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thank you everyone!!

wow, there are no goodies that I bought by MYSELF :0

everythings are gifts from my fiance, his family, and sweet flickr friends!

I'm a lucky girl ><


me and my fiance went out O-Hanami with O-Bento :)

We enjoyed beautiful cherry blossoms and had yummy homemade lunch boxes at a park bench :)

then he bought me new sandals and mini skirts! yaay! XD

...i was bored. This is my post for the whatsinyourbag page.

I'm exhausted and have no ideas for tonight so ..


here is all the stuff that was in my pockets throughout the day!

1) Random assorted change.

2) My iPod curiously, without the headphones

3) Andrea's business card

4) Camera Repair Shop Card

5) Memory Key x 2

6) Eraser

7) Two cheques

8) Assorted bobby pins


Right now, what is in YOUR pockets?


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I've been wanting to do this for a while, so when I had time left over on my lunch break, I decided to give it a go.



For more info, see my blog.


Fargo, ND. February 2012.

Austin, TX / March 2011


I can’t believe it’s been a decade since the “Persona” project at SXSW. I partnered with CNN back in 2011 to create a crowdsourced data-driven adaptation of my “Persona” series. We created something on a larger scale than I had ever attempted. It was an experiment in both photography and anthropology. I focused on taking photos at the CNN grill, while more than 700 festival attendees made their way through the “Persona” trade show booth.


See more HERE

I'm a high school teacher. I teach many subjects... the cat doesn't belong in my bag... he just curled up while I was taking my picture!

Guess what subjects I teach....

28/03/2007 update: the contents of my life have now been viewed 1800 times - the repacked version has 700 views :) will this one make it to 2000?? will the repacked version make it to 1000?? only time will tell. i may have to update - same bag, different contents :)


inspired by a desire to join this group :) no self-censorship and bonus points for the used tissue!


you'll often find the cover page of the sydney morning herald in here too, with the cryptic crossword half done and the sudoku sometimes completed and other times with vicious slashes of ink across it...


sunday edit: i just remembered this blogpost and had to have a look... i still carry the same amount of junk but in a much smaller bag!! spookily enough, miss e and i are going to see eskimo joe again in a few weeks time...


monday edit: i have now put this in this group too - this is what is [was] really in my bag. the water bottle and hat have moved on now :)

oh, my.

billions of notes.

For the "What's in your bag?" Group

here im showing off my dork 1/2 tube socks i have on today - but they are warm. and some stuff in my bag. only it's not my bag - im borrowing it. to see if i like it.

Not shown: cell phone and iPod, both of which are being charged.

Lots of stuff I will have on the flight [sans medicine and toothbrush]

What's In My Bag on Jan 20 2005

A look at what can usually be found in my bag.


If you're curious what any of these things are, have a look HERE for a listing.


Slightly different than what happens with this bag.

Don't understand why this has > 27,000 views.



i dropped my camera 2 weeks ago, and i finally got it back from the shop today!

and i wanted to let you know as soon as i got it back. and this is all i had time for. sorry :)


but i'm back!! :D



My backpack full of goodies.


// Email for photos

Instagram: @micahcamara

Artist: Michael Johansson (who also made the plastic model kit, scale 1:1, in the size of a real rowing boat / dinghy, Toys'r'us in the summer 2006)


Art Exhibition, February 2007 "Engine Bought Separately", Malmö, Sweden


(Monthly Scavenger Hunt, February 2007: I can't believe it fits)

(1st in the categorie "I can't believe it fits" in the in MSH, February 2007, Best submissions)

Listed at #47 for interestingness on Explore (Feb 14, 2007) :o)

Here we go. I think this group is one of the best ideas ever. I made the bag myself, check out the set here.

Don't really have much to carry around.

Yes, I will be hopping aboard a flight sometime during the holiday season, so my carry-on is about ready to go, just need to add a jug of eggnog!


We're Here! inspecting to see what's in your bag?.



*Felix hat das Bild als Quelle der Inspiration genutzt und zur großen Blogparade auf dem Fotogipfel aufgerufen. Ich freue mich, dass ich mit dem Bild dazu beigetragen habe.


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This is what is usually in my handbag lol actually this is the TIDY version lol

Because peeping into other people's bags is SUPER FUN OK

PS: Yes, it all fits!

We're Here: Red Car

Alphabet Fun: T is for Travel Essentials


What's in your bag: I keep that Little Red Corvette in my Locho Bag!

Mitmachen erwünscht! Einfach Foto vom Inhalt eurer Taschen unten oder in eurem Stream posten. :)

If you want to participate, just take a shot of what's in your bag, too and post it here or on your stream. I'm curious about what can be found in your bags. :)


Leseraktion: Wesentliches:

Persona Series.

View Karla Jean the 1st time around HERE {Jan 13, 2008}


Vote for me in the "One Life" competition. Just one click, top right!


decided to upload and put in the whats in your bag group...

I liked the idea of the group so I did one

Stuff just... exploded from my bag, haha. Anyway this is what's in my bag, but minus the PSP and DS during school days and add books instead.

Esto es parte de lo que suelo cargar cuando voy de viaje, porque aunque parezca increíble, aún queda espacio dentro de esa mochila para algo de ropa y aseo, una botella de agua pequeña y un tentempié. Si el viaje no es muy largo, dejo en casa el objetivo macro, que no tiene sentido y el flash, con este último no me llevo muy bien, así que lo uso muy poco.


Una de las elecciones más difíciles para mí es siempre la mochila. Dar con el tamaño idóneo, que entre el ordenador portátil de 15’, que no sobrepase las medidas para la cabina del avión pero que a la vez sea lo suficientemente fuerte como para soportar tanto peso y cargar todo lo que necesito… un quebradero de cabeza. He tenido algunas de buenas marcas que no llegaron al final del viaje.


Sé que no es momento de pensar en viajes, pero hoy levanté con ganas de ocuparme del equipo: limpiar las lentes, actualizar el software de la cámara y ver qué cosas ya no uso para buscarles un nuevo dueño o tratar de sacarle mejor provecho. Me falta un segundo trípode y un trigger para desplazar el flash de la cámara y conseguir una iluminación más creativa y lateral en vez de frontal.


En fin, todo eso para darte cuenta de que buscar la fotografía de calidad tiene sus ventajas y sus inconvenientes y que al final, cuando tratas de simplificar te apañas con un teléfono móvil, sobre todo si si es cuestión de ir ligero de peso…




Nikon D7100

Nikkor 16-85mm f/3.5-5.6G ED


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lighters (i was doing fireworks yesterday :)), rosebud salve, chanel nail polish, ysl wallet, love by philosophy parfume, pocket watch, free people sunglasses, film, siddhartha, kiehls grapefruit lotion,history of music, and my passport

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