in the wild

Close up of a beautiful White Peacock at Featherdale Wildlife Park.

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Photo taken for Our Daily Challenge: A Cliched Shot


I took this to mean a cliched shot (over-used photo subject), not a shot of a cliche (photo depiction of an over-used expression). What is a more cliched shot than a flower macro?


And Cliche Saturday. HCS everyone!


And Assignment 52-112013 White on White


Late flowering chive - timed just right for the "White" theme of the week.

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