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A look at what can usually be found in my bag.


If you're curious what any of these things are, have a look HERE for a listing.


Slightly different than what happens with this bag.

Persona Series / William Wilkinson / Taken at Phoot Camp 2014 in Joshua Tree, CA

I've been wanting to do this for a while, so when I had time left over on my lunch break, I decided to give it a go.



I'm exhausted and have no ideas for tonight so ..


here is all the stuff that was in my pockets throughout the day!

1) Random assorted change.

2) My iPod curiously, without the headphones

3) Andrea's business card

4) Camera Repair Shop Card

5) Memory Key x 2

6) Eraser

7) Two cheques

8) Assorted bobby pins


Right now, what is in YOUR pockets?


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I always wanted to do a " What's in your bag?" shot, so this rainy day was the day.

The contents of my bag change at times, but some aspects have become staples of me. The Airline tickets are still open and good, and I carry them with me just for that feeling of "what if" thanx for the buddy pass Dana.

The Moleskine has replaced my larger sketch book, and all this and more at times, fits well inside my treasured Saddleback Leather Briefcase.


3 shots for this HDR, which brings out the grain of the leather far better then a single shot.


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Left to right: EF 35mm f1.4, EF 24-105mm f/4, EF 200mm f/2.8, 17-40mm f/4.0 and last but not least, EF 50mm f/1.2

A Canon L USM dream team indeed.

(Taken with the "Not to shabby" canon 50mm 1.8 which I love)

On April 1, 2008 I posted my "geek kit," which went on to amass some 21k views on Flickr. The photo detailed what I was lugging around with me at the time for work.


It's been almost three years since then, so it's time for an updated photo. After a few years on the road, I've learned a few things: redundancy is still good, and excess is not. A lot of people have asked me about what I've done to slim down my travel kit over the years and what I fly with nowadays. Most of my flights are transcon from SNA -> ORD -> MIA or within the west coast from SNA -> SFO -> SEA or from SNA -> SFO. The above photo shows what I normally fly with. Items are broken down by category below.


A few notes:


I never check bags. If I have an extended stay somewhere and need extra clothes, I'll UPS them to the hotel and then UPS them back to myself. I don't like waiting for bags at baggage claim and or playing the "will-the-TSA-steal-my-things" game. I always bring at least a day's worth of clothing with me just in case...i've seen babies vomit on other passengers while on the plane and not having a change of clothes after something like that would make me miserable. I roll my clothes and use Tumi packing cubes to organise them. This saves a lot of space.


I don't fly with a digital or film SLR anymore unless I'm going somewhere with the specific purpose of sightseeing - I find that one of my Micro 4/3rds cameras travels a lot better than a Canon F-1N w/55 1.2 or my Canon 5D Mark II with 85 1.2. I also pack one or two small film point and shoots - this is a personal choice...I just like them.


Not pictured - 4+ mobile phones (including an AT&T & Verizon iPhone 4). People always wonder why I have an iPhone, but also an iPod Touch, iPad and Kindle. This is where I get to explain redundancy. My phones are like my lifelines - I refuse to use them for music/movies since what I really need them for is email/voice calls. The iPad 2 is a new acquisition - whether or not it'll travel with me in the future is unknown. My next trip will be its maiden voyage. My Kindle 3 and my iPod Touch w/the fantastic Shure SE535 IEMs are my must-have items for air travel - the IEMs block out screaming babies and the Kindle is a fantastic reading device, period.


My ThinkPad and my Verizon MiFi with extended battery go everywhere with me. With DirectAccess and Windows 7, gone are the days of using smartcards to VPN into work networks and with the MiFi, I don't have to hunt for unsecured public wifi or tolerate janky hotel internet. I really like Belkin's mini surge protector - it has three sockets and two usb ports and is great in the airport where power sockets are a bit of a valued commodity. It also works very well in hotel rooms where usually only one or two sockets are easily accessible.


