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The biggest, 1500 capacity. This was right after the Keynote, so I think a lot of peolple were eating lunch (as well as being at the other speeches). This was about ISP (and other business) data retention laws in Europe.

Ha! Even an event like What The Hack isnt safe. Our brave bugtracker ben found this really nice (and quite versatile bug) on the main tent. Since he fell in love with the design of this particular one, we dont expect it to be debugged anytime soon.


There have been various discussion about what the bug is exploiting. Some say its powered by solar cells and just looking for light, others say that the two things on its head are high-frequency antennas and its looking for a perfect spot of wavelan coverage.

The Megabit-Bar tent at What The Hack conference in the Netherlands during a thunderstorm.

My try at creating a wth wallpaper. Tell me if you like it or what should be better

Ironic that the nearest town is called Boxtel - and here's a box of disks...

Where all the Internet comes through - who knows, what's drawn off?

The OpenBSD-Mascot says: So long, and thanks for all the passwords.

After some time you got used to walking around barefoot, it felt really comfy.

fiber lights infront of a tent at WTH

our neigbours are doing extremely well

Julia is one of the massage victims

We were on of the fields being evacuated. Believe it or not, my tent was absolutely dry! The floor just felt like a waterbed ;)

I just saw those wicked cool kangaroo boots. Its really funny, and doesnt seem to take to much training. The only disadvantage is that you cant stand still

The Dome on Sunday Night

Ah, looks like the rocket has landed. In fairy dust we trust. Btw, this is not the Heart of Gold as Tim explained to us, its just the transport ship of the famous spaceship

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