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Found him in a different spot today. He was standing about 50 yards away from me, and then was kind enough to take off and land on the deck about 20 yards further down. I was thrilled! ;)

Drinking Oryx in the Etosha Nat. Park Namibia !

although I feel that I still have a lot to learn when it comes to the Hipstamatic Multiple Exposure Kit...

I am constantly amazed at some of the images it creates. this image is 100% pure Hipsta and just wows me at how delicate the layers are... like an intricate and fiercely complicated mechanical drawing.


for: #hipstaroll_week46_multi [#CanoCafenol + #RobotoGlitter]

7 Days of Shooting ... Week #46 ... Silhouette ... Macro Monday

"7 Days of Shooting" "Week #46" "Silhouette" "Worn and Weathered Thursday"


One of this set of very old china cups got broken a long while back. I kept it for just such an occasion and then forgot about it. I struggled to find a suitable subject until I remembered, so I hope broken into 4 pieces counts as "worn".

7 Days of Shooting ... Week #46 ... Silhouette ... Geometry Sunday



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a mix of geometry and humanity...

And to finish it up, the HDR pano extravaganza. What used to take an hour to tonemap stitch and process on the old computer is kid stuff now. So bring on the panos! (though I may send them to Don or Victor for content aware fill...)


My mini vacation starts NOW, so I'll leave you with this for a few days. I hope to return with a few good shots and a few more laugh lines. Who cares about wrinkles when you get them from laughing maniacally at your own good fortune?


Week 46 of 52 of 2014. The theme is TILT SHIFT EFFECT. The fall colors are peaking in Gainesville, GA this weekend, but with the unusual cold we're having, they won't last very long. See the entire 52 of 2014 set at

Yesterday, he flew right towards me, landed about 15 feet away, ate his lunch, stared at me for a while and then flew away. He's getting braver. More pics below.

The Bass Rock, framed by a worn and weathered part of Tantallon Castle, East Lothian


7 Days of Shooting/Week #46/Silhouette/Worn and Weathered Thursday

This week's upload is a day early however I couldn't help myself because when I woke up this morning, the perfect opportunity had risen for this week's photo.


As much as I dislike the winter months, they make great photo opportunities. It was a cold, misty morning and my work location could not be more ideal. It was beautifully sunny and I walked up and down the fields taking photos of the mist sitting long along the ground. Then, the moment I wasn't expecting arrive and a flock of black birds took flight, creating a photograph that I had never expected to capture.


For a while I have hoped to capture a misty landscape for project 52, except they only come at certain times of the year, and with only 6 weeks left to go now, I was starting to worry I was going to lose my chance.


All in all, I'm impressed with this shot this week, and I hope you all enjoy it.


All feedback, favourites, views and comments are appreciated. Thank you.

bus window


made explored #101 Thanks folks!



Oriente, Lisboa - Portugal


Camera: Canon 5D

Lens: Canon 70-200mm 2.8


all rights reserved © Pedro Miguel Barreiros


the copy, edition, publication, commercialization or reproduction of any images of this gallery are not allowed without my expressed permission.

Making connections with shapes is somewhat a hobby of mine. In this case I noticed the similarity in shape of mushrooms and water towers. The water tower is for the city of Makanda Illinois. The mushrooms came from the Cape nature center. The background is in Perry County, close to Apple Creek.


the fort outside the old head at night

This is another shot from this week's project 52. There were varying heights around Sywell Reservoir that allowed by me take different shots. Lower ground enabled me to capture objects that were partially shrouded by fog, helping me capture this shot.


At the time, there was a flock of birds flying around, which I followed over to these tree's, in turn which helped me create this eerie capture.


I did feel like black and white suited this shot quite well, but it's interesting to see how it make the whole area look foggy, when actually the sky was quite bright at the time.


All feedback, comments, views, and favourites are appreciated. Thank you.

This is Danebury, the male eagle at the trust (not Cheyenne as I originally thought when I posted the photo). Last time we were there he didn't fly so it was a treat to see him on Thursday. Here he is telling off his falconer! Another magical day at the Hawk Conservancy.

See him large

Explore #381

November 14th 2010


Craig and I decided to get out of Auckland for the weekend...

And ended up in Whangarei...

About a 2.5 hour drive North of Auckland.

On Saturday night we spotted this sign...

For a 3 hour harbour cruise to Matakohe - Historic Limestone Island

Leaving at 11am Sunday morning...

A perfect way to spend Sunday we thought!

Relaxing on a boat in the harbour...