I keep a detailed travel journal using a Moleskine large notebook - I tape in my boarding pass, note where I'm headed and for what purpose, and jot down thoughts, ideas, concerns and the like. Most of my flights are 3+ hours, so there is a lot of time to read, write, watch movies and listen to tunes. Occasionally I get to sit next to someone interesting who doesn't thumb his nose at the pax who looks oddly young flying First Class, and we'll strike up a conversation...that's sort of rare, though.



Louis Vuitton Damier Graphite Keepall 55 duffel

Triple Aught Design LiteSpeed backpack w/various MOLLE pouches attached




Tumi 22" roller

Tumi expandable nylon briefcase



Tumi hanging toiletry bag/dopp kit (holds all of my toiletries and a basic first aid kit)

SFBags/Waterfield laptop sleevecases

SFBags/Waterfield pouches (cable pouches, camera pouches, Nintendo DS pouch)

Tumi large packing cube

Tumi shoe bags

SpecOps pocket organiser (holds memory cards, batteries, usb hard drive)



Lenovo ThinkPad X200s (7470-ET5 - 1.86ghz SL9400, 4gb RAM, WXGA+ LED, Intel X25-M G2 SSD, Windows 7 Enterprise x64)

Apple iPad 2 (16gb WiFi) with Smartcover (soon to be replaced with a DODOCase)

Apple iPod Touch (4th gen, 32gb)

Shure SE535 In-ear monitors

Amazon Kindle 3

Verizon MiFi 2200 w/Mugen Power huge battery

Nintendo DS Lite

Belkin mini travel surge protector (3 sockets + 2 USB)

Zip-Linq retractable mini & micro USB, CAT5E cables



Olympus PEN E-P1 or Panasonic GF-1

Fuji Natura Classica with Fuji Neopan 1600asa

Lomo LC-A+ RL with Fuji Provia 400x



SureFire LX2 flashlight + 4 extra CR123A batteries

Mont Blanc Boheme Noir rollerball pen

Pen with red/blue/green ink

Moleskine notebooks (large hardcover + small softcover cahier)

Midori Passport travel notebook

Louis Vuitton card case with business cards, frequent flyer/hotel loyalty cards

Oliver Peoples sunglasses

Extra batteries for devices, cables, etc



Explored 3/22/2011, 3/23/20111

Founder / Creative Director / Calculator at Fuzzco

As much as it pains me, I had to replace my favourite Timbuk2 messenger bags. I have mentioned previously ( that I had an elbow injury which had me get rid of the Laptop. At this time I was using the messenger bag because none of the below had happened yet:

- I noticed that the messenger bag was hard to put on without exerting strain on the not yet completely healed elbow (taking it off was no problem at all)

- some tasks/functions I took on at work required me to use some Mac OS X grade software and as much as I like my iPad, it simply did not have those (some of them requiring advanced file management and file encryption)


So I had to switch to a backpack - I found out that putting it on and off is much less of a strain on my elbow as I previously thought. Naturally, I bought a Timbuk2 backpack - a custom Swig Backpack. I had several major issues with it. Those are things that might not affect everyone who will use this backpack, but for me, they make the Swig unusable:

- the Swig is one size and fits a 15 inch MacBook Pro such as the one above, but getting it out trough the swig side opening is almost impossible - it is a real fight to do that and this is not the aim of this bag

- this backpack has VERY FEW organisation possibilities, the result being that all the things (and I really haven't got that much anymore) are ending in a big bulk at the bottom of the bag making weight distribution impossible and creating a bulging lump on your back.


Looking at further backpack possibilities from Timbuk2 was not an option for me (delivery time of a couple of days was too long to wait as I had to lug the laptop already), although I found later that they do have something that would be better for my needs - Showdown Laptop Backpack. By then I have already given out quite a few bucks for Timbuk2 bags and did not want to risk it.


Then I went on a hunt for a good backpack - nothing in Zurich, Switzerland could answer any of my very specific needs. There were some really good bags and some interesting backpacks, but nothing as good in matter of organisation pockets as the backpack by Thule I found in the Apple online and then retail store. The product name is Crossover 25L MacBook Backpack - Black ( - do not trust the picture - it looks much more bloated in this picture than it is in real life as the producer was trying to show the total volume of, rather than to stress the really low profile this backpack has when on your back.


