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Aligned in a meadow, inviting the bypasser to rest and enjoy the landscape.

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picture taken by the amazing Clem Velinov


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Yesteryears Vintage Furniture by Zen Creations, available @ the Cosmopolitan Event starting March 27th!


Photography by Şαηđíє-ℓσuíşє

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picture taken by the amazing Clem Velinov


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blogged today on decor8. Image copyright Livingetc UK.

So I had to choose between categories: Swirl, Twist or Below...

I chose Swirl, #29, 52 in 2017.....

tho the antique people called it a scroll. Oh, well.....



Most of my family & friends know my favorite times are spent in the followings topics. Bridges, (I actually taught a class for some time on building bridges; including writing a manual currently used for such purpose by one of my counterparts) Horses, ranching (I can talk about horses-ranching day and night but I wouldn’t) and last but not least by any measure; woodworking. A skill taught and developed by my maternal grandfather who I consider an amazing furniture builder. I enjoyed very much, spending time with him and grandma; they were my extended root system in a rock solid world I thought would last forever. Spending time with grandpa, going out to select lumber was an adventure I looked forward to every time. Grandpa would almost drive crazy Mr. Phillips at the lumber yard in search of just the right type of materials for one of his projects. Later, he’d make his way back home and begin the process by checking every single piece of lumber one more time for color matching; for grain-texture, for things almost impossible to consider to my young perspective (In my mind, I thought a piece of 1X8X12 was just like the next piece till I discover for myself the aroma generated by a beautiful piece of oak or white pine as I learned to plane under my grandpa's watchful eye) he’d place a piece of lumber next to his ear as if he was listening for something while I asked: What’s wrong grandpa? He’d smile, pat me on the head and continue his search for who knows what…little did I know; how all these things were shaping my persona.


When he passed away my world collapsed terribly! I had such a hard time dealing with the passing of each grandparent for they were what gave me strength and perspective about the future.


Later mom told me one day: “Grandpa left his entire woodworking tool collection to you son” I didn’t know what to do…his collection of tools; some made by his very own hands had been in his shop for many years. I didn’t want to disturb the reverence I felt for his shop. I felt irreverent to just walk in…years passed before I was able to collect all his tools now part of my own shop. Sometimes as I work-use one of his planes; I can almost hear the soft voice saying: Work with the grain son; listen to what the lumber is saying…there’s been many a time my wife has come down with some tea and cookies while I work on some small project to find me just sitting there talking to grandpa’s tools and the lumber.

(Additional note For Ryan: My Paternal grandfather who was the rancher in the family gave me my first set of tools and my very first tool box when I was 8 years old after; he made sure I could ride a horse and round up cattle right alongside him one day; he knew how much I loved both grandparents) It keeps a special place in my woodworking shop right next to all the many tools provided by my maternal grandparents.


Such is the power of having lived under the influence of my extended family…


These are part of my family summer 2017 series at the request of my nephew Ryan who seems to have taken special interest in keeping-maintaining our family history for other generations to enjoy. See it in slideshow Some photos were taken by myself or family members to share with each other at various places/times. ♪♪♪♪ Depicting our travels, daily life, chores, working times or captures about our daily routine ♪♪♪♪ Hope you'll enjoy! ♪♪♪♪





Used furniture for sale at Ziqiang Market on Chongqing S. Road

Taken for Compositionally Challenged group's March Bonus Challenge - Furniture

This is a part of study that was conducted at omc design studios (, I am re-uploading the images, the study was on wooden furniture, I will try to post the descriptions as I find them..

coming soon (October 24th) @ my mainstore for Fifty Linden Friday


picture taken by the amazing Clem Velinov


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DNP Centuria200 expired 2010


So I've been collecting things for my Blythe dollhouse for a while now, but every time I buy a shelf for it, it gets taken over by kids' toys. We have not one but two Expedit bookshelves, all filled to the brim with Legos and Polly Pockets.


Anyway, I finally got this BESTA shelf at Ikea and it's mine, all mine.


I've been very inspired by the dioramas put together by the extremely talented Michael Williams (Flickr = who has amazing taste. He has a tutorial on his photostream describing how to make these tiny Jonathan Adler pillows with ink jet fabric paper, which I followed to make the little Union Jack pillow on the chair.


Bed and dresser: vintage Mattel Modern Furniture. Bedding: handmade by me using fabric from a vintage apron. Side table: modern Barbie. Chair: vintage Barbie. Lamp and gourd vases: Bozart Kaleidoscope dollhouse set. "Flokati" rug: cut out of fake fur. Jonathan Adler Union Jack cushion: made by me following's tutorial. Other stuff: printed out from the Internet (although I actually own the same vintage Funny Face poster!)

Available for Consensual 9-26-14

Apps: Snapseed, iColorama, Superimpose

Light illuminates, shadows define

"Colours were drained straight from the sky

And nothing living had survived

The mountains were merely removed from the earth

Silver and gold had lost all its worth"


Originally, i wanted to move the wardrobe thing, but the i realized that wasn't going to happen. So i decided to get on top of it. This is around 30ish photos put together. Not what I wanted it to look like, but I do like it! :)

Beatrice in action!


Cat sanctuary - Foz do Iguaçu - Brasil

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