The Island is very small, but was incredibly interesting...

We only had @ 45mins to have a quick explore of the ruins etc...

We ended up being the ONLY ONES on the cruise...

So we didn't want to hold the owner and his skipper up.

We felt a bit guilty that they didn't have anyone else...

But they were still more than happy to go...

And were incredibly friendly and hospitable!

So all in all we had a really wonderful day!

Will have to go back again sometime! %-)

Project Flickr Week46 - Illusion


The "real" illusion was making all of the post-it notes disappear off of the monitor before the photo was taken!


"Salute to a fallen comrade." Memorial Day 2008. Willamette National Cemetery. (Vivitar Series 1 200mm f/3.5AF - Kodak Portra 800, @ 640).


Fast forward exactly one year after making this snap. I've found the soldier in it. By chance, I ran into one of his military buddies, volunteering at the National Cemetery on Memorial Day 2009. He immediately recognized the soldier, and gave me his name and phone #. I'll be giving him a metallic print of this scene. The Willamette National Cemetery now has a large one for their permanent display too.


The Soldiers response upon receiving the picture:


Classification: UNCLASSIFIED

Caveats: NONE


Mr. Butner,

Thank you very much for the picture.

That day at the cemetery was the first time since arriving home in March

2005, that I had come to see my friend. I had made other attempts to go see

David's plot, I had even been to the cemetery previously to bury some

comrades ... But this was the first time that I had enough courage to go and

see my friend. His name was Staff Sergeant David Weisenburg, he was killed

in Taji, Iraq during the summer of 2004. We had been in the Oregon Guard

together for about 5 years. He was a good friend.

I'm attaching a speech that I gave last year at a memorial dedication for

David and one other Soldier, that briefly talks about David. Perhaps it will

give you a little insight as to what kind of man my friend was.


Thank you again for taking the time to look me up and send me this picture,

this means a great deal to me.




"7 Days of Shooting" "Week #46" "Silhouette" "Focus Friday"


Explore - Highest position: #104 on Sunday, November 18, 2012 :-) thanks so much :-)


Water & Light (46/52) this is not the theme for week 46 but I just had so much fun with this today :-) I am using it for this weeks image :-)


Just noticed that it is quite a bit darker than it was before I uploaded it - not sure why this is - does anyone know why this has happened?

Caught the last of the sunset colour reflected in the shiny wet sand of Kirk Michael Shore. I was hoping for a full sunset but it didn't happen! Still I liked the way the way the sand was shiny because it was wet. There is also a nice shine in the water of the sea. So hopefully this will be suitable for the theme for week 46 which is Shiny.

Red Head NSW


"7 Days of Shooting" "Week #46" "Silhouette" "Shoot Anything Saturday"

Cleaning out files tonight, and came across this red daisy. Haven't shot the last couple of days because of crummy weather. Hopefully, tomorrow will be better.

This sculpture doesn't look like much in the daytime, but the colored light inside makes it really pop at night.


7DoS "Silhouette" "Geometry Sunday"

The Sky Marbella 15/11/2011 Dusk.......


Le Monde.....


Music Thievery Corporation & DB Boulevard





i'm working a lot.

i'm headed for burning out.

i don't know if i want to continue with photography. i've been feeling like this for a really long time and it honestly kills me. i need to find a way to make my photos mean something to me again... to make photography fun again.


my bedroom window has these water lines running down it every morning. it's so beautiful. i want to capture beautiful things, quiet things, things that not everyone notices. i feel like since coming home from SCAD, all i've been doing is sitting around. i haven't done anything interesting photographically in a very long time and i want to change that but i don't know how.


i'm stuck. i don't know what to do anymore.


week 46

bokeh is from small battery operated candles

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... old chimney of an abandoned house in the Algarve, the southern part of Portugal, with the best beaches and the most beautiful chimneys!

Artist Gosia Wlodaraczak was in the middle of making a Frost Drawing for GOMA in Brisbane.


Using a distinctive line, she captures her own movements as well as other visual information - her work reflects the people and environments she observes around her.


This is a large work and she was on a ladder when I took this. She had been working on it for eight days.


She had a fine white art marker, and was drawing freely taking ideas from people (like me) who wandered in and around her at the front door to GOMA.


This isn't strictly a macro but a zoomed in shot for detail. I hope 7DOS feel it is appropriate.

During the Chelsea Flower Show week, there are masses of floral displays in the streets & shops. I went to see "Chelsea in Bloom", where this year's theme is Safari. This display was in a shop window.

7DOS shoot anything

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