It has a vertical front pocket for my Kindle, sometimes my Moleskine is there for quick access to jot down notes while on my commute. Side pockets could hold a water bottle (half a litre bottles and even half a litre cans fit fine, although even my smallest SIGG bottle doesn't, which is why I don't carry any water currently), but I carry there keys, hand sanitizer and lip balm - the things I need immediate access to when out and about.


The front compartment has a mesh pocket for my wallet interdental brush and medicine tin. There is a very good plastic reinforced mesh pocket for my cables and SD cards.


The main compartment has got a good volume, but a narrow base so that it doesn't sag when all the contents fall to the bottom. To allow you to distribute the weight vertically, without it all amassing at the bottom you have the side straps to compress the volume of the main compartment.


At the bottom of the laptop holder you have a very good padding so that you can put your backpack down without worrying what you're doing to you laptop by doing so.


The shoulder straps are not padded and basically were the only thing that made me a bit hesitant when buying the bag, but they turned out to be very comfortable. There are a two carrying handles - one at the bottom and of course one at the top, in case you have the bag lying in some overhead compartment and you have to pull it out - you can do so no matter the position it is in.


NOW, we come to my favourite feature in this bag (after the reinforced mesh pocket and the vertical front pocket) - I call it the safe storage compartment, THULE calls it "Heat-molded, crush proof SafeZone™ compartment protects your sunglasses, iPhone, portable electronics and other fragile gear". It is really great for keeping this small piece of equipment that you do not want to be crushed or scratched by the rest of the things you cary. In my case what I put there are the Canon PowerShot SX260 HS camera and my brand new portable HDD LaCie Porsche design P9223 Slim 500GB.


So there, I hope all the above could be useful for someone who like me has a the need to transport a laptop everyday and has to ensure that putting this on and off one's back is exerting as little strain as possible on both arms and back.

Persona Series.

I got tagged by Drenay ;)




So, as you can see it's only few. I'm really tired. But those aren't complete. I don't have any make-up, just a lip balm because I'm not allowed to.

Persona Series / This is Jimmy Marble. We walked around Echo Park last week and talked about art, fruit, and life goals. He just launched a Kickstarter campaign in the hopes of self-funding 2 short films this fall. I have no doubt they will both be amazingly fun to watch. Lets help him reach his goal!

They all fit nicely into this ONA Brixton. Question is... Do I need all of them on assignment?


Since getting rid of all my Canon gear last summer, I am very happy with the image quality of the Fuji X-System and its' form factor. Much more portable!

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My everyday carry satchel contents. Back on day 223 I did a what's your bag shot, of my briefcase, and felt it only fair to have my trusted satchel grace this project as well, I carry it just as much if not more.


The only things that are missing from here are my keys (currently in the door :) and my iPod (I took it out on Friday and forgot to put it back in!). Other than that, it's all here; my everyday life. LOL.

This is my camera bag with the whole equipment I usually take with me. Of course it changes sometimes depending what I plan to do.


What's in my bag?


Persona Series. Everyday Essential Items.

Back to Timbuk2. I have even bigger problems with my elbows. This is a very light load to help me go trough this until my full recovery.

This is what is usually in my handbag lol actually this is the TIDY version lol

May every day way-to-work-bag contains:

- a cereal bar

- a football magazine

- an e-book-reader

- business cards

- a mobile battery loader for smartphone

- my favorite ball-pen and

- the banabox

it's been a little awhile since i've done one of these, so i wanted to see what's changed in the year and a half since that last photo. some things are gone, others have stayed with me.


here's my bag from March 2009:

What I took to my boss' wedding (For my blog).

Persona Series. #250

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"One Life" Featured photographer

Persona Series. Savannah, GA.


Persona Series / See more of Kyle's art HERE

Fossil Bag

Just Mobile Donut

Apple iPod classic 160 GB

BlackBerry Q10

Louis Vuitton Cardholder

Fossil Wallet

Rado Ultrathin